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Baby Brianna Lopez death
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Re: Baby Brianna Lopez death
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This is a most horrific case of child abuse ever to such an innocent little being, Brianna. May she rest in peace away from the evil trailer trash who took her precious life. None of these individuals should ever have the opportunity ever again to procreate. They are pure evil!


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Re: Baby Brianna Lopez death
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Mother to get out in 2016. There should be a law that she has her tubes ligated!


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Re: Baby Brianna Lopez death 2002
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Baby Brianna was repeatedly and severely assaulted and abused during her short five-month-old life span.

Her mother Stephanie Lopez received 27 years in prison. She was released early (13 years into her sentence) on September 21, 2016 and received a two year probation that ended this week. Her mother's boyfriend and Brianna's father Andy Walters, received 57 years in prison.
Her uncle (and mother's twin brother) Steven Lopez received 51 years in prison.
Her grandmother Patricia Walters and other uncle Robert Walters Jr received 60 days in jail.

Brianna was born in February 2002 prematurely and died in July. In that short time, Brianna was reportedly tortured, assaulted, thrown, dropped, bitten, pinched, beaten and raped and sodomized. She had bite marks, both legs fractured in two places, a fractured arm and broken ribs, her skull was fractured in two places, lacerations to her fingers, blood shot eye sockets, and bleeding to the brain that was both old and new.

There were no smiling baby pictures of Brianna in the house or signs that the baby had any joy in her short life, so a lead investigator took a picture of Brianna at the time of the autopsy and edited to hide the bruises to give a first look of the baby without any harm. New Mexico would go on to pass child abuse bills in her name. Town's people paid for her casket, her burial and claimed her body when nobody else did. Her gravesite became a memorial with dozens of toys, flowers and sentiments that Brianna's family didn't approve of so her "family" put a cage over her gravestone. It set there messy, unkempt and full of trash.

Mourners still visited and placed flowers around the cage. They also made another memorial site for people to visit that the family couldn't destroy. They have gathered at her resting place on birthdays and anniversaries, including what would have been Brianna's 10th birthday, 12th birthday and more. The family wanted her to be left alone and her story forgotten, but to this day people have vowed to keep her story alive and still tell it. Their message: if you see child abuse or suspect it, use your voice as the young one may not have a voice... speak up and speak out. Save a life.

Her name was Brianna Mariah Lopez, she survived from Valentine's Day February 14, 2002 to July 19, 2002. She was too young to die, too small to save herself. She managed to survive daily abuse for 153 days. She rests in peace now.

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