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Criminal defense bar boycotting: Ontario
« on: October 25, 2009, 05:07:13 PM »
This was just sent to me:

"Have you heard about the criminal defence bar's boycott in Ontario? There are now 70 accused murderers in the province who cannot retain defence counsel because lawyers are boycotting serious, complex cases. They are now getting set to extend the boycott to sexual assault charges as well. The subject of contention is the crappy $92.00 per hour the lawyers are paid to defend on murder and the limit on hours and funds available for expert witnesses. Crown counsel and Judges have had huge increases in the last 20 years while monies paid to Legal Aid Counsel have been occasionally increased by a few percentage points.

It will sooner than later become a HUGE public issue - languishing in jail and not being able to retain counsel to defend you engages 11B Charter rights afforded all accused persons to have their cases heard without undue delay. WHAT A MESS !! Sucks to have been charged with murder in this province since June 1, 2009 (date of the boycott)"

My first concern is closure to family memebers of the victims. On the other hand, if the persons are truly guilty, better in jail than on the street.
When the jails are full and overflowing, who will the prisons release first? I can see alot of chaos in the future, especially if other provinces follow suit, and eventually more unpunished crime.

I'm not a legal beagle, so opinions and knowledge welcome...

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