Author Topic: Human Remains Found | Marten Lake in Gladman Township | September 11, 2008  (Read 1608 times)


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Human Remains Found
Case #   20090019OPP
Date Located   11 Sep 2008

Summary   North Bay OPP Crime Unit is investigating the discovery of human remains on the shores of Marten Lake in Gladman Township approximately 40 km north of North Bay. The discovery was made on the afternoon of September 11, 2008. The remains were facing shore with the front side down, and contained the lower torso from the knees up to the lower rib cage; exposed ribs and spine were clearly visible. The pelvis area and legs weres covered with plaid brown cotton pants.

Sex:  Male
Clothing   Pants, , Brown, , Brown Check pattern on pants, Shirt, , White, , White undershirt
Personal Property   The only item which was discovered with the body was a small pocket knife held inside of a vinyl or leather case.
Location    Found on the shore of Marten Lake PTL 5, Concession 5, Gladman Township
Agency   North Bay OPP Detachment

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