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This article reminds me of how easy our Canadian criminal's have it, (remember Homulka and how it cost us taxpayers 3 million to make a special room for her to be housed during her trial), in prison, remember they forfeit their freedom, not their rights, check out what goes on in England's largest institution for the criminally Insane, (it's the largest in all of Europe). This is where the likes of Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe, Palestinian terrorist Abu Rideh, (who has since been released), serial sex attacker Michael Fox etc. are kept. After reading this I'm wondering how Ontario's Mental Institution for the criminally insane, Penatanguishine,(sp) up in Midland is doing? Anyone know?     


A News of the World investigation exposed the luxuries showered on Britain's most odious thugs and killers. These are the secrets the government tried to keep hidden behind reinforced concrete and toughened steel because honest taxpayers would be amazed at the way tens of millions of pounds are being spent. But for the first time it is revealed that the secure hospital whose ‘patients' include Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe, Stockwell Strangler Kenneth Erskine and Soho Nailbomber David Copeland, has:

    WATER BEDS in a softly-lit ‘snoozealeum' so mass murderers can while away the hours.

    DVD PLAYERS and colour TVs in virtually all bedrooms — remote-controlled so inmates can relax in bed.

    PLAYSTATIONS and remote-control cars on wards allow the warped and plain insane to hone their reflexes.

    A SPORTS CENTRE costing £4million and housing a gym whose name is the ultimate insult to every maimed victim of Broadmoor's psychopaths..the Wellness Centre.

    A CRAZY GOLF COURSE in the grounds.

    PERSONAL KEYS to bedrooms (never called ‘cells') so inmates can lock their doors from the inside.

And as Broadmoor is now funded from the NHS budget, all these luxuries are taking money that could be diverted to mainstream hospitals. Security is a shambles and sexual assault is commonplace. In one outrageous lapse, paedophile Gary Nuttall was able to TELEPHONE his young victim from a Broadmoor payphone! The dossier on Broadmoor was compiled with the help of a staff member so disgusted that he turned whistleblower. "Word has gone round the Prison Service of how cushy it is inside Broadmoor," he said. "Criminals are faking madness to get in here."

The Broadmoor day begins in a leisurely fashion as ‘patients' (never, ever insulted with the term ‘prisoner') wake up and switch on the TV so they can watch from bed. Staff are powerless to prevent patients—including sex offenders—displaying nude pictures on walls. One paedophile who abused little boys has decorated his room with photos cut from a gay porn mag. Breakfast is served between 8 and 8.30am with a choice of boiled eggs, cereal and toast. There are also vegetarian, vegan and halal options. On special days, such as Christmas, a hearty full English is on the menu.

On some wards there is no set time for leaving the cell, so many return to bed and laze all day. On other wards patients must be out of their rooms by 9am for medication. Naturally, there are no prescription fees — they are reserved for the law-abiding on the outside. After breakfast and medication, patients engage in a range of activities from 9.30am to midday. At the Patient Education Centre patients study a range of subjects and take GCSEs, NVQs, and degrees. In the outside world students are paying huge tuition fees. Inside Broadmoor it's all free of charge.

In the more secure units of Broadmoor, a group called Recreational Therapy Services come to the wards and do artwork with the patients, or play Scrabble, computer games and pool, or listen to DVDs. Some also play with radio-controlled cars along the floors. Which all serves to pass the time until lunch. As in restaurants, diners choose from menus. Choices include chicken, pork, sausage casserole and potato croquettes. On Sundays there is a full roast dinner with beef or chicken, roast potatoes and vegetables. Desserts include apple pie, gateaux, cheesecake, ice cream and fruit.

From 1pm to 4pm there are more activities. In the grounds are a football pitch, cricket ground, tennis court, ...and a crazy golf course that would grace a holiday centre. Broadmoor also unveiled a £4million sports centre housing three units—the Wellness gym, sports hall, and swimming pool. The gym has 11 resistance machines, four running machines, three bikes, two cross-trainer machines, and four rowers. The sports hall has facilities for badminton, tennis, football, volleyball, netball, basketball and short mat bowls. The heated swimming pool is used for aqua aerobics, lap training, and swimming lessons.

And if all this gets too much, there is always the new ‘snoozealum'—a room with waterbeds, soft lighting and running water sounds. At 4.30 patients go back to their wards to freshen up before dinner. This is followed by the offer of more medication before evening activities get under way. The central hall of Broadmoor hosts discos which, until recently, were mixed, leading to a number of sex scandals. A survey of 28 female patients in 2001 revealed 1,008 cases of verbal abuse; 64 cases of sexual harassment; 56 of sexual abuse; six cases of consensual sex; and five rapes. (Source: News of the World)

Murderers and rapists at Broadmoor Hospital are being treated to lavish barbecues costing the taxpayer £22,000. The menu will include burgers, sausages, tuna steaks and seafood. The patients will be offered a range of soft drinks and the meal will be followed by a dessert of ice cream followed by a disco for patients.

Killers and rapists are being moved from Broadmoor to a branch of the luxury Priory celebrity clinic. About 12 of Britain's most dangerous criminals will have a pool, gym and private phones at their swish new home, costing taxpayers £3 million a year. The pampered inmates include double killer Charlie Smith, who was gangster Ronnie Kray's boyfriend behind bars, serial sex attacker Michael Fox and kidnap fiend Paul Burton. One source said, "It's disgraceful that these people are getting such privileges. While they live a life of luxury it seems their victims have been ignored."

