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Re: Ernest Fenwick MacIntosh - Pedophile - Nova Scotia
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What really is disturbing is that the Canadian Government dragged their feet for almost a dozen years.   "Fruity Fen" has probably got dozens of victims in India, now too.   How many lives has he ruined.....

I commend you, DRS for not allowing this pervie any peace.  These creeps have no conscience...we need to be his conscience and NOT let him off easy.    What he has done to males like you, he needs to pay for.  I also told Wendy-jo she has a case of wrongful dismissal, as far as I can see.
 The Canadian Government should be ashamed of themselves.   


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Re: Ernest Fenwick MacIntosh - Pedophile - Nova Scotia
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I came across a story from the Cape Breton Post

Convicted pedophile not planning to leave province, says lawyer
Published on August 15, 2011
Nancy King  RSS Feed

SYDNEY — The lawyer for a convicted pedophile currently out on bail while appealing his convictions denies his client has any plans to leave the province.
Brian Casey responded Monday to reports posted on an Internet message board by someone claiming to live in the same Dartmouth apartment building as Ernest Fenwick MacIntosh, 68. The person reported there was a period of more than a day last week when MacIntosh was unaccounted for by police and that MacIntosh is planning to visit Montreal, a city where he once lived.

“There’s of course no truth to it at all, his bail conditions don’t allow him to leave the province ... I don’t know who’s making this stuff up, but that’s all it is,” Casey said.

MacIntosh’s appeal of his conviction on 13 counts of indecent assault and gross indecency was heard in June. He is also appealing his subsequent conviction on four additional counts, which is to be heard Nov. 28.

Chris Hansen, spokeswoman with the Public Prosecution Service, confirmed Monday that the terms of MacIntosh’s bail include that he serve house arrest except for medical and legal appointments, with three hours weekly allotted to attend to personal business. His release conditions include that he remain within Nova Scotia, unless given permission otherwise by the courts. MacIntosh has not made any application to vary his release conditions, she added.

Sgt. Brian Palmeter, spokesperson with Halifax Regional Police, said he couldn’t speak specifically to any case unless charges have been laid. He did say that the police service has a program called Operation Breach that conducts regular checks on people living throughout the Halifax Regional Municipality who are subject to court-imposed release conditions.

In June, the Crown consented to MacIntosh’s release on bail. Other conditions of MacIntosh’s release include that he post $60,000 bail, have his bank accounts frozen and abide by a prohibition from being in the presence of anyone under the age of 14. He must also present himself within five minutes of being contacted by police to check on his whereabouts.

Ok people  I have some questions about this article:
 It is said  "The lawyer for a convicted pedophile currently out on bail while appealing his convictions denies his client has any plans to leave the province.
(sounds like he is saying "future" plans to me and does not deal exactly with what was alleged last week)
So I'll ask a DIRECT question: Did EFM leave the province last week? not future plans to leave on a trip BUT did he go out of province last week?
Read the statement the lawyer made carefully.

It was stated in conditions: He must also present himself within five minutes of being contacted by police to check on his whereabouts.
DIRECT question: Were the police looking for EFM last week? Did he present himself within the required 5 min time frame if the police were looking for him?
"Sgt. Brian Palmeter, spokesperson with Halifax Regional Police, said he couldn’t speak specifically to any case unless charges have been laid". (I.E.  they aren't going to say if they were looking for him).
Also I see no mention of an ankle monitor device? Why is he not required to wear one?

DIRECT question: Is EFM allowed internet access and if he is, why is he allowed to? We all, I am sure, aware of Mr Swirl from BC and his internet use, EFM having internet use gives me the creeps. I am fully aware EFM is probably reading this posts.

DIRECT question: Were the tenants and neighboring community at/around the stated address told that EFM was going to be moving in and who EFM was, his history and past? Were they given any notice at all, are there young children in this building and neighborhood, are there schools near here, pools, play grounds, sports fields and etc? Who owns this building and why the devil would they move in a convicted pedophile? Was the super in the building fired for objecting to EFM moving in? Why exactly was she fired if she was? Are the owners of this building connected family wise/business wise to anyone in EFM's old stomping grounds near Port Hawkesbury/Antigonish/Guysborough area.

I would love my questions answered, anyone willing to try to answer them with Direct answers not beating around the bush?


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Re: Ernest Fenwick MacIntosh - Pedophile - Nova Scotia
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Don't forget, apparantly there was a request to put an internet connection in Fenwick's bedroom in the apartment building....not too many people that live alone request my opinion.

