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Andre Seguin | 45 | Quebec | Unlawfully at Large No More
« on: August 15, 2010, 03:58:08 PM »
I'm learning new terms today. The lesson of the day:  When you get a life sentence, and you've served 16 years, you get a work program pass and you are to return at the end of the day by your own good graces. But when you don't, it's called "unlawfully at large." 

So there is this guy, Andre Seguin, who was suppose to be serving a life sentence for second degree murder at Laval's Montee St. Francois prison. He served 16 years, and took it upon himself to be "unlawfully at large" for four years beginning April 2006, as he obviously didn't feel like returning from the work-program pass.  He was just arrested by police in central Ontario, and is awaiting Quebec transfer. 

I guess I missed the memo. There are good deserving people out of work, looking for jobs. So lets give those jobs to the people serving life sentences for murder, of course. And, let's just hope when they are out and about and amongst us "working it", they make a good decision to not be "unlawfully at large." I would tend to think this is just a fantastic way that they learn their lessons. 

Makes me think....can't wait to see Russell Williams out there flipping pancakes, next.  Or, a well-known pig farmer. Or, maybe......

Don't worry, Andre will be back to work in no time, I'm sure. Making the decision to work or not to work, to do time, or not to do time. I'm glad we are paying people to be housed, have meals, have our jobs, and have our forces investigating their whereabouts. Anyone want to calculate the cost of this?  Or, should we just save a  bit by putting a laid off unemployed honest good law abiding citizen back to work? 

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Re: Andre Seguin | 45 | Quebec | Unlawfully at Large No More
« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2010, 04:21:45 PM »
Were it up to me, I'd make certain these killers would all be roughing it with tents and supplies in some far northern arctic piece of ice far from any other humanity. Just give them enough tools to learn to survive with. Let them hunt for their meat, build their own homes, etc.