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I came across this list when doing more research for Ruth Degayo.

2006 was the year we saw the disappearance of Stephanie Stewart but she is listed here as a homicide investigation.
Theresa Innes was murdered in 2006 and Thomas Svekla was convicted of her murder although he was only convicted of 2nd degree murder. Theresa Innes' murder was investigated by Project Kare but is listed here as investigated by Ft Saskatchewan detachment.
Bonnie Jack was also murdered in 2006, found just days after Theresa. Her murder is being investigated by Strathcona RCMP according to her list. Again Project KARE is investigating her murder. Is this a cooperative effort then between Kare and the detachments or is this list wrong on those cases?

2006 Alberta:36 Homicides in RCMP Jurisdictions
Friday, January 19, 2007 at 16:31


Summary of 36 homicides in RCMP jurisdictions during 2006:

#/Date/Name/RCMP Detachment

1. Jan. 7: Amelia Papastesis, Valleyview Detachment

2. Jan. 8: Ruth Degayo, Canmore Det -,626.0.html

3. Jan. 9: Justin Taylor, Stony Plain Det.

4. Jan. 14: James Brideau, Fairview Det.

5. Jan. 22: Wendy Truscott, Fort Macleod Det.

6. Jan. 29: Jacob Rowan, Wetaskiwin Det.

7. Feb. 10: William Maloney, St. Albert Det.

8. March 7: Carmen Carmichel, Strathcona County Det.

9. March 19: Ozzie Baptiste, Hobbema Det.

10. April 7: Darwin Healy, Blood Tribal Police Service

11. April 7: Steve Hoschajew, Crowsnest Pass Det.

12. April 15: Barry Head, Fort McMurray Det.

13. May 4: Gary Korell, Red Deer Rural Det.

14. May 6: Rocky Moyah, Elk Point Det.

15. May 7: Theresa Innes, Fort Saskatchewan Det.

16. May 18: Bonnie Jack, Strathcona County Det. -,986.0.html

17. May 19: Kenneth Calhoun, Stony Plain/Spruce Grove Det.

18. May 20: Darren Wuest, Grande Prairie Det.

19. June 3: Travis Rain, Turner Valley Det.

20. July 1: Ashton Moen, Brooks Det.

21. July 5: Gordon Medland, Airdrie Det.

22. July 15: Charlotte Cardinal, Lac La Biche Det.

23. Aug. 7: Linda Backfat, Gliechen Det.

24. Aug. 24: Alexander Alexis, Mayerthorpe Det.

25. Aug. 26: Stephanie Stewart, Hinton Det. -,315.0.html

26. Sept. 8: Denise Providence, Assumption Det. -,985.0.html

27. Sept. 30: Travis L'Hirondelle, High Prairie Det.

28. Oct. 6: Jaze Saunders, Fort McMurray Det.

29. Oct. 17: Jagdeep Sundhu, Bonnyville Det.

30. Oct. 24: Bradley Webber, Sylvan Lake Det.

31. Oct. 24: Dennis Karley, Lethbridge Det.

32. Nov. 18: Clinton Cardinal, Saddle Lake Det.

33. Nov. 29: Andrew Okeymow, Hobbema Det.

34. Dec. 7: Edward Boucher, Fort McMurray Det.

35. Dec. 11: Wayman Scott, Strathmore Det.

36. Dec. 18: James Helmer, High Prairie Det.

I don't yet know where to find lists like this for the other provinces or even other years for Alberta.


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Re: A list of murders investigated by Alberta RCMP Jurisdictions 2006
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So this means murders outside Edmonton Calgary Medicine Hat and cities with there own police.

That is a lot of murders for what would be less then a million people.