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Ran across this perp. Didn't see him listed on the site yet.

Winnipeg woman in Saskatoon for parole hearing of murderer, rapist
Last Updated: Thursday, August 7, 2008 | 6:37 AM CT
CBC News

A Winnipeg woman travelled to Saskatoon Wednesday, determined to see that a rapist and murderer would remain behind bars.

She got her wish.

Tracey Walsh attended a parole hearing Wednesday for Edwin Dennis Proctor, who's serving a life sentence in Saskatoon's Regional Psychiatric Centre.

On Oct. 18, 1979, when Walsh was 15, she and a friend were abducted and raped by Proctor outside Winnipeg. Proctor left the girls to die in a ditch. Both survived.

Proctor had raped and killed Catherine Cluney, 21, a few weeks earlier.

Proctor was arrested and after years of hearings and court proceedings was convicted of first-degree murder, attempted murder, rape and buggery in the three cases.

While the names of sex-assault victims are usually not published, Walsh has for years insisted that the media use her name.

In 2006, she got the courts to remove a publication ban on her name so she could tell her story. That year, too, she came to Saskatoon for Proctor's parole hearing.

Walsh told reporters it's her duty to make sure that Proctor is never free again.

"So that it'll never happen to someone else again. So that no one will ever be hurt," she said. "I'm the last person."

After considering Proctor's criminal history and record behind bars, the board decided Wednesday to deny him parole.

Board spokesman Bernard Pitre said the board panel decided "the risk was not manageable in the community in this case."

Proctor will have the right to apply for parole again in two years. Walsh said she will be at that hearing, too.


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What a courageous and persistent woman!!  By the article, I get the impression that she is doing this on her own, using her own financial and emotional resources?