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Police said on Tuesday they may be hunting for a serial killer after the remains of four bodies were discovered on a remote New York beach.

The bodies, which were unidentified, were found spread along a quarter-mile stretch of beach on Long Island about 40 miles east of New York City, police said.

Police were looking at the possibility of a serial killer, said Suffolk County Police Commissioner Richard Dormer.

"We are looking at that angle. It certainly lends itself to that conclusion.... Four bodies dumped in the same area certainly looks like it could be," he said.

Skeletal remains of the first body were discovered on Saturday by a police officer. The other bodies were found on Monday, also on Oak Beach, along an inlet of the Atlantic Ocean, police said.

Police were trying to determine whether any of the bodies were that of a missing New Jersey woman, a known prostitute who was believed to have been meeting a client at the beach, Dormer said.

The woman's family reported her missing in May.

The bodies appeared to have been on the beach for some time and may take a while to be identified, Dormer said.


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Here's a little update, The Long Island Serial Killer- 48 hours - CBS News
Re: Shannon Gilbert;videos


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 I know this happened a while ago but,I find it strange that they are saying Shannen's death may not be connected.But,stranger things have happened.I wonder how long it would have been before they found any of the bodies if she would have never gone missing and her family did not press the issue?That in its self is a very scary thought.At least her family can look at her death as not in vain because with her death so many families found their missing children,mothers and sisters.I mean no one wants to lose a loved one but when something good comes from their death it does help make it a small small small bit tolerable.


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I definitely believe that Shannon's death is connected to all of these other deaths. I watched the show on 48 Hours about this case. She was terrified that night. The three men that were involved in all of that are possibly the killers of the girls found on the beach. They certainly were involved in something very mysterious in this whole deal. I wouldn't trust any of them as far as I could throw them. These men all knew each other and apparently she was afraid for her life that night. Her cell phone and keys and everything were found at the last place she was at. Then her body was found in a swamp not far away. No, she did not die an accidental death, she was terrorized. The police don't want to be bothered investigating any deaths of girls involved in the sex trade, they feel it's a waste of their time. That is what is happening here, they don't want to properly investigate the case. The murderers will never be caught, because of the police covering all of this up.  >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(


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More remains found?
Human remains found on Long Island, N.Y.
By the CNN Wire Staff
updated 6:54 PM EST, Sat February 18, 2012

New York (CNN) -- Human skeletal remains have been found on Long Island, New York, authorities said Saturday. The same police department has been involved in the discovery of at least 10 other sets of human remains about 40 miles from the latest site.
The discovery of the 10 previous sets of remains at Gilgo Beach has led to a hunt for a possible serial killer.
"At this time, we cannot say if the remains are connected to any other cases. The scene will be processed and re-evaluated to see if further searching is necessary," Deputy Inspector Kevin Fallon of the Suffolk County Police Department said in a news statement about the latest find.
The remains were found Friday by a man who was walking his dog in a heavily wooded area about 300 feet from a road in Manorville, police said. The grounds are the Upton Ecological Reserve.
On December 17, authorities announced that a body discovered earlier in the week along a remote stretch of Long Island beach was that of Shannan Gilbert, the missing New Jersey woman whose disappearance had led investigators to the 10 sets of human remains and the hunt for a possible serial killer.
Gilbert, 24, vanished in May 2010 after visiting a client. The Jersey City resident had advertised for prostitution services on websites such as Craigslist, police said. Her body was uncovered December 13 in the wooded marshes of Suffolk County's Oak Beach. That beach is about 9 miles from where the 10 other sets of human remains were found.
Gilbert's mother, Mari Gilbert, said in December that police had botched the investigation into her daughter's death and the apparent killings of the other victims. She threatened to sue the Suffolk County police if the FBI didn't take over the case. Attorney John Ray, who represented Mari Gilbert, said that because Shannan -- a resident of Jersey City, New Jersey -- crossed state lines to visit a client in New York, the investigation should be federal.
Suffolk County Police Commissioner Richard Dormer "thinks this is some kind of a silly scene for the Suffolk County police to be involved in only because Shannan was an escort," Ray said.
Ray accused Dormer's office of violating the civil rights of the victims by inadequately investigating.
Mari Gilbert has said she believes that her daughter was murdered by a serial killer. Police, however, maintained that Shannan Gilbert's death was not thought to be the work of a serial killer. Authorities have conflicting theories about whether a serial killer is involved in the other deaths.
The remains found Friday are thought to have been in the area for some time.
"This has been determined from the vegetation growth in the area around the remains," the police statement said.
The age and gender of the remains are to be determined by medical examiners.
"I saw the top of the cranium sticking out of the brush," dog owner Matt Samuel said of his discovery.
"It looked like it was wrapped in like bed sheets and then put in a plastic bag and duct taped around tight, and I guess over the time the plastic deteriorated ... and the sheets kind of decomposed," he told CNN affiliate News 12 Long Island.
In 2000 and 2003, the torsos of two women were discovered in the same area, News 12 reported.
Other body parts belonging to the women have been found at Gilgo Beach, and have been linked to the eight other sets of remains found at Gilgo Beach, the affiliate said.


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My feeling is there definitely is a serial killer in that area. And there was a story on 48 Hours, which there were a couple of suspects in the murder of an escort girl. I believe they had persons of interest in her murder and these were very profile people. They were wealthy business men, one was a dentist, I do believe and apparently there was two other men involved. These men lived right in the area of where the escort girl went missing. She was found, but they tried to say that she took her own life. If you saw the show, you would think the same as myself, she was murdered. I felt the police were covering up for someone in that case, it didn't add up. But they were trying to connect this young woman to the serial killer, that they felt was at work in that area. These bodies have been found since, so I would say there will be a lengthy investigation, which should have gone on long ago. :o :o :o :o :o