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Does anyone who is visiting this site know this person or anything about him?

Or do you have any details about his family?


Wow, this seems to bea  very strange man capable of doing very extreme things.

someone said on here 'did his brother see something he shouldn't have'?

I think that is probably right on.

Hello all,

I came across this and was shocked because it is pretty much word for word from the stories I have heard. My husband’s aunt also went to school with “Chuggy” (as she called him) and always has described him in the same way he is being described here.

I know she has talked to the police and told her story, therefore, I will not mention her name. She also went into detail about the well on the property and that it has to be checked out, she never really associated with him but living in the area sometimes she was forced to, her parents and his were family friends at some point. He would harass her says that on more than one occasion he threatened to “kill her too.”
She maintains that his brother, Irvin, was getting a conscience and was about to go to the police about the killings (she is adamant that they are both a very large part of the HOT murders) and that is when Leland killed his brother.

I haven’t heard anything new about this in so long, I really hope it is still ongoing. Has anyone heard anything else about this? I have not found really anything else.

I would be interested in seeing a picture of this fellow! He has been charged with murder so there should be a pic of him somewehere!

Maybe his brother felt gilt and he felt threatened that he would rat him out.  I would love to see a pic of the two of them.


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