Author Topic: Beating of call girl happened while attacker slept, Gary Gordon Yuen 47 Calgary  (Read 9930 times)


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There should never be a difference in outcome of a courtcase whether the lady is an escort, waitress, Doctor, etc etc.  I would never think or say one deserved that kind of brutal attack just because of her work, but it seems to make a difference to certain kinds of males.
Looking at some of the backgrounds for some of the most notorious perps, I would bet old religious teachings from their childhoods come into play; not just the religious teachings but in how the parents drove the point home. Many of those 'old country' parents taught that sex was evil! No wonder so many people are screwed up. When the young men were old enough to question what their parents said, they would have had to wonder if they were created that way too.


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He got away with it because he is a "professional engineer and no previous criminal records." (Press Reader)  ???


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I am not buying into it.  A good defense lawyer - white washed his clients terrible behaviour.
Totally disgusting!!
There is nothing more to add to that, other than the judge did not have any empathy for women in the sex trade imo

Did the judge not question why a baseball bat was so readily available?
And why did the perp have the where with all to chase after her, if he was not thinking about his actions and the repercussions he might face,  if she told the police?

Perhaps this guy may wish to Re-Engineer himself into being a decent human being.
He is a danger, period.

Hopefully, this woman may find some help to change her "profession", and ask herself this question, is the money worth it?
There is no such thing as a safe date.
She was lucky after that beating that she was able to escape.
Next time she may not be as lucky.
Scary lifestyle = scary stuff.

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