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Barbara Ann Wood/ 6 months/ Abducted - May 9, 1942
« on: February 26, 2010, 04:10:26 AM »
Barbara Wood, a 6 month old white female was abducted from her carriage while it sat outside a store in London, Ontario. The baby's mother, Florence Wood, was inside the store shopping.

In a report 3 days after the abduction, it was said no clues were discovered nor was any contact/demands made by the kidnapper(s).

The Ontario government offered a $1,000 reward for the arrest of the kidnapper or kidnappers. The then Ontario premier Mitchell Hepburn, said they would take every step possible to stamp out kidnapping despite the cost to the state.

Through radio and press, the mother advised the person(s) who took Barbara that she was on a formula every four hours. This formula consisted of a mixture of milk, water and corn syrup. Barbara was also accustomed to ground-up Arrowroot biscuits a few times daily.

I'll close this file with a quote from Florence Wood in the May 19, 1942 Canadian Press release.

"I haven't for one minute lost faith that my baby will some day come back"

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Re: Barbara Ann Wood/ 6 months/ Abducted - May 9, 1942
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 Despite doing several searches online and through the library and Toronto Star Pages of the Past, the most recent mention I can find is an article October 1, 1943 in the Toronto Star newspaper about a clairovoyant "seeing" her in a country that is at war. I can't seem to paste it here but can email it to you if you like. You can contact me at or

I have asked our Researcher and Area Director for Ontario for the Doe Network and NAMPN to look into it so hopefully we can find an article or get an answer from LE about whether she was found or not.