Author Topic: Charles Kembo | Vancouver Serial Killer  (Read 18409 times)


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I would not believe a word from this one's mouth-- enuf said!


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I agree with you 100% solvy!!

Chris I looked for a thread on him, but there is not one, should we start one now that more info on him is being released?? I have found quite a few new news stories on him..


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Re: Charles Kembo | Vancouver Serial Killer
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this guy is one sick puppy. Do you think there are more victims?


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Re: Charles Kembo | Vancouver Serial Killer (AKA Charles Matthew Gwazah)
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Pictured below are his victims.. I am going to post as much as I can on this, so you guys see the whole story behind this..Please note that Charles Kembo, also uses the name Charles Matthew Gwazah, so we need to keep that in mind.. I am sure he had other victims..


On July 29th 2005 IHIT arrested Charles Kembo, also known as Charles Matthew Gwazah, 37, for the murder of Rita Yeung, 21. The murder took place on July 24th 2005, her remains were recovered July 27th in Richmond.  Kembo is also charged with the October 2002 murder of his wife, Margaret Kembo, 44, Richmond, the biological mother of Rita Yeung. 

Police are still trying to locate the remains of Margaret Kembo.   July 24, 2005

SIU YIN MA  (aka: Elvie Ma)

IHIT in partnership with Richmond Serious Crime Unit has identified the human remains discovered November 5, 2004 in a slough on Rice Mill Road in Richmond.   The remains were forensically identified as Siu Yin MA ( aka: Elvie MA). MA was a 45 year old Asian female who resided in Ladner.  Charles Kembo has been charged with her murder.  IHIT File #2004-139889   Nov. 5, 2004

Vancouver resident Arden Samuel, 38 was the business partner of Charles Kembo.  Charles Kembo stood to gain $800,000 from a life insurance policy taken out on Arden Samuel, who was found strangled to death on Nov. 5, 2003, in Vancouver's Quilchena Park with his penis cut off and stuffed into his pants with four notes.  The benefactor on Samuel's life insurance policy was Kembo's son Grant, a toddler at the time of the killing.   Nov. 5, 2003


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Re: Charles Kembo | Vancouver Serial Killer
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Horrific details emerge in trial of accused multiple killer Charles Kembo (Warning: Graphic content)


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Re: Charles Kembo | Vancouver Serial Killer
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Accused killer Kembo had notation "RY plan" in his calendar

VANCOUVER - The day Charles Kembo was arrested for two murders, police seized a calendar with notation that said "RY plan" that allegedly was a reference to the latest of four murder victims, a trial heard Wednesday.

At the time of Kembo's arrest on July 29, 2005, police had found two days earlier the body of Kembo's stepdaughter, Rita Yeung, 20.

She was discovered wrapped in plastic bags and weighed down with rocks on the bank of the Fraser River, just north of Vancouver's airport.

The jury has been told that Kembo was already under police surveillance and a listening device had been secretly installed in Kembo's Land Rover, which caught a muffled cry from Yeung at 1:43 a.m. on July 24, 2005, the time the Crown alleges Kembo killed Yeung.

The trial this week has heard recorded conversations between Yeung and Kembo, as the accused explained he loved Yeung's mother, Margaret Kembo, who disappeared in 2003 -- her body was never found but Kembo is also accused of killing her.

Ian Goh, a friend of Yeung, testified this week that the young woman was told by her stepfather, Kembo, that he had talked to Margaret Kembo over the phone and she was living in a Buddhist monastery in China.

Goh recalled Yeung wondered why her mother hadn't phoned her after the mother had abandoned her family -- at the time, Margaret and Charles Kembo had a infant son, Grant.

After their mother disappeared, the son and Yeung went to live with Charles Kembo and his common-law wife, Genevieve Camara.

The jury on Wednesday heard a wiretap phone call between Kembo and a Bank of Montreal employee, when Kembo said he was dating a former Holt Renfrew model who was helping to take care of his children.

During the phone call, secretly recorded by police on July 12, 2005, Kembo suggested to the woman banker, Virginia Leung: "Let's get together."

He suggests they could go to the Vancouver nightclub, Bar None.

At the time, the Crown alleges, Kembo already had a common-law wife and a girlfriend, whom he phoned shortly after Yeung was killed.

The trial, which isn't sitting Thursday and Friday, will resume Monday with more wiretaps leading up to Yeung's death.

