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Huh huh, and where is the pictures of these two pedophiles, and the name of the other one, along with the newspaper article?  >:( >:( >:( >:(
I hope they were both put into the sexual offenders data base. What are the odds?

Child porn lands Yellowknife man in jail

Mon Nov 2, 9:01 PM

A former Yellowknife lawyer and convicted sex offender has been sentenced to one year in jail and three years' probation for possessing child pornography.

Charles McGee was also sentenced Monday for violating the terms of a prior sentence on a conviction of indecent assault on a minor.

McGee pleaded guilty to both charges earlier this year.

McGee was convicted in 2004 and 2006 of indecent assault involving young girls, resulting from incidents that took place in the 1970s and '80s.

He was sentenced to nine months in jail and one year of probation on the 2006 conviction, and house arrest for the 2004 conviction.

But an RCMP investigation showed that McGee had viewed child pornography on his home computer while serving the house arrest sentence.

On Monday, prosecutors noted that McGee had hundreds of links to child pornography websites on his computer, along with thousands of images and a number of erotic stories about adults having sex with children.

"There was approximately 74,000 images that were kept on the computer or accessed by one of the computers at one point in time," prosecutor Janice Walsh said outside court Monday afternoon.

"Most of those images had been deleted, but there were actual pictures on Mr. McGee's laptop that were still accessible. In fact, one that had been a [desktop] wallpaper item."

When McGee's latest jail sentence ends, his probation will be subject to a number of conditions, such as a ban on using computers that are connected to the internet.

He will also be barred from attending public parks and other places where children under the age of 16 would likely be present.

The Crown asked for a 12-month to 18-month jail sentence during Monday's sentencing hearing, at which McGee's wife sat behind him in the courtroom.

Walsh said McGee underwent a forensic risk assessment that determined his risk to reoffend.

"There were two types of things that they were looking for: the recidivism rate or risk of him to reoffend with a physical victim which they found to be low, and the risk for him to reoffend by accessing child pornography through the internet, which they found to be moderate," she said.

"So he fell in a low to moderate risk to reoffend."

The defence argued that McGee was open and honest with investigators and is dealing with an alcohol addiction and pedophilia, and should thus be granted a more lenient sentence and access to programs and support for those issues.

The maximum sentence for possessing child pornography is five years.


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McGee jailed for child porn
'There are temptations, urges, attractions,' convicted pedophile tells court

Elizabeth McMillan
Northern News Services
Published Wednesday, November 4, 2009
SOMBA K'E/YELLOWKNIFE - Former Yellowknife lawyer and convicted sex offender Charles McGee has been sentenced to one year in jail and three years probation after more than 80,000 files relating to child pornography were detected on his home computers.
NNSL photo/graphic
Charles McGee in 2002
Police found tens of thousands of photos, narratives about child pornography and child-related fantasy material when they searched his computer in July 2008.

"Some are very graphic and describe sexual assaults on children," Crown prosecutor Janice Walsh said in territorial court on Monday.

Citing a forensic assessment by a psychologist in Edmonton, Walsh said McGee is aroused by young girls, with a preference for those ages nine to 12, and admits to looking at the child if he sees a mother and her daughter on the street.

In June, McGee, 58, pleaded guilty to one count of accessing child pornography and one count of breaching the agreement he had with court not to use the Internet or view pornography.

Walsh said despite admitting he has a problem, McGee "glorifies and is still focused on the pre-pubescent form."

"It's clear to me McGee has difficulty in everyday interaction with females, including inter-familial relations," Walsh said.

During that same assessment, McGee admitted to having physical contact with seven girls. In 2004 and 2006, he was convicted of molesting three girls, relating to two incidents in 1974 and one the early 1980s.

Defence lawyer Robert Davidson said McGee said "pedophilia is a crippling illness," and said the offences happened late at night when McGee was under the influence of alcohol.

"He had multiple psychiatric issues ... and he had a horrific substance abuse problem," said Davidson.

Asking the court to consider his client's willingness to seek treatment, Davidson said McGee started an AA program last fall and has sought counselling.

Married with three children, McGee's wife of 37 years and a daughter sat behind him in court.

"I finally hit rock bottom ... This is something that troubled me greatly. I hated myself for it," he said in an address to the court, adding, "It takes time."

"I came here today grateful for my sobriety ... it came about as a direct result of these charges," he said. McGee said he was prepared to move to Edmonton to access a sex offender rehabilitation program.

"There are temptations, urges, attractions I have to recognize and deal with," he said.

Judge J. J. Desjardins said accessing child pornography was a crime the court couldn't ignore.

"I sense he has not yet come to a full understanding of his addiction," he said.

In addition to 12 months in jail and three years probation, Desjardins ordered McGee to pay a $500 victim surcharge to benefit "children of the world," to abstain completely from alcohol and participate in Alcoholics Anonymous.

McGee is also forbidden to have unsupervised contact with individuals under 15 years of age, including family members. He will be registered in the sex offenders registry and cannot use the Internet for the duration of his probation.

"It's a lifelong problem or process. The first three years should give you enough momentum to continue seeking help," said Desjardins.


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Thank you Panda. You are a wealth of information. :)

I wonder just how sincere this guy is for rehabilitating. In court for their own defense they can say anything that sounds good and think the court may want to hear.


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Thank you SAP, doing the best I can to find info that hasn't been posted yet.   :o

As for your question about rehabilitation for these guys -- it my opinion that they can't be!   Some will disagree with that but oh well.   :-*


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I don't think so either. Not porn perverts.