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Re: 2 y/o Sylar Newton missing from camp ground
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Why would anyone let a two year old sleep with a 14 year old in a tent. The adult should have the child in her tent. I still am not clear on that information about the tent the child was in. Does this look like another baby done away with by a adoptive mother or was it stranger abduction that occurred. RIP Syler Newton, another senseless death of a child :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

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Re: 2 y/o Sylar Newton missing from camp ground
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Oh, Cape yes another angel gone to heaven! :'(


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Re: 2 y/o Sylar Newton missing from camp ground
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Huh huh.......Now it comes out......................... :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

Sylar Newton abused before disappearance, witnesses say

by Stephanie Russo - Aug. 21, 2010 12:00 AM
The Arizona Republic

A search warrant released Friday shed light on the hours before the disappearance of a 2-year-old Flagstaff boy whose body authorities believe was found in a wash weeks after he went missing.

Sylar Newton went missing the night of July 24 from Beaver Creek Campground, near the community of Rimrock.

Authorities conducting a criminal investigation say that skeletal remains found in a ravine about 2 miles from the campground are Sylar's and that someone tried to hide the body. A medical examiner has yet to make a final determination on the identity.

Judge Mary Hamm of Seligman Justice Court signed a warrant July 25 allowing the Yavapai County Sheriff's Office to search property belonging to Sylar's custodial mother, Christina Priem, and her mother, Nancy Collins.

Priem and Collins had been visiting the campsite with Sylar, Priem's son and daughter, and a 14-year-old family friend.

The search warrant said campers reported seeing either Priem or Collins be "verbally abusive" to the boy and "push Sylar to the ground because he could not find his shoes." Campers also told investigators they heard the child crying between 7:30 and 9:30 p.m. but could not hear anything after.

Priem's daughter, 11, told detectives that earlier in the afternoon, she saw Sylar staggering and then could not wake him, the warrant said.

Records indicate the family friend told detectives he heard Sylar had got into Collins' lockbox and ingested a muscle relaxant. Collins told detectives she knew of another time when Sylar had ingested her medication. She said her lockbox was kept in her car, but other family members told detectives it could have been in the tent.

Collins admitted to smoking pot the same day Sylar went missing, the search warrant showed.

Records sent to the Sheriff's Office by Flagstaff Police Department revealed that "both mother and grandmother have an extensive history with the police involving drugs, assault, child abuse and child neglect."

No one has been named as a suspect, and a reward of up to $3,500 is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone involved in Sylar's death. Anyone with information can contact Yavapai Silent Witness at 800-932-3232.

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Re: 2 y/o Sylar Newton missing from camp ground
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The little skeleton bones found and thought to be Sylar's still have not been identified as Sylar. Which means what?

Lttle Boy from Arizona - Sylar Newton? - CH Editorial
Posted by GhostWriter on Friday, October 1, 2010
Labels: GhostWriter, Sylar Newton
The skeletal remains of a little boy were found in a gully in Arizona. The remains were thought to be of Sylar Newton. This little boy disappeared from a campground while camping with his "non-formal adoptive family". With all the articles written on this case the words presumed, believed, could be, are used because the body has not been identified to be that of Sylar's. The remains have not been released to the "biological mother", Charity Newton.

Sylar disappeared July 25, 2010. Witnesses say Sylar was tipsy that night and being punished for losing a shoe. He was with his "adoptive mother", Christine Preim, and her mother, Nancy Collins. Also with them was Tina's (Christine) two children, a daughter, son, and a friend of the son's. Tina thinks Sylar disappeared around 1:45 A.M.

On August 10,2010, a body of a young baby boy was found, skeletal remains. Sylar has been missing for 16 days. How did his body become skeletal remains in a manner of 2 weeks? The police indicated that the body was put in an area, and that who ever did it did not want it to be found. "It's a criminal case, we suspect foul play. Finding these remains is really a critical piece of evidence for us," D'Evelyn said.

Why are the remains not released to the biological mother, Charity Newton? She is constantly on face book saying, what she did, was what she thought was best for Sylar. Many are collecting money for his burial, but the problem is no-one has identified this little boy's body to be Sylar.

Charity's grandmother, Carroll Newton is Sylar's great grandmother. She said she last saw Sylar on Christmas and was told he was living with Charity in Texas. Which Carroll found out later to not be true.

"She bald-faced lied to me," Carroll said of her granddaughter. "I'm so angry. If you don't want children, don't have them."

She was contacted by the FBI and gave a DNA sample. Now why would a great grandmother have to give a DNA sample? Wasn't the DNA taken of the birth mother and grandmother enough? Or are DNA samples not even matching this little boy found? Is Charity really the birth mother? Why are the remains still not identified? Are the bones showing prior abuse to this child that would put it in the time frame that Charity had him? Have too many people shuffled this child around no one knows who the "mom " is? Something in this case is just not right.

Is Sylar Newton still missing? Are the remains that were recovered his? What is taking law enforcement so long to positively identify him and release his remains? There has been no news updates, no more interviews by law enforcement. The only activity going on in the case, is the pleading of cash donations on Face Book for Sylar's burial, which is not going very well. Family members comments have stopped. Charity, herself, has been awfully quiet.

There must be some really good reasons for law enforcement to keep the remains. The story of Sylar's short life must be so complicated. All of the people who are involved with this child's abuse and death should be prosecuted, even if it does include his "birth mother". Sylar was not given a chance in a decent life. A innocent little boy gone missing. We need justice for Sylar, the little boy murdered in Arizona. Thrown away like trash. Abused, abandoned, neglected, then finally murdered, and not yet laid to rest.  JUSTICE FOR SYLAR