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Re: Cape Breton Crime Stoppers
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I understand attempts have been made by friends of David Hannon to push police into doing what is necessary in order to solve this case.  Are the police short handed? ... are the perps involved untouchable?  why did pollice turn a blind eye to the evidence which everybody else is clear about?  seems a little fishy to me.

 ...just throwing the matter in this thread because I am assuming halifax crimestoppers are alread aware that this case was/is neglected over squashed.  If people care enough to voice it on here, you can bet they also voiced it to crimestoppers .... whether CS admit it or not I suppose is something else.  I'm here saying to myself "what's the good of passing something off to crimestoppers if the police get the message next?";  If they are already ignoring the case, they wouldn't bother with any tips;  seems the only tips they want are the ones that "suit their needs".   :-\
I know a person who has information. As in a witness who actually saw the two nuts that more than likely committed this crime.
He actually knows where they live and has returned to their address on more than one occasion. He saw at least one of the two
there as recently as two weeks ago. He has already contacted Hrpd not sure what there next move is though. He has been haunted
for years with this knowledge.