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Author Topic: Ex-coach Graham James pardon explained by parole board -pedophile  (Read 5594 times)


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Leave it to the good ol' boys club of the parole board to pull a stunt like this.

By CBC News,, Updated: April 5, 2010 5:38 PM
Ex-coach James's pardon explained by parole board

Ex-coach James's pardon explained by parole board

Amid growing outrage that former hockey coach Graham James was pardoned for molesting two teens, the National Parole Board issued an explanation Monday that it cannot refuse a pardon based on the nature of a crime.

James, now 58, pleaded guilty to sexual assault after Sheldon Kennedy, who went on to play in the NHL, and a second unnamed player came forward with the story of the sexual abuse they suffered when James coached their Western Hockey League teams from 1984 to 1995.

The National Parole Board granted James a pardon in 2007 after he completed a 3½-year prison sentence. But the news only came to light on Sunday in a report by The Canadian Press after a previously unknown accuser contacted Winnipeg police.

"It was a kind of slap in the face and really a misunderstanding by the powers-that-be [of] the damage that abuse has on someone," Kennedy told CBC News Monday.

The National Parole Board cannot comment on specific cases, but issued a statement explaining the strict criteria for pardons by which its members are bound.

Pardon process treats offences the same

Any criminal, except those who are sentenced to a life or indeterminate sentence, can apply for a pardon after completing their full terms and a waiting period of three or five years. An applicant must demonstrate that he or she has "been of good conduct" and has not been convicted of other offences.

"The Criminal Records Act does not differentiate pardon applicants by the type of offence they have committed, nor does it allow the board to refuse to grant a person a pardon based on the nature of their crime," said the statement by Caroline Douglas, a spokeswoman for the board.

"A pardon is not meant to erase or excuse a criminal act. A pardon means that the record of the conviction is kept separate and apart from other criminal records."

That means the conviction doesn't show up on checks at the Canadian Police Information Centre, a database used by the RCMP and other police.

However, people pardoned for sexual offences are still flagged in the system and should show up in a check if they apply to work in positions of trust with children or other vulnerable people, Douglas said.

Kennedy is not convinced by the safeguards: "I know how much of a serial predator [James] is. He can walk into an employment opportunity and he can befriend an employer who has children and next thing you know he is looking after the kids."

James was one of 14,748 Canadians given a pardon in 2006-07, while 103 people were refused, according to government records.

In light of that pardons process, Public Safety Minister Vic Toews said the federal government will look at giving the National Parole Board more "direction."

"These things should not just be rubber-stamped," Toews said Monday. "There may have to be more consideration by the board given to the particular type of offence, and at the present time the board is not entitled to differentiate between offences."

The government could decide to ban sex criminals from receiving pardons or lengthen the waiting time before applying, Toews suggested.

Victims should be informed

Kennedy said it's important for abuse victims to be notified of developments like the pardon.

"I know that's a huge fear of most people that are going to press charges against their abuser or even are in the healing processes, that this person is going to get them again," he said.

Theoren Fleury, Kennedy's former teammate in junior hockey as well as on the Calgary Flames, filed a formal complaint with police in January after publishing his autobiography that included details of years of alleged abuse by James.

"I feel probably like most of the country, that we're disappointed and that you know, we now I guess are questioning the system and the safety of our children," Fleury said about the pardon.

"The flaw in the system is that we don't really have control as to where we know or how we know or where we know where these guys are at. And that they're able to kind of roam free."

When asked what the move says about victims' rights in Canada, Fleury answered: "That there is none? That something has to change and I hope that it does."

With files from The Canadian Press


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Re: Ex-coach Graham James pardon explained by parole board -pedophile
« Reply #1 on: April 07, 2010, 06:06:29 PM »
This is so pathetic that this man was pardoned for the crimes he was charged with. I do understand that people can get pardons, but I did not think that a sex offender could ever be pardoned. This is so sad and the public should have been made aware of this when he was pardoned.  ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???


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Re: Ex-coach Graham James pardon explained by parole board -pedophile
« Reply #2 on: April 08, 2010, 09:36:25 AM »
"James was one of 14,748 Canadians given a pardon in 2006-07, while 103 people were refused, according to government records."

The quote speaks for itself. I look forward to the day when we can report the following quote:

"Zero Canadians were given a pardon in 20__-__, while 14,748 were refused, according to government records."

Talk, is talk. But the facts need to stand on their own. Afterall, when you compile the statistics with 1) the number of criminals caught versus the number of cases; 2) the number of criminals convicted versus the number of cases; and 3) The number of years served to term (with "term" being appropriate for crime) it becomes very disappointing to find that 99.3 percent of those asking for a pardon are being pardoned. And, that a pardon means valuable information is withheld from the public about the person's crimes.

Where are the victim's rights? Where are the public's rights to not become a future victim protected? and whose side is the justice team on anyway. Who is Team Public?  The numbers provide the answer. Can you imagine what it would be like if the system produced the opposite numbers?  Why, aren't we?


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Re: Ex-coach Graham James pardon explained by parole board -pedophile
« Reply #3 on: April 08, 2010, 11:37:46 AM »
If I remember correctly wasn't there a Canadian 'made for TV movie' on this incident way back when?


