Author Topic: Russel Williams: crimes and victims  (Read 57406 times)


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Re: Russel Williams: crimes and victims
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I agree with everything you say, jellybean.

Neither is it mentioned very often that he was into child pornography (images,etc documented on his computer) although that is one thing with which he refused to co-operate with police. 

I've never quite known what to make of Mary Elizabeth.  When it was revealed that Williams had kept some of the stolen women's underwear in cabinets in the laundry room, I could only ask "What is with this woman?".  While I could perhaps understand (to some extent, not fully) how she might not be aware of the underwear hidden in their garage, he certainly made no special effort to keep her from finding it.

I'm not suggesting she necessarily had any knowledge of his crimes but I do wonder, would she even care as long as the truth was not revealed.  Definitely two cold customers!