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Lower Mainland District, Chilliwack
Missing Chilliwack man is believed to have met with foul play, IHIT investigates
File # File 2010 - 2378 2010-06-10 12:23 PDT

A missing man who has not been seen by family since the first week of May is believed to have met with foul play. IHIT has been assigned to investigate the circumstances behind the disappearance and possible foul play.

On May 10, 2010 61-year-old Michael COUTINHO (CO TEE NOH) was reported missing to the Chilliwack office of the Upper Fraser Valley Regional Detachment. The report was place by a family member who had not seen Michael since May 8, 2010.

Initially the Upper Fraser Valley RCMP Serious Crime section was conducting the investigation. Investigators continued to move forward for approximately 3 weeks until there was some circumstances that suggested that COUTINHO had met with foul play and may have been murdered.

On June 2, 2010 Upper Fraser Valley Regional RCMP Serious Crime Section met with investigators from the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team to review the investigation to date. After the meeting it was determined that IHIT would become the lead investigators on the file as circumstances suggested the victim had met with foul play.

IHIT investigators are turning to the community of the Upper Fraser Valley Region to ask for assistance. Police have identified a vehicle that COUTINHO was operating. The vehicle was a courtesy car from a local car lot known as O’Connor Chrysler. The vehicle was located in the Majuba Hill area at the Abbotsford-Chilliwack border near a popular recreational vehicle (ATV, off road motorcycles) location. The vehicle was discovered engulfed in flames.
and reported to police on May 8, 2010 at approximately 7:30 PM.

White PT Cruiser

The vehicle is described as a newer model white Chrysler PT Cruiser with O’Connor Chrysler identifying signs on it.

Investigators are asking anyone that was in the area on May 8, 2010 of Majuba Hill near the popular ATV spot to call if you have information regarding the White PT Cruiser.

Additionally, On May 9, 2010 a friend of COUTINHO’S was in the area of Parmenter Road near Cultus Lake looking to see if he can locate his missing friend. While on Parmenter Road the friend was approached by a male driving a tan or beige large SUV similar to a Yukon. The male told COUTINHO’S friend that on the previous day he spoke to a couple that had found a wallet and were going to turn it into police . To date there have notMichael Coutinho been any wallets turned into police in the region.

Investigators would like to identify and speak with the male in the large SUV as well as the couple that apparently found a wallet on Parmenter Road.

The victim, Michael COUTINHO is a 61-year-old Chilliwack man. He was not known to police. COUTINHO ran a small T Shirt shop in the area. He is in a common-law relationship and has a child under the age of 2 years old.

Anyone with information regarding the disappearance of Michael COUTINHO, the PT Cruiser or the wallet is asked to call IHIT TIP Line at 1-877-551-IHIT. If you wish to remain anonymous please call CRIMESTOPPERS at 1-800-222-TIPS. Your anonymity is guaranteed.

Dale Carr (Cpl.)
Integrated Homicide Investigation Team
Strategic Communications/Media Spokesperson
Office: 604-598-4609


posted May 31, 2012 at 12:00 AM— updated Feb 11, 2014 at 6:55 PM
More than two years after Michael Coutinho's burned out car was found, police still don't know what happened to the 61-year-old Chilliwack man.

Coutinho was last seen May 8, 2010. His burning car was found that day in the Majuba Hill area near the Abbotsford/ Chilliwack border.

A month after Coutinho's disappearance, his case was taken over by members of the RCMP's Integrated Homicide Investigation Team (IHIT).

IHIT spokesperson Jennifer Pound told the Times Wednesday that police are still looking into the file.

"The investigation remains open and active and the investigative team continue to follow up on leads associated to Michael's disappearance," said Pound. "The IHIT team investigating his disappearance are still in contact with his family."

Coutinho's father, Solms, said at the time that he believed his son may have crossed criminals or been owed money by someone.

When contacted by the Times last week, Solm's said he's trying to move past the unsolved disappearance of his son.

"He's gone the way of all things," he said.

"I've spoken with [police] a couple of times and they had no leads or nothing whatsoever," he said. "Unfortunately, my son, he got into the wrong stuff and so on.

"I think it's a chapter I would love to forget."

Prior to his disappearance, Michael Coutinho had been charged in connection with an illegal tobacco scheme in Williams Lake.

since May Coutinho had been charged with three counts of possession of a controlled substance, and a range of other offences under the Tobacco Tax Amendment Act that regulates the sale of tobacco.

The next day, a friend was in the area looking for Coutinho when he

was approached by a man driving a tan SUV similar to a GMC Yukon. The driver told Coutinho's friend that a couple had found a wallet the previous day that they intended to turn into police.

Coutinho's presumed killing is one of four unsolved murders that took place in Chilliwack in 2010.


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