Also, I wonder too, why NOT an ankle monitering device?    How are our children protected from this sick old fart when he takes his "alloted 3 hours a week to attend to personal business"? 

I hope the lawyer for this pervie is reading this so I can ask him directly:   How would you like this creep living next door to you?   
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Re: Ernest Fenwick MacIntosh - Pedophile - Nova Scotia
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 :) Hey guys I'm new to this ..However I'm gonna try anyway .Hey Wendy Jo .....I watched that creep go into the building today at lunch time he was in jail for a couple day from what i hear  he won his appeal for now .I believe he goes back to court in Feb 2012 i watch him everyday that he leaves that building .the cops know about the computer in the bedroom so lets see if the get it and charge him for breach mm interesting


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Re: Ernest Fenwick MacIntosh - Pedophile - Nova Scotia
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SYDNEY — Sexual abuse convictions registered against Ernest Fenwick MacIntosh have been overturned on appeal, leaving the men who accused him of sexually abusing them as boys disillusioned with the country’s legal system.

The number one issue that hits me about this is the fact that if one of the perv's victims had fought back and killed him (or) if one of them was to get their chance at present, to deal with him on their own terms .... do you think for one second, LE would drag out such a case long enough for the poor guy to "get out of jail" free?  ..... we all know this wouldn't happen.  The bottom line is - as we've seen over and over for years, LE and judges have some kind of "special sympathy" going on for pervs.  They must have!!!!  So pervs take away lives, and the courts protect them.  Am I the only one who figures there must be a lot of pedophiles "on benches"? and in "high places"?
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Re: Ernest Fenwick MacIntosh - Pedophile - Nova Scotia
« Reply #20 on: December 08, 2011, 11:11:00 PM »
Wow, I can hardly believe they would do that in such a high profile case! Maybe you are right Lost, ugly business.


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Re: Ernest Fenwick MacIntosh - Pedophile - Nova Scotia
« Reply #21 on: December 09, 2011, 04:01:31 AM »
No, Lostlinganer, you are not the only one that thinks have my company.


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Re: Ernest Fenwick MacIntosh - Pedophile - Nova Scotia
« Reply #22 on: December 22, 2011, 07:41:04 AM »

Ernest Fenwick MacIntosh accuser goes public
Weldon MacIntosh-Reynolds says overturning of Fenwick MacIntosh's conviction prompted the move
CBC News Posted: Dec 21, 2011 8:13 PM AT

One of Ernest Fenwick MacIntosh's accusers is going public.

Wednesday in Nova Scotia Supreme Court Weldon MacIntosh-Reynolds had a ban on his name lifted. MacIntosh-Reynolds says he was molested by Fenwick MacIntosh in the 1970's.

The case against MacIntosh was thrown out of court earlier this month.

Weldon MacIntosh-Reynolds, a hair-salon owner in Sydney, walked out of court Wednesday morning and for the first time in the Ernest Fenwick MacIntosh saga the media could show his face. MacIntosh-Reynolds said that going public gave him a more powerful voice.

"My belief is … when media is interviewing you, people - all they see is your hands. I really don't think they listen to what is going on so I think going this way people will listen," he said.

MacIntosh-Reynolds says Ernest Fenwick MacIntosh started abusing him when he was 16 and living in Port Hawkesbury.

MacIntosh was convicted in 2010 on 17 charges of gross indecency and indecent assault involving six boys. But earlier this month the convictions were overturned.

The Nova Scotia Court of Appeal ruled it took too long to bring him to court, saying the 14-year delay between the allegations and trial affected MacIntosh's ability to defend himself.

MacIntosh-Reynolds said the decision prompted him to go public.

"When all of the charges were dropped, I felt like I was a victim again. The justice system let us down again," he said.

"That's when I decided enough is enough here."

MacIntosh-Reynolds wants the federal government to launch a public inquiry into the justice system's handling of the MacIntosh case.

The allegations against the former Cape Breton businessman surfaced in 1995 and dated back to the 1970s. By 1995, he was living near New Delhi, in India, where he was working as a telecommunications specialist.

An extradition request was not made until 2006. MacIntosh was arrested in April 2007 in India, and extradited to Canada two months later.

There were further delays before the trials against him finally began in 2010.

Justice Duncan Beveridge overturned all of the convictions, finding in his 62-page decision that MacIntosh's "right to be tried within a reasonable time was infringed."

