Author Topic: Everton and Elaine Biddersingh charged in 1994 murder of Melonie Biddersingh  (Read 8027 times)

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Coral, I like that, "National Person of Conscience Day"!

How many 'person with a conscience' are out there that stops here to read the discussions of a particular person's missing/murder mystery which had continued over the years, and know something more than LE does?  How many more sit there feeling torn, to do the right thing, but knows that the impact will certainly change his/her life if he/she contacts LE.  It may be a nightmare living though day by day with a secret, but may be a nightmare calling it in too. 

Whoever was the 'person with a conscience' who called this in, better read James Royson's story from the Toronto Star:

One, a family is now getting financial help, two a consulate, a community and city are banding together to encourage the creation of a registry for kids who have moved to Canada, leaving their close relatives behind. 

The impact of one call has been enormous!

Whoever you are 'person with a conscience', your little candle that you held up for many years, we are now lighting our candles from your own lonely flame.  Now light and hope spreads. 


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I'm not sure if I'm understanding this case correctly.  Was Melodie found by LE, but they had no idea who she was until now, or did they know who she was, but they couldn't figure out who killed her?  I wonder where the other brother is?  I wonder if he came forward, if he is finally old enough to come forward and point the finger, or tell what he knows?  Who else could have possibly known for all these years, who these people were and what they did?  If they were able to do this to their own kids, what could they have done to other people since then?  UGH! How do these people live with themselves?I hope the other brother is okay, and I hope he got out of their reach unscathed, although I highly doubt it if his 2 siblings didn't make it our alive.


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This totally and horrific case was on W5 today.
According to detectives, it was not until the stepmom told their church minister that her husband, Melonie's father, that the father killed Melonie. After this revelation, the Minister reported immediately to police detectives. Detectives interviewed the stepmom and after that, Melonie's father and he refused to give any info. So they charged all three, including the older son as accessory to murder. After the charge, the older son told detectives how Melonie had been treated and how she died.
I wonder why detectives did not ask about Melonie's brother regarding the alleged suicide. It seems alleged suicides do not get much of any attention once LE close the books.

So sad that all the kids had to lie out of fear, and the blame was put on the boy who allegedly committed suicide and thus the very young and not well experienced police officers did not contact child welfare.
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