Author Topic: Dennis Earl Bradford- Justice for an 8 year old after 19 years!!!!!  (Read 1132 times)


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It took 19 years to find the rapist and attempted murderer of 8 year old Jennifer Schuett. But the FBI did it!  :) :) :) :)
Kudos! Now if only our OPP, RCMP and Police department's would put effort into finding Canada's murderer's, Canada would be a safer, better place to live, and Judges giving them harsher sentences would tell Canadian's they care about the victim and our safety.
Listening to Jennifer's powerful speech on her determination not to be a victim, but choosing to move ahead with her life and towards two goals, one of which was to find the man who abducted, raped and attempted to murder her, and the other will be to see him in prison for what he did. Listening to the sketch artist talk about composing a suspects composition hours after Jennifer was admitted to the hospital with her throat slashed so bad her vocal cords were cut, she could only nod her head. To date the sketch artist's rendering of composite sketches has helped 1,189 people. Kudo's to her!!!!!!

Here is Jennifer's speech

Here is the sketch artist talking of her first meeting with little Jennifer, who was unable to talk, in the hospital to get a profile picture of the perp.

And here is Jennifer's story on how at the age of 8 she was abducted from her bed and taken to a remote spot, raped, her throat slashed and left for dead. She lay there bleeding for 14 hours, unable to scream, until boys playing near by found her.