Accommodation at Chadwick Lodge Hospital, near Milton Keynes, Bucks - where the brochure promises "spacious living" - is a far cry from grim Broadmoor. It is advertised on the internet as part of the Priory group, which includes the famous clinic at Roehampton, south west London, where burnt-out or addicted stars seek treatment. A wing is being built for the new "guests" at 40-bed Chadwick Lodge, where art, yoga and swimming classes are all part of the service. The source said it will cost £250,000 a year to keep each inmate there - well over DOUBLE the £100,000 it takes at Broadmoor.

The patients are now deemed to be "medium risk" and their move will ease chronic overcrowding at the Berkshire hospital for the criminally insane. The source added, "Chadwick Lodge is very expensive and very comfortable - like a luxury hotel. Patients are allowed to move freely within their wards and some are allowed out on shopping trips. Surely with people this dangerous there is a high risk of them re-offending. Is this the right place for them? I don't think local people will be too happy if serial rapists and murderers are let out among them."

Smith escaped from a secure unit in 1996. He was jailed for life at Northampton in 1977 for the sadistic murder of a stranger he met in a park. He was called "extremely disturbed and unstable" when he was sent to Broadmoor two years later for strangling a cellmate. For years Smith was the lover of fellow killer Ronnie Kray. Former psychiatric nurse Fox was given nine life sentences in 1994 for kidnapping and raping mentally handicapped women. He and Smith have been joined at Chadwick Lodge by Wayne Drinkell, 25, who was convicted of GBH.

He recently vanished for eight days before turning himself in. He had slipped his escort on a shopping trip a day after being allowed to attend an Eminem concert. Burton is also due to be moved. In 1990 the schizophrenic seized an eight-year-old girl and held her captive for 56 hours. He bound and gagged her and tried to rape her. A Broadmoor spokesman said, "This is a system where patients are well enough to leave a high-security unit but not to get on a number nine bus. If the transfers do not work out they will be brought straight back." A Home Office spokesman promised that moves would be "subject to a strict risk assessment."

A Boadmoor nurse was suspended for stepping on a terror suspect's prayer mat. The male psychiatric nurse trod on the mat when he walked into Palestinian Abu Rideh's cell at the high-security hospital. But Jordanian-born Rideh complained that he had been "insulted" by the nurse. Rideh started up a petition to get the nurse kicked out for "bullying" him, for not showing enough respect and for verbally abusing him. A Broadmoor source said staff could not believe it when the nurse was suspended. The source said, "It was totally outrageous. He was set up by Rideh by putting his mat in front of his cell door so that the nurse would stand on it. All this nurse tried to do is his job. But the authorities seem to be on Rideh's side."

Rideh caused mayhem since he was sent to the secure mental hospital in Berkshire, according to an insider. The source said he attacked a female occupational therapist last summer, breaking several of her ribs. He then threatened to set her hair on fire before staff calmed him down. He would beat himself with his shoe if he did not get his own way. The source said, "Rideh is a truly nasty piece of work. He has assaulted staff, threatened to kill people and is a complainer. He is also a dangerous person with a personality disorder who should not have been let out." Rideh did not want to be tagged after he was released, the source said.

Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe has won a payout of almost £200,000 for losing an eye during an attack in Broadmoor. The handout is more than 20 TIMES the compensation paid to Maureen Long, one of the women who survived the sick serial killer's assaults. Maureen, a respectable mother-of-three received a paltry £8,500 after being left for dead by Sutcliffe after a frenzied hammer and knife attack, cut short when Sutcliffe was scared by a barking dog. Maureen never fully recovered and remained afraid to go out. The mother of another of the Ripper's victims, Irene MacDonald, received just £6,722 after he murdered her daughter Jayne. Sutcliffe, who murdered 13 women, even joked, "I'll be able to go private now."

Sutcliffe was given 20 life sentences in 1981 for the 13 murders and seven attempted murders, but police believe another 50 women may have been attacked or killed by him. He won his award after he was attacked by another murderer, Ian Kay, at Broadmoor in 1997. Kay, known as the Woolworths killer, stabbed the Ripper in both eyes with a felt-tip pen. Sutcliffe was left blinded in one eye and partially-sighted in the other. He immediately began a battle for compensation, blaming Broadmoor authorities for negligence. It was thought the action had collapsed but a payout of £196,000 was made to Sutcliffe in an out-of-court settlement believed to include his legal costs. Justin Penrose
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Re: Broadmoor - Englands mental Institution for the Criminally Insane
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What the hell have people started? Rewarding heinous behaviour? There's something so very wrong with our lawmakers, doesn't matter who we vote in.
The criminal has more rights than the victims!! While many low income families suffice with hotdogs and hamburgers, rarely if at all, a good steak or chicken, they still pay taxes that afford the incarcerated criminal daily steaks, big screen TV's, recreation that some can only salivate over....It's enough to make one want to bang their own head into the wall. The very organizations we should be able to trust have become our enemies. Stealing from us to make a criminals life heavenly on earth. :o


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Re: Broadmoor - Englands mental Institution for the Criminally Insane
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Very well put SAP!! I could not agree with you more..