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Re: Ex-coach Graham James pardon explained by parole board -pedophile
« Reply #4 on: April 08, 2010, 02:51:35 PM »
Anybody see this pedo-jerk out there in public ......don't forget how many young guy's lives he destroyed and/or set back years.
If I see him, I might trip ;   I'm an old woman, when I trip I go heels over head...and I'm he'll probably end up with my heel getting stuck up the family jewels.  ....oh wait....they don't work anyway.  ....silly me! ::)

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Re: Ex-coach Graham James pardon explained by parole board -pedophile
« Reply #5 on: April 08, 2010, 05:57:42 PM »
I do believe in the parole board giving pardons, but not to sexual predators. I know of someone who did get a pardon and this person was in a lot of trouble due to another person in their lives. They served some time and many years later got a pardon. This person I know and they lead a very good life and would never harm a fly. I also have a friend of mine and her brother is seeking to get a pardon. He was in trouble in his younger years and this would be close to 17 years ago, when he was sowing his oats, I guess. Well he is going to apply for a pardon, because he has been working for years in Toronto and has a good job and works hard at it. He was not charged with anything related to sexual charges, his were B&E's and his brothers were involved also. But he has a clean record since that time and I know him and know that he is a good guy. Well I do believe in pardons, but sex offenders should never fall into that category. No pardons for anyone with sexual assault charges on their record or violent assaults against others and I think that would be fair.  8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)


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Re: Ex-coach Graham James pardon explained by parole board -pedophile
« Reply #6 on: April 09, 2010, 04:42:23 AM »
Thanks. I see what you mean. If the system can show that for a significant period after a minor crime in which others are not at threat, that the person responsible can show they turned their lives around and are contributing members of society and have been for a while, perhaps pardons could work well. 


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Re: Ex-coach Graham James pardon explained by parole board -pedophile
« Reply #7 on: April 09, 2010, 11:25:31 PM »
I live near Swift Current where this creep did a lot of his work.

What shocks me, is that so many people knew he was a pedophile, or heard he was, yet did nothing.

attitudes in the 80's I guess were like that.

But one attitude that has not changed, is these people in the justice system who would pardon this guy becuase they felt he deserved it.

Pedophiles should never be pardoned.

Harper promised in 2006 to fix this. He did not. Why? If there was resistance in the system, he should have had the courage to do it anyway.

When Bill Clinton cracked down on pedophiles in 1995, any resistance was crushed and the laws passed. I read a few years ago, that sex crimes are up, but actual victims are down significantly after that.


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Re: Ex-coach Graham James pardon explained by parole board -pedophile
« Reply #8 on: April 09, 2010, 11:52:20 PM »
Concerned- thank you for providing those interesting numbers about the pardons.  I did not know it was so easy to get a pardon, makes me wonder why there is even a hearing for it.  Just go ahead and pardon all no questions asked. 

You have the right idea that it should be the other way around and we can only hope that Mr. Harper isn't just blowing smoke out his yahoo when he says it's being looked into.


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Re: Ex-coach Graham James **update**
« Reply #9 on: December 07, 2010, 06:06:03 PM »
By CBC News,, Updated: December 7, 2010 6:38 PM
Graham James granted bail

Convicted sex offender and former junior hockey coach Graham James has been granted bail as he fights nine sex-related charges in Manitoba, but he won't walk out of jail until at least Dec. 17.

Provincial court Judge Rocky Pollack agreed Tuesday afternoon to release James after a hearing in a Winnipeg courtroom.

The Crown and James's lawyer, Evan Roitenberg, agreed to postpone his release until they settle on conditions the court should place on his pre-trial freedom. The bail hearing will reconvene Dec. 17, when Pollack will sign off on those conditions.

The 58-year-old James has been in custody since Oct. 27, when officers of the Winnipeg Police Service met him at Toronto's Pearson International Airport.

He was then escorted to Winnipeg, where he was arrested. He has been held in the Winnipeg Remand Centre ever since.

James is facing nine sex-related charges over a 15-year period, from 1979 until the mid-1990s.

The charges relate to complaints of sexual exploitation, sexual assault and gross indecency involving three boys.

One of the three is Theoren Fleury, now 42 and a former NHL star. James recruited Fleury, then 13, from his minor hockey team in Russell, Man., to play junior in Winnipeg.

The other two complainants can't be named because of a publication ban.


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Re: Ex-coach Graham James pardon explained by parole board -pedophile
« Reply #10 on: August 12, 2011, 09:46:01 AM »

Still no word on second trial for Graham James
The Canadian Press Friday Aug. 12, 2011 6:57 AM ET

WINNIPEG — A case involving new charges against convicted sex offender Graham James has been adjourned for another five weeks.

The Crown and defence are continuing discussions and the next date in Winnipeg docket court is set for Sept. 15.

James, a former junior hockey coach, was charged last year with nine charges that date as far back as 1979 and include sexual exploitation, sexual assault and gross indecency.

Former NHL star Theo Fleury is one of three complainants.

James has been out on bail since December and is living in the Montreal area.

He served almost two years in the late 1990s for sexually assaulting three young hockey players, including Sheldon Kennedy, another former NHL player.