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Re: Stephanie Stewart | Missing | Hinton AB (August 2006)
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Note missing items;
Some items were missing from her cabin: two pillows with blue covers, a burgundy bed sheet, a Navajo-patterned duvet and a gold watch.

It strikes me that the bedding and watch, are such childish things to take from the cabin.
Yes, the bedding might have been used to remove her, and in that case another vehicle would have been used. What about cash?  Her bank cards? A question here, was any food taken?
Not that anyone investigating would be able to tell?

There was a case here in Alberta where a father was stabbed to death in his own home, a B&E, the 3 yr old roughed up, and a white purse was missing. He opened up and drank from a can of pop in the home as well.

Turned out to be a runaway youth in a stolen truck from SK.

It seems to point more towards youth,or youths,  with a drug issue.
And drugs were an issue in that area at that time. 

Apart from the watch, nothing of value - and the watch may not be worth that much either.
Funny that the truck wasn't stolen.
Youth do not think clearly when high, everything is helter skelter...
and this to me, says that the person(s) were not rational at the time.

If she was hidden in her bedding - why take TWO PILLOWS?
Not rational thinking ------ It is the two pillows missing that bothers me.
Needed the pillows for themselves? Grabbing the watch for quick cash?

Possibly  runaway youths, high on drugs?


Sonia Varaschin's bedding was removed, too.

Stephanie's pillows may have been how she died. I think the sheet, the duvet and pillows were all taken due to her killer's DNA evidence left on them.

The drug problems in the area have been ongoing since maybe the 1960s, I'd guess.