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eronica Kaye's remains were discovered on Oct. 9, 1981 near a walking trail in a heavily wooded area in Caledon, Ont.

The 18-year-old Toronto woman vanished 11 months earlier, on Nov. 7 after being at a photography store on Hensall Circle in Mississauga.

OPP Detective-Inspector Andy Karski said the cold case has never been closed. But the original investigators never released information about the discovery of the unique metallic button.

Karski said there are no suspects or persons of interest but he's not ruling out the possibility whoever killed Kaye also murdered other people in southern Ontario.

Police have been in contact with other police forces examining similar unsolved slayings.

"I'm not saying there is a serial predator or this is an isolated case," Karski said Tuesday at a news conference in Bolton. "All avenues of investigation remain open."

The new team of investigators decided it was time to release the information about the discovery of the button. Karski hopes somebody wore a coat or clothing with that type of button.

"We know the button didn't come from any of her clothing," Karski said. It may or may not have come from clothing worn by whoever killed her ... We just don't know how that button got there or if it's involved in this investigation."

A $50,000 reward is now also being offered.

The button shows either the number 8 or the symbol for infinity depending on how it's viewed. It could be a button from a coat or pants on some piece of clothing from the 1970s or 1980s.

"The original Investigation lasted for several years," Karski said. "Unfortunately there were no solid leads and no firm suspects were identified."

Police believe Kaye had a ride waiting for her the day she vanished and was heading to Square One Shopping Centre in Mississauga near where her family lived. She was living with her grandmother in Etobicoke at the time of her disappearance.

"We've never been able to identify who the person was who was going to give her a lift from the store at Cawthra Rd. and Dundas St," Karski said. "To the best of our knowledge, Veronica was never seen again."

Police said an extensive investigation was conducted at the time with her friends and family members. She didn't have any known serious boyfriend.

Kaye exchanged jeans with a friend whom she met at the Hensall Circle store that day.

"The friend was the last person outside of her killer or killers to see her alive," he said.

The jeans and her purse were never recovered, he said.

Two friends walking a dog in the wooded area off Duffy's Lane discovered her skeletal remains. She was still wearing the same clothing she wore the day of her disappearance.

Karski refused to reveal whether DNA from the killer or killers was discovered or how Kaye died or if she was sexually assaulted although it has been reported over the years that she was bludgeoned to death.

"We never had a description of the vehicle or the person waiting to take her to Square One," Karski said.

Kaye and her friends were also known to hitchhike.

"We don't even know if she knew the friend who drove her," Karski said.

Various items are now being retested for forensic clues although police won't be specific.

"We're looking at all the exhibits," Karski said.

"We're applying yesterday's evidence to today's technology."

Police are appealing for information through their website at and the Crime files section.
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Re: Veronica Kaye | November 7, 1980 | Age 18 | Murdered | Toronto
« Reply #1 on: January 05, 2010, 11:54:03 AM »'s been rumours that have come back saying that the person responsible had died, but I think that's just rumour," said Ron. In fact, there is much speculation to be found on the Internet about connections between Veronica and #, but police investigated this avenue and have ruled out the now deceased Toronto Star reporter, saying there is no connection.
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Re: Veronica Kaye | November 7, 1980 | Age 18 | Murdered | Toronto
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Thanks Des. Wow that is a lot more detail then I have read before. So she was likely on a bus, got a transfer, and then possibly met someone she knew, or a 'kind stranger' who took her to the mall, and then murdered her in a violent attack. She might have hitchiked, it was not a certain thing.

I also notice the chapter sort of made a case against this website and the weird theories that were posted here. I do agree with that and what he said.


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Re: Veronica Kaye | November 7, 1980 | Age 18 | Murdered | Toronto
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Yes Des, thank you for posting that.
Chris, I agree with you too about this website. It can be so helpful, but at the same time it's a place that's bound to be filled to bursting with speculation and unsubstantiated assertions. I think the benefits far outweigh the detrimental points, and this site serves as an important place to keep the memories alive of those whose killers have not been found. Where else, aside from the offices of the detectives, can you find such a wealth of tips, suggestions, ideas, thoughts? We all just need to do our best to make sure that the information we put here is legitimate, or, if it's just speculation, make it clear that it is just that.

Since so many of these killings happened either out of the public eye, or through the passage of time it's become that way, this site is amazing for keeping them in contemporary consideration. The worst thing that can happen with these cases is for them to be forgotten.


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Re: Veronica Kaye | November 7, 1980 | Age 18 | Murdered | Toronto
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I wonder if a map of the unsolved murders of women in this area has ever been assembled. Reading this 2018 article reminded me of how Sonia Varaschin was found, also by a dog walker in a rural area between Bolton and Orangeville. Sonia had just started a new job in Mississauga. Veronica was about to start a new job there.

Andy Karski was also involved in Sonia's case.

I think the figure-eight button in this case may actually be an infinity symbol. But could it be a cufflink? The button reminded me of Wayne Boden, who was in custody before Veronica was murdered. Boden attacked and murdered a woman in Calgary with such force that his cufflink became embedded in her back. She was a Phys Ed teacher, who fought hard against him. Boden was known to take pride in his personal appearance.

This sounds like a blitz attack, and that is what I believe happened to both Veronica and Sonia, 30 years and not so far apart.

ETA: Infinity cufflinks in black are still available. They're worn by grooms at their weddings. Could Veronica's killer have been a recent or soon-to-be married man, possibly renting or returning a wedding suit? Any tuxedo rental shops in Square One in 1980? Combined with Veronica's last known sighting at a photography studio, this could explain a lot.

This 2019 article shares her late father's views about her murder, and discusses a house painter in a white van:

Has this DNA been compared to the DNA in Sonia's murder?
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