The Crown says Yeung spent nine hours with Kembo, who stopped at one point at a Home Hardware store in Vancouver to buy garbage bags, rope and a shovel.

The Crown alleges these items were used in disposing of Yeung's body.

Kembo is also accused of killing his friend and business partner, Ardon Samuel, whose body was found on Nov. 5, 2003 in a Vancouver park, and his mistress Sui Yin Ma, 55, whose body was found wrapped in plastic, stuffed in a hockey bag and put in a Richmond slough.

Ma's body was found Nov. 5, 2004 but it is believed she disappeared Oct. 22, 2004.

The Crown's theory is that Kembo, 40, killed the four victims to profit from their identities.

After Margaret Kembo disappeared, the Crown contends, Charles Kembo applied for five credit cards in Margaret's name and made $220,000 in the next 12 months.


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Re: Charles Kembo | Vancouver Serial Killer
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Murder heard on audio bug: Crown
'Heartbreaking for the investigators,' one officer says
Last Updated: Friday, October 16, 2009 | 7:43 PM PT

Testimony at a Vancouver murder trial has revealed that a suspect in three murders allegedly committed a fourth killing while he was under intense police surveillance, and that police eventually heard the sounds of the final murder being committed

Charles Eli Kembo has been charged with four counts of first-degree murder following the slayings of his wife, business partner, girlfriend and step-daughter.

It's alleged that the killing of Kembo's 21-year-old step-daughter, Rita Yeung, in July 2005 occurred at the same time that police were tapping the suspect's phone, had audio-surveillance in his apartment and also a GPS tracking device and audio bug in his vehicle.

It was the listening device in Kembo's car that prosecutors say caught the sounds of Yeung's murder.

The Crown alleges Kembo drove Yeung around for nine hours, ignoring her repeated requests to be let out of the car, before slaying her.

'A muffled scream'
The court was told this week that police believed they could hear the sounds of her last moments alive.

"There is a sound, we suggest, is a muffled scream from outside the vehicle at about 1:43 a.m. And nobody hears from Rita Yeung again," the Crown said.

Police were not constantly monitoring the surveillance devices in real time, and only heard the events later as they listened to recordings.

The Integrated Homicide Investigation Team would not comment directly on the Kembo case because the trial is underway, but one officer admitted that surveillance could present difficult situations for police.

"In those extremely rare cases that something like that would happen, it's heartbreaking for the investigators, and for all police, quite frankly," said RCMP Cpl. Dale Carr.

One security expert told CBC News that police no longer have the resources to listen live around the clock to suspects under surveillance. Taps are now digitally recorded, transcribed, and reviewed later.

"They are facing things like budgetary restraints. Sometimes I wonder how these guys can function without sleeping," said Ozzie Kaban, of Kaban Protective Services in Vancouver.

Profited from murders, says Crown
Investigators said it was 24 hours after the fact that they heard what they believe were the sounds of Rita Yeung's murder. They allege that they then used GPS records to retrace the location of Kembo's SUV at the time, and found Yeung's body.

The Crown alleges that Kembo killed his mistress, Sui Yin Ma, whose body was discovered in November 2004 in a Richmond slough; that he killed his wife, Margaret Kembo, some time late in 2002, although her remains have not been recovered; and that he also murdered business partner, Ardon Samuel, who was found mutilated in a Vancouver park, in November 2003.

The Crown said it would argue that Kembo committed the murders to profit from credit cards, insurance policies, and other sources connected to the victims.

None of the charges against Kembo has been proven, as the trial continues in B.C. Supreme Court in Vancouver.

Read more:


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Re: Charles Kembo | Vancouver Serial Killer
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Documents show B.C. murder suspect has history of fraud, theft
Last Updated: Friday, October 28, 2005 | 9:43 PM ET

Ever since police smashed in the door to his Surrey apartment in July and arrested Kembo they've been trying to retrace his life of crime.

Many details are recounted in documents from the Immigration and Refugee Board.

Also known as Charles Gwazah, Kembo arrived in Toronto in 1989 as a refugee from Malawi.

Soon after, he was convicted of theft. He went on to use more than 22 different false identities to defraud Canada's welfare system.

In 1994 he was ordered deported but the order was deferred because his crimes were non-violent and he was not deemed to be a danger to others.