Author Topic: Mexico Every Cop in Town Quits  (Read 1060 times)


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Mexico Every Cop in Town Quits
« on: October 27, 2010, 06:06:59 PM »
A new police headquarters was just christened, and 14 members of the force were to man. Except the headquarters was attacked (if you can find the picture, it is unbelievable. All 14 members of the force quit. There is obvious and serious drug gang warfare. They call it an example of everything that can go wrong, and everything you don't want in a town near you.

The cartel attacks has caused horrific devastation. Journalists are threatened for reporting. 14-year-old birthday parties are becoming massacre scenes. Women and children are being killed. Mayors have been assissinated. Decapitation and torture means municipal forces quit, and may need to be replaced by one state run force per state.

They say more than 6,500 people have been killed in Ciudad Jurez in gang turf wars. It is known as the deadliest city in Mexico where nationwide more than 28,000 people faced a similar fate.

Drugs, gangs are a big business. They say if communities don't figure out how to address this problem soon, it can be too late. It is not a pretty place to live or raise a family obviously.

Pictures and story are at this link: