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Re: Charles Kembo | Vancouver Serial Killer
« Reply #15 on: April 10, 2010, 07:30:36 PM »

Accused killer would write wife cheques for $12,500, murder trial told
VANCOUVER - A man accused of killing four people would write his common-law wife cheques for up to $12,500 for phony services, a murder trial heard Thursday.

Genevieve Camara, the former common-law wife of Charles Kembo, recalled that the accused had a number of companies he would use to write her cheques.

"I would cash the cheques and give him the money," recalled Camara, 34.

The cheques were written by finance companies owned by Kembo, she said, including Meridian Mutual Finance, Capital Trust Group, Royal Trading Group and Ahabh Finance.

"He usually worked from home and said he didn't need to be in the office," said Camara, who lived with Kembo for seven years and had a daughter with him in 2002.

She is also looking after Kembo's son from a previous marriage to Margaret Kembo of Vancouver, who disappeared in 2002.

Kembo also used a number of aliases, including Eli Kembo, Matt Campbell, Charles Gwazah and Ardon Samuels.

He had a passport from the British Honduras and fake driver's licences from Alberta and Quebec.


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Re: Charles Kembo | Vancouver Serial Killer
« Reply #16 on: November 04, 2012, 04:00:42 AM »
I actually worked for 'Kembo' and 'Genny' during this whole period of time. Margeret was just all of a sudden gone and as far as we knew, her dad had died and that she went back to china. Seemed reasonable enough. Kembo is very charismatic and was really a treat to work for. He went out of his way to do a lot for me and my coworkers and it was a shock when this whole story came out. I remember he had called my house maybe 2 weeks before he was arrested just to catch up. Not long later we saw him on the front page of the paper.

Just wanted to share a bit of my story and could answer questions of anyone has any.


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Re: Charles Kembo | Vancouver Serial Killer
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Some killers can be spotted miles away ... this Kembo seemed to have fooled many at the time. I hope he will do the full 25 years and be declared a dangerous offender. at times appeared to be grinning.

"You are a serial killer, a very dangerous man. The public deserves protection from you. You should never be permitted to walk the streets a free man."

The verdict was delivered at 6:15 p.m. PT in Vancouver after four days of deliberations that followed a nine-month trial.

The jury found Kembo, 41, guilty of killing his business partner, Arden Samuel, his stepdaughter, Rita Yeung, his girlfriend, Sui Yin Ma, and his wife, Margaret Kembo, whose body has never been found.

Outside court, prosecutor Hank Reiner said he'd never heard such harsh language from a judge concerning a convicted person.

"She said it very clearly what a vile human being he is," Reiner said. "I think it's pretty clear he's never going to get out, not with four counts of first-degree murder."

Kembo's lawyer said his client would appeal the verdict but did not divulge the grounds for the appeal.

Kembo testified in his own defence at his murder trial and denied killing anyone. (CBC)
The Crown said Kembo committed the murders to profit from insurance policies or from fraudulent use of the victims' identities.

He admitted during the trial that he'd been a money launderer since 1998, claiming to make up to $30,000 a month hiding money in offshore accounts for criminals.

During the trial, Kembo testified he did not kill anyone.

Kembo arrived in Toronto from the African country of Malawi in 1989 and was granted refugee status after claiming he faced the possibility of persecution in his homeland.


Only in Canada! Collects the garbage from around the world who can't live in their home countries b/c of the crimes they have committed. It's past time that Canada begins to protect the innocent and vulnerable who broke their azzes building this country and not criminals from around the world. Something is really wrong with the policies.   


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Re: Charles Kembo | Vancouver Serial Killer
« Reply #18 on: November 04, 2012, 02:44:35 PM »
Well said SAP,
I don't know why he would keep saying he had nothing to do with the murders of his friend and family even the mistress when it is clear that he is guilty. He was caught up in the stepdaughters case by the recording in the bugged car... I agree with verdict and what she said about him, keep this monster behind bars so he can not do this again....