Author Topic: 16 Sex Offender | Long Term Offender | Gets House Arrest  (Read 1744 times)


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Seriously? This is an older case, but I just read this. 16 offences, long term offender status, on the sex offender registry...gets house arrest?   ??? :'( ???

Moncton Sex offender, Pedophile, Walter Maxwell Sharpe, faces two new charges
Canadian Crime News, Atlantic: Sex Offences/Offenders
Feb 1, 2008

Codiac RCMP have laid two sexual offence charges against a pedophile ,Walter Maxwell Sharpe, 54, who was designated a long-term offender in November,2007.

Sharpe, was in custody for his appearance in Moncton provincial court yesterday. He's charged with committing a sexual assault against a girl under the age of 14 and also touching that same girl's breast for a sexual purpose. The incidents are alleged to have occurred between Dec. 31, 2004 and Oct. 25, 2006 and the charge was laid three weeks ago on Jan. 10.

Sharpe, who has 16 sexual offences on his criminal record, is currently under house arrest until November 2009, after being sentenced on Nov. 6 for other offences involving a young girl. During his sentencing hearing, the court heard Sharpe showed that victim naked photos of himself on his cellphone, exposed himself to her and on several occasions tickled her as an excuse to touch her genital area, over her clothing.

The defence and Crown also agreed Sharpe will be designated a long-term offender for the next 10 years. That means he will be under strict conditions, and if he violates them, can be sentenced to a maximum of 10 years in prison. Sharpe's name was added to the national sex offender registry and the judge banned him for life from being present at places where children are found, such as schools, public pools, parks and community centres.


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Re: 16 Sex Offender | Long Term Offender | Gets House Arrest
« Reply #1 on: May 20, 2010, 12:54:57 AM »
One of the main reasons I voted for Harper (twice now) is because he promised many things to toughen up on violent crimes and such. Sure he has done some good things, but mostly window dressing IMO. He really need to do what the Americans did in the mid to late 90's and make life miserable for those pedophiles and other sex offenders.

I could care less about tough on other crimes, all I want is for violent people and sex criminals to be sent to Baffin island for long long dreadful sentences.

Why won't he do that? It would be so popular. Canada has the best economy of all the countries in the world right now, yet he is stlil just so/so with voters. Cracking down on these freaks and freaky freaks and he might win he riding of Tofino BC.

It's not rocket surgery Harper! This is making me angry!


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Re: 16 Sex Offender | Long Term Offender | Gets House Arrest
« Reply #2 on: May 20, 2010, 11:30:16 AM »
Any prime minister could stand tall and go into the history books if he managed to send a timeless message to other countries that CANADA WILL NOT STAND FOR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.....IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE WAR CRIMES!