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I could find no resolve for this case. The man brought to trial was declared innocent. If this case was solved, I apologize in case any hurt feelings were raised.

Physical Description: Honey-blonde hair, blue eyes, 110 lbs, 5"2'

Gloria Dawn Collins was a secretary employed by Vancouver's Alberta Distilleries. She was visiting Fullerton for one week from New Westminster. During Collins' trip, she stayed with hosts. They were a married couple living at 3106 Pearl Drive, Apt #1. Collins had stayed with this same couple 2 years previous in the same apartment. But at that time, she occupied a corner bedroom which had half sliding glass.

A "going-away" party was thrown by the couple for Collins on the night of March 3, 1967. It lasted until the early hours of the morning on March 4th. Over two dozen people were in attendance including at least several men. An exact number ofthe party goers could not be obtained by police. Collins was expected to fly home on the morning of March 5th.

Guests were heard singing to a guitar accompaniment. The party was described by neighbours in the 4 unit apartment building as "orderly". Neighbours downstairs said "everybody was having a good time."

The police believed Collins was murdered in her room in the early hours of March 4th by someone who hid in her wardrobe closet. The police suspect the male tried to make advances on the young woman but was rejected. Collins was murdered in her bed. She was stabbed fifty four times with what police said was "probably a carving knife." She was also beaten about the head

A married couple in the building described Collins as a "lovely, sweet, girl."
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Re: Gloria Dawn Collins - Murder - Fullerton, California - March 4, 1967
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Collins was found by the couple when they attempted to summon her to a late morning breakfast. She was discovered on the crumpled bed, clad in a blood-soaked nightgown.

According to the autopsy, bruises on her body indicate she tried to fight off her killer before she was overpowered and killed. Police could not find any visible signs of how the murderer got into the apartment.

Collins became friends with her host family (42 year old male and 37 year old female) when they lived in New Westminster. The male was a police constable. When the couple moved to Fullerton, the male became an insurance adjuster. His wife also worked. They had no children of their own in 1967.

While staying with her hosts, Collins would take a swim in the apartment complex's pool almost daily.
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Re: Gloria Dawn Collins - Murder - Fullerton, California - March 4, 1967
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So they brought one of the party goers to trial and he was found innocent?