MacIntosh-Reynolds is organizing a national campaign to make the names and locations of convicted pedophiles public, as is done in the United States.

"I'm going to be holding rallies," he said.

"I'm having a rally next month at the Membertou Convention Centre and across the four Atlantic provinces and I'm going to take it coast to coast to have the justice system changed."

The Crown will announce early in 2012 whether or not it intends to appeal the decision to quash the convictions against Ernest Fenwick MacIntosh.

***I believe that by Mr MacIntosh-Reynolds getting the publication ban lifted and coming forward to speak about what happened to him will help many others and that is a very good thing.
Weldon's goal of a organizing a national campaign to make the names and locations of convicted pedophiles public in Canada is something that should have happened years ago, goverment and law makers have dropped the ball many times (which is no surprise).
I wish him all the sucess in the world. Bravo Weldon, Bravo! I am very proud of you for your determination to seek justice and accountability.


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Re: Ernest Fenwick MacIntosh - Pedophile - Nova Scotia
« Reply #23 on: December 22, 2011, 08:08:54 AM »
If we find out how to contact MacIntosh-Reynolds....we should support him, he is doing the right thing, even if the Courts aren't.


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Re: Ernest Fenwick MacIntosh - Pedophile - Nova Scotia
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MacIntosh inquiry sought
January 11, 2012 - 4:35am

Ottawa slammed for not revoking passport, could face lawsuit

Rage is congealing into demands for answers.

On Dec. 8, Ernest Fenwick MacIntosh’s 18 convictions for gross indecency and indecent assault were stayed by a Nova Scotia Court of Appeal panel, citing the years-long delays in bringing him to trial and credibility issues among the complainants.

Now an alleged victim, a law professor, a mayor and a member of Parliament are demanding an inquiry into why Passport Canada twice failed to revoke MacIntosh’s passport and why, given that the extradition process began in 1998, a formal request was not sent to India until 2006.

Meanwhile, SNAP Atlantic, the local body of an international organization representing victims of sexual abuse, is seeking alleged victims of MacIntosh in India for a lawsuit against the Canadian government.

"If we find any children abused by MacIntosh between 1996 and 2007, SNAP will stand behind the victims and sue the attorney general’s office on their behalf," said Dave Mantin, Atlantic Canada group leader for the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, which has branched out to include all victims of sexual abuse.

The premise of his organization’s planned suit is that if Ottawa was negligent in its much-delayed attempts to bring MacIntosh back to Canada, then it is liable for any abuse that children suffered from the time the arrest warrant was issued in February 1996 until MacIntosh’s extradition in 2007.

A 2007 Toronto Star article by freelance reporter Matt McClure contains interviews with two Indian men who allege MacIntosh abused them as children, and staff at two orphanages who say MacIntosh was banned from their facilities after boys alleged he had molested them.

"He came bearing the credentials of an international businessman and we trusted him," Michael Robertson, former board chairman of Dr. Graham’s Homes, a school for underprivileged children in northern India, said in the Star story.

"We find it sad that he was allowed to openly travel the world for so many years while these charges were pending."

So what happened?

In 1995, an alleged Nova Scotia victim identified by the initials D.R.S. felt compelled to break his silence and told the RCMP that MacIntosh had abused him as a child in the 1970s. By the time he went to police, D.R.S. was married to a social worker and raising his own children.

"I felt I had to turn him in because I knew he was still out there and he could be doing to other young boys what he did to me," D.R.S., whose name is protected by a publication ban, said Monday.

By 1995, MacIntosh, a former Port Hawkesbury businessman and hockey executive who had two previous convictions for indecent assault and sexual assault, was working in India in the communications industry.

D.R.S. said the RCMP advised him that MacIntosh’s passport was coming up for renewal in 1997 and it would be easier to cancel the passport than to begin the extradition process.

D.R.S. contacted Gar Pardy, then the director general for consular services at the Foreign Affairs Department.

"Based on that call and confirmation from the RCMP that there was an arrest warrant, I wrote to the passport office and asked that the passport for Ernest Fenwick MacIntosh be withdrawn," Pardy, who has been retired for eight years, said Monday from Ottawa.

Officials from the Canadian High Commission in India notified MacIntosh that his passport would be withdrawn, and MacIntosh hired Dartmouth lawyer David Bright to challenge the move in Ottawa.

Pardy said the Justice Department lawyer did not bring a copy of the arrest warrant to the hearing and the judge gave the department 21 days to provide a copy of it.

