Author Topic: The Police think a 2nd serial killer is in BC  (Read 4887 times)


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The Police think a 2nd serial killer is in BC
« on: November 04, 2010, 11:35:02 PM »
The Vancouver? Police think there is a second serial killer in BC. This is a video just out with information, evidence, the faces of the victims,  linking a serial killer to another 6 possibley 7 STW. Please take the time to look at the video, and if you have any information, please call it in to the TIPS line. The Police think that maybe the perp is a hunter, a fisherman, or someone out of prison.

Here is the link;


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Re: The Police think a 2nd serial killer is in BC
« Reply #1 on: March 14, 2011, 06:40:06 PM »
Serial killer in the mid 90's, targeting prostitutes and dumping them in remote areas.  I wonder if they have looked into Gary Ridgway (The Green River Killer) at all.  After he was arrested in 2001, there are a few reports which state the police in Vancouver showed his picture to a several girls on the lower East-side of Vancouver not long before Pickton was arrested.  Some of them recognized him and were also able to describe his vehicle.  After Pickton was arrested, the Ridgway talk died down...I hope the police didn't put all their eggs into the Pickton basket, which is what it may seem-initially anyways.

Also, when the investigators in Seattle searched Ridgway's home, they found maps of BC amongst the stuff they seized (means nothing, I know-just coincidental).  Ridgway stated he & his 3rd wife, whom he married in 1988, vacationed up to BC several times in their motorhome during the 13 years of their marriage prior to his arrest.  He would have been able enter Canada at Blaine to get to Vancouver and returned to Washington at Sumas, which is straight south of Mission.  Round trip from Seattle to Vancouver to Mission and back to Seattle is just over 6 hours, Seattle-Vancouver-Agassiz & back to Seattle is just over the whole thing could potentially be done in a 10-12 hour span, maybe even as little as 9 hours if traffic was good.  Not to mention, Ridgway's psychological profile stated the Green River Killer would be an avid outdoorsman, hunter & fisherman, which Ridgway was (see point 26 in link below).  Easy cover for him to tell his wife he's going away for the weekend to go hunting or fishing with a buddy.  Funny how the news report also mentions this specific trait as part of the profile for this other killer in BC.

The only part of the MO which doesn't fit Ridgway is the use of the zip ties as "Green River Gary" used his barehands or forearms...but this could be so a link couldn't be made to him up in BC; however, he did alter some crime scenes to throw the police off in order to have them look in another direction-which did work a few times (for a while).

I am also familar with commercial vehicles and the police should not look to hard into the oil found on the logging roads where the bodies were found.  Some logging trucks have "pickers" used to load/unload logs and the pickers are hydraulically run which means they can leak oil.  Some commercial vehicles, depending on how they are looked after and what kind of roads they are mainly used on (logging roads are rough), can leak engine oil profusely and not in just little blobs here & there.  The oil could be from one of these units where the driver stopped to check his load, have a snack or use the world as his restroom.  I think the oil is coincidental, unless it was found together with the paint chips and flecks of tarp at/near each dump site but the reporter just says it was on the road.


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Re: The Police think a 2nd serial killer is in BC
« Reply #2 on: April 03, 2011, 03:11:58 AM »
It is frustrating, I'm sure, melody_leigh.    Look at the Pickton mess, though.  The cops didn't listen to several people that went to them with info.  They didn't even believe one of his victims, because she was a drug addict.  More women died as a result. would think they would have learned from their mistakes.   
Has your daughter, who you say is now a drug addict, gone to the police too?