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Christopher Watkins

DOB: April 1, 2004
Missing Since: March 9, 2009
Missing From: New market, Ont.
Case No. 5622-P
Eyes: Blue/grey
Hair: Sandy blonde, short
Height: 3'3" / 100 cm
Weight: 40 lbs. / 18 kg.


Alexander Watkins

DOB:  June 7, 2001
Missing Since:  March 9, 2009
Missing from: Newmarket, Ont.
Case No. 5621-P
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Medium Brown, short
Height: 4'1" / 125 cm.
Weight: 70 lbs. / 32 kg.


Abducted From Canada to Poland - can you help find these boys who are in Europe somewhere?

Alexander WATKINS (8 yrs) and Christopher WATKINS (6 yrs) were abducted by Edyta Ustaszewski Watkins (non-custodial mother) and her father, Tadeusz Ustaszewski, during the weekend of March 6 2009, on a Court Ordered weekend access. Tadeusz Ustaszewski has been arrested in Canada and charged with assisting the abduction. The trial set for December 13, 2010. He is not assisting the Police in helping to locate the children in Europe.

The father had Sole Custody of the Children after a long custody trial with the Order being issued by the Courts on January 26, 2009. The abduction of the children was done against previous Court Orders that the Children were NOT to leave the Province of Ontario and the Abducting Mother also used her "CANCELED" Canadian Passport which was "Canceled / Revoked" by the Canadian Government 42 days PRIOR to the abduction of the Children into the United States and then to Germany.

This is the FIRST known Canadian case to involve missing children CHILD FIND organization by a concerned parent before an abduction. The Father had been working with CHILD FIND Ontario PRIOR to the children's abduction as the risk of abduction of the children was eminent.


RCMP Canada's Most Wanted:
York's Most Wanted:
Interpol - Red Notice:
Interpol - Yellow Notice:

(Lead Agency)
Detective Constable Jesse K. Mann #1142, Lead Detective
(905) 895-1221 Ext. 7188
(905) 895-9574 Fax

R.C.M.P. (Royal Canadian Mounted Police)
S/Sgt.Rtd. John Oliver, Detective
"Our Missing Children" Program
(613) 993-7860 Tel.
(613) 993-6430 Fax

Edyta ( Ustaszewski ) Watkins - RED NOTICE :
Alexander & Christopher Watkins - YELLOW NOTICE :
Interpol E-Mail:
(Case #: F-159/4-2009)

Source: Missing Children: Alexander & Christopher Watkins

Source: BREAKING NEWS: MISSING CHILDREN Canadian International Child Abduction Alexander Christopher Watkins

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Her Canadian passport was CANCELLED . How did she get past Customs, both at our border and if she has left the states  for Europe, with improper ID. She had id from somewhere?   How did she get it. What does the id provider possibly know about where she is with the sons.


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the boys have been found in Poland with the mother

An Ontario father has located his two children, who police allege were abducted by their non-custodial mother and taken to Poland, but it is unclear whether he will ever be able to bring them back to Canada.

Stephen Watkins saw his sons Alexander, now 10, and Christopher, now 7, a few days ago for the first time since they disappeared on March 6, 2009.

Police allege that the boys' non-custodial mother, Edyta Watkins, fled with the children to Europe after Stephen Watkins was granted full custody of the boys. Edyta Watkins had been given weekend visitation rights.

York Regional Police said they believed Edyta Watkins' father drove the woman and the boys across the border to Detroit, where they boarded a plane bound for Frankfurt, Germany. Police said they believed the trio then travelled on to Poland.

A Canada-wide arrest warrant was issued for Edyta Watkins and her name was placed on the RCMP most wanted list.

Police officials contacted Watkins over the summer to say they suspected a woman living in Warsaw was with two missing boys. Watkins travelled to Poland in late November.

"They looked the same after two-and-a-half years," Watkins told CTV News Saturday in an interview from Poland. "But they looked very stressed out and they seemed very angry…I can understand it would be very confusing for children."

Despite the Canadian arrest warrant for Edyta Watkins, as well as Stephen Watkins' custody rights, the anxious father's future with his children hinges on Poland's justice system.

While Poland does not have an extradition treaty with Canada, the Hague Convention, which Poland signed, calls for an expedited process for returning abducted children.

A Polish judge is set to rule on Dec. 15 whether it is in the best interests of the children to remain in Poland or return to Canada.

Watkins told The Canadian Press that Polish school officials say the boys speak more English than Polish. He also said that Polish officials have acknowledged his sole custody rights, as well as the fact that international laws have been broken.

Watkins had this message for Polish officials: "My Christmas wish is send my boys home with me."


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Here is a link to the article regarding the judge's ruling to have the boys remain in mothers custody.

and a Q&A with Stephen Watkins