"As I understand it, the Department of Justice did not go back with the needed evidence and subsequently agreed with the defence lawyer to have the withdrawal of the passport cancelled," Pardy said.

"I don’t know why they didn’t come up with a copy of the warrant — I got one. It was common knowledge."

In 1999, MacIntosh was banned from the Gandhi Ashram, an orphanage and school for underprivileged children in northern India, after allegations of abuse.

"MacIntosh was swearing and denying he’d done anything wrong," Indrajit Singh, a former science teacher at the school, told McClure for the Star story in 2007.

"Father McGuire was telling him to go and never come back."

In 2002, MacIntosh’s passport again came up for renewal.

"It was renewed because no prohibition was put in place against it," Pardy said.

Around this time, Nova Scotia’s attorney general requested that the federal Justice Department begin extradition proceedings against MacIntosh.

In 2004, McClure’s story says, MacIntosh was banned from Dr. Graham’s Homes after young boys alleged sexual abuse.

The extradition request didn’t reach India until July 2006. Indian police arrested MacIntosh in April 2007 and he was extradited that June.

He went to trial in Port Hawkesbury in 2010 and, in two separate trials, was found guilty of 18 of 36 charges of gross indecency or indecent assault involving boys in the 1970s. Then last month, the Appeal Court overturned all the convictions.

"In staying his convictions, the Court of Appeal said the Crown knew where MacIntosh was for a long time before they made the extradition request," Robert Currie, a specialist in international criminal law at Dalhousie University, said last week.

"He was coming in and out of Canada at this time, and they made no effort to arrest him. The primary responsibility seems to be at the federal level, but there were also problems at the provincial level."

Currie wants a public inquiry to determine what went wrong so it can’t happen again. Port Hawkesbury Mayor Billy Joe MacLean and Cape Breton-Canso MP Rodger Cuzner made similar requests when The Chronicle Herald contacted them.

Passport Canada declined comment, citing confidentiality reasons, and the federal Justice Department also wouldn’t discuss the case as it remains before the courts.

The Nova Scotia Public Prosecution Service would only confirm that it has 60 days from Dec. 8, the day of the Appeal Court ruling, to decide whether to take the case to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Picture of MacIntosh below:


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Re: Ernest Fenwick MacIntosh - Pedophile - Nova Scotia
« Reply #25 on: January 11, 2012, 08:19:08 AM »
MacIntosh case attracts attention of survivors group
Published on January 9, 2012
By Nancy King Cape Breton Post
PORT HAWKESBURY — The case of Ernest Fenwick MacIntosh has attracted the attention of a group that advocates on behalf of people who say that they are survivors of sexual abuse.
The Atlantic chapter of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests has been looking into the MacIntosh matter, and its regional head Dave Mantin says he has recently been in almost daily contact with some of the men who say they were abused as youngsters by MacIntosh.

Mantin said the network is helping some of the complainants in the MacIntosh case assess what legal options may now be available to them.

“In this particular case, I read about it in the newspaper and I thought it just doesn’t sound right, (the group’s involvement) is really out of more personal curiosity, I started investigating a little bit,” Mantin said.

Last month, 17 convictions of indecent assault and gross indecency against MacIntosh, 68, dating back to incidents alleged to have occurred in the 1970s, were thrown out by the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal. The court unanimously found that delays in the matter going to trial and in the extradition of MacIntosh from India impeded his ability to defend against the charges.

The court also found that Justice Simon MacDonald misapprehended some evidence heard at the first trial. Had a stay of proceedings due to delay not been entered, the court would have ordered a new trial on the matters.

The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests was founded in the United States in the late 1980s. While it mentions those abused by priests in its name, Mantin noted the focus has broadened to others abused as children.

Mantin said he’s been deluged with documents compiled over the years by one of the complainants, who can only be identified as DRS.

“There were so many issues, I couldn’t keep up with it,” he said. “There’s so many mistakes in this case, something has to be done.”

Mantin is adding his voice to those calling for a federal inquiry of the MacIntosh case.

“It’s got to be federal because that’s how far the mistakes go,” he said.

The Crown has 60 days from the date of the decision — Dec. 8 — to decide whether to seek leave to appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada. Chris Hansen, a spokesperson for the Nova Scotia Public Prosecution Service, said Monday no decision has yet been made about filing an appeal. The court's decision stressed that it is the responsibility of the state to bring an accused to trial.

