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Naomi Leigh Desjarlais
Age: 21
COD: Shot
Date found: March 27, 1987
Location found: Regina, SK
Date last seen: March 25, 1987
Location last seen: Regina, SK

Naomi Leigh Desjarlais - March 25, 1987 - Age 21 ? Murdered ? Regina ? Naoimi was  shot and killed March 25, 1987 in Regina. Naomi's nude body was found in the northeast outskirts of the city at about 7:30 a.m. March 27. She had been shot sometime during the night and her body left in the west ditch of the road leading to the city dump.
According to RCMP S. Sgt. Garvin Shearer, investigators are following all leads but have run into a number of dead ends.
When last seen the 21-year-old Regina woman was wearing a brown three-quarter length coat, black fashion boots, a black miniskirt a purple sweater, black fancy style pantyhose and was carrying a black purse.
Investigators believe that the discovery of any or all of Desjarlais's clothes may hold the clue as to who killed her.
Anyone with information is asked to call the RCMP detachment at 306-780-5570.
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