“If you can run long enough, your rights have been violated to a speedy trial, it is now law,” he said.

The appeals court decision can be cited as a precedent in future cases, Mantin noted.

The first charge, which was related to incidents that allegedly occurred in the Strait area in the 1970s, was filed against MacIntosh in 1995. A year earlier, MacIntosh, who operated businesses in the Strait area, had moved to India where he worked as a telecommunications specialist. He was extradited back to Canada to face the charges in 2007.

In 1997, Canada’s head of consular affairs asked Passport Canada to revoke MacIntosh’s passport, which would have forced him back to Canada to face the two charges that had been filed against him at the time. In April 1998, the Crown consented to MacIntosh withdrawing his application of a judicial review of that decision, which allowed him to continue to travel internationally.

The formal extradition request was made in August 1998. The complete extradition package was ready by July 2003 but it wasn't until July 2006 that the extradition request was forwarded to India. MacIntosh was arrested in India on April 5, 2007, and the court there agreed to extradite him May 26. He first appeared in court in Port Hawkesbury June 8 of that year.

MacIntosh has two similar but unrelated convictions dating back to the early 1980s.


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Re: Ernest Fenwick MacIntosh - Pedophile - Nova Scotia
« Reply #26 on: January 12, 2012, 04:02:05 AM »
 Well as a victim of Ernest Fenwick Macintosh , I want to thank the public for support with this case.. having said that ,the thanks stops there..   For me I was 9-12 of age when this happened, It has left a life long scar which will be with me a lifetime.So in a sence we the victims are given a life sentence with no chance of parole..  I was thrown to the wolfs. I call myself their sacrifice lamb (the crown)' a pawn  in their 9-5 game..   Never once was the victim thought of in this case..       we were subject to unbelievable treatment,, during the pre trial and main trial. we stayed in a motel in Port Hawkesbury NS,,  only to have the accused,, the monster,, staying 4 doors down the hall from me ,another victim was placed next door to him..    we had to meet him in the hallway,, or in the dinning room etc.. and see that smirk on his face every time we seen him..    I suffer from PTSD  as with most victims of sexual abuse.. I often wake at night after a nightmare, but only this time during the trial ,I would awake in disbelieve  knowing this man was doors away from me...  after the first night I complained to the crown about this but was told he had the right to stay anywhere he  pleased! there was nothing that could be done about this... It was plainly a defence tactic to intimidate  us victims..  Having him in plain view right under our noses.. at all times..    I remember also I was waiting outside the court room waiting Tobe called,, I was setting alone,, I look up and there was Macintosh standing in front of me,, he was on his way to the bath room..      O I had my chances,to react,, but why,, we came this far,, I wouldn't want to be subject to charges laid on me for assault .. Have I thought about it,,yes many times.. But I knew I was a victim,, I knew I had to see this thing through...  The system is set up for the accused,, the victims are never thought of,, we are meaningless to them. Both sides don't care about you,, You find that out very early on ...  But you either follow through with it or  you give up. I our case two victims did,,, there was a total of 9 victims ,, but only 6 made it to trial...  My six charges ended in not guilty , why?? because of paperwork not signed ,, which was the crowns fault,,,    were is my appeal??? why wasn't the crown there for me???    My thought is that there was a deal made,, with both trials,,     and everyone involved on both sides knew it...        I was the only victim to set through his testimony (macintosh) I wanted to hear him speak,I wanted to hear his lies...    But I believe it hurt me in the end,,  I was asked to leave,, my the defence ,,but the crown had talked to me,, and I  wanted to hear what was being said by him,,, the judge granted me my wish and I stayed ....      in the end  I was told about the out come my the crown,, it was hard,, but I knew I was telling the truth,, I knew I was still a victim,,         Now this,, the appeal,,, again we are kicked in the teeth,,  why?? because the crown failed again...   they are B grade lawyers at best,,,   you as a victim can't choose your lawyer,unlike the accused,,and if you have money,,which was the case here ,you end up buying your way to freedom,,,,  Even had the charges stayed ,,he wasn't going to go to prison,,  they told us he would do federal time..  But I never believed that   EVER!!   I never believed much of what I was told,,, I went alone with the game plan but deep down knew the out come....       It's really sinful,shame on the courts,the lawyers, the media at times,,,   how are we ever going to get anyone to come forward as abused victims with out comes like this,,,,   Only a public inquiry can uncover the wrong doing in this case,,, what my brother,,and other have uncovered over the years,,  about this case,,is really mind boggling,,,          and needs Tobe told,,and people need Tobe held accountable,,,     


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Re: Ernest Fenwick MacIntosh - Pedophile - Nova Scotia
« Reply #27 on: January 12, 2012, 05:33:58 AM »
Welcome bar1061.   Your story brings my blood to a boil.  I have a real hard time of it when perverts get a slap on the wrist and the Victims suffer.   We have too many pockets of society that seem to think pedophilia is okay. 
These people do not seem to think of the Victims.  I have a feeling that these very people are also prone to those kinds of ways.  I am saying that, because that's what I have determined by just living life through some scary life situations that I don't recommend for anyone.  I have seen and heard a lot.
Look around you at half these clowns wasting time and money in the Courts, a third of them probably are not nice human beings either....just like Fen. 
I have been through the Court System as Moral Support for others, and the waste that goes on is a joke.  The effing Judge took at least 3 Cases before he could get it straight that it was Thursday instead of Friday.  The ridiculous thing is that Court is ALWAYS on Thursdays in our Town.  I counted at least 8 Court Jesters wasting Tax Payers money to set new court dates for some Perp charged with Possession of Weed, whereas they could fine them there and then and carry on (or better still, just don't bother in the first place). lol    No, at least 3 Court dates before the Perp can pay their fine.  It truly is a waste of money.

Another case I sat in on, there was so many blatant lies in the Plaintiff's disclosure papers (that I caught by reading and re-reading the documents many, many,many times)....and so many fast moves pulled by his Lawyer, (Defendant represented herself).......BUT Defendant got the last laugh, as the case was settled there and then when Plaintiff's Lawyer saw the Defendant walk in with a one inch thick file for the Judge, Plaintiff and herself.(and a letter requesting permission to file late).  Lawyer was under the impression Defendent was NOT prepared.  Believe me, I worked like a dog for one week straight to provide those one inch files for the Defendant. 

But I learned a lot.  One thing I learned is that the Lawyers get to know the Judges and know that half these Clowns DO NOT even read the files (which in our case was full of lies), and plan to win their cases based on the indifference of certain Judges.

In your instance, I first want to thank you for standing up for what is right.  I commend you for NOT attacking Fen.  I know myself, I would have a very hard time not hurting him if he stood in front of me.  But, then again, my temper has got me in tight spots before, so I don't recommend Vigilante Justice.  ;)
This man does not deserve leniency....he was probably doing the same thing in India...did anyone investigate his doings in India?  I couldn't handle it when I heard he was putting Internet hook-ups in his bedroom.

We need more female Judges, perhaps things would change.  I don't mean to sound sexist, but females are Mothers and do NOT want their children harmed by Pedos.  I think female Judges would look harder at these Perps.

Hang in there, you did the right thing, and so did the others that stuck it out with you, in spite of the Court System that makes us just cringe.
Why not push for a Public Enquiry?  I know it is time consuming, and keeps these memories in the forefront, but let's face facts, these horrible memories never leave us.  I have had bad situations whilst growing up, but luckily was not actually assaulted, I will never forget those things though.  I was over protective with my own kids, I think, as a result.
I hope you continue to heal, be at peace that you stood up for Justice...and, Thankyou.

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Re: Ernest Fenwick MacIntosh - Pedophile - Nova Scotia
« Reply #28 on: January 12, 2012, 05:55:42 AM »
If Fen's charges were stayed....I hope that they are monitering his computer, because I am sure they will be able to get him again...he will probably never change his spots.


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Re: Ernest Fenwick MacIntosh - Pedophile - Nova Scotia
« Reply #29 on: January 12, 2012, 07:34:31 AM »

Unfortuniately you have learned the hard truth that I had to face...
it is not a justice system, sadly it is a legal system.
There MUST be an inquiry into this matter!
I would also like to know "who" is working behind the scenes to assist this perv getting away with all he has done over the years. Fen must have some influential friends supporting him? I have heard a few names linked to his and let me tell you I am very disgusted with those "people". How can anyone support let alone defend such a disgusting person? I would like to see 5th estate or W5 do a piece on this subject, maybe they can get at the truth of why it has been going on so long and Fen was not stopped years ago?

an Inquiry? YES! bring it on, clear the air, expose the rotten core to sunlight!
bar1061 you DO have people supporting you, don't ever feel alone in this. You did the right thing and it ain't over yet baby, not by a long shot!