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Nevaeh Buchanan, 5, Monroe, MI - Body found
« on: June 03, 2009, 08:04:23 PM »
Another Angel missing :'( :'(  I will try to catch you all up on this case.

Amber Alert 

Missing From:  Monroe, MI
Missing Date:   
Issued for:   Michigan: Statewide 
Contact:  If you have information, please contact Monroe County Sheriff's Office, 734-243-7070
UPDATE 2: Child's photo added.

UPDATE: Child's name corrected.

The Monroe County Sheriffs Office is investigating an incident of an endangered missing child. Bike found in parking lot of apartment. The child was last seen at 8:15 p.m. on 5/24/2009 and is believed to be in extreme danger. If you have any information on the alleged victim, abductor or vehicle, IMMEDIATELY telephone 911 or Monroe County Sheriff's Office at 734-243-7070.

  Missing Child 
Name:  Neviaeh Amyah Buchanan
Hair Color:  Brown Eye Color:  Brown
Skin Color:  White Age:  5
Height:  3FT8 Weight:  45LBS
Gender:  Female   
Description:  Last seen wearing a red, white and blue striped shirt, knee length blue jeans.
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Re: Nevaeh Buchanan, 5, Monroe, MI - missing 5/24/09
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Why do woman let these men into their childrens lives. ???

Mom's Boyfriend, Brother Questioned
Search For Missing Child Continues

POSTED: Monday, May 25, 2009
UPDATED: 7:36 pm EDT May 26, 2009

MONROE, Mich. -- The boyfriend of a mother whose 5-year-old daughter is the subject of an Amber Alert and another man are in police custody and are being questioned about her disappearance.

Family members said George Kennedy, 39, has been dating the mother of Nevaeh Buchanan, who is missing.

Jennifer Buchanan denies that she was dating Kennedy and said they have been friends for several years. She said she knew he had a criminal record and is on the sex offender list.

In 2002, Kennedy was sentenced to 15 years in prison for home invasion and third-degree criminal sexual conduct. He was released in 2007 and remains on parole until July 2009.

Police said Kennedy is being detained because he violated the terms of his parole by having a relationship with a woman who has a child under the age of 17.

Jennifer Buchanan's brother, Michael Buchanan told Local 4 he knew Kennedy was a sex offender and he used to fight with his sister about letting him around his niece.

"Other than that, it's like Jenny is an adult. What can I really say?" said Michael Buchanan.

Another man, who was described only as a transient, was also questioned in the case. He was released Tuesday afternoon.

Nevaeh Buchanan's father, Shane Hinojosa, who lives in Toledo, said he has not seen his daughter in two and a half years. Hinojosa has been ordered to take a polygraph test.

The Monroe Evening News is reporting that Jennifer Buchanan told the paper that she failed one question Monday on a polygraph due to a lack of sleep.

Both Jennifer Buchanan and Kennedy failed questions on a lie detector. However, neither of them have been named as suspects in the case.

"I am not saying we're better people than they are. But I can guarantee if we had her we wouldn't all be doing this right now," said Hinojosa's mother Carla Elliotte.

Hinojosa said he's disappointed that the Jennifer Buchanan would let a registered sex offender come around his child.

"I wouldn't put my child in that situation. Putting my child around a pedophile like that."

Child Vanishes

Nevaeh Buchanan was last seen at 6:30 p.m. Sunday at 1166 N. Macomb Street in Monroe. The Amber Alert was issued a few hours later.

Jennifer Buchanan told Local 4 her daughter lives with her and her mother and on Sunday evening she was outside playing with a friend. The friend came into her home and told the mother that Nevaeh was playing with her scooter.

Jennifer Buchanan said she went outside to tell her daughter not to go near the road, but when she got there the girl was gone.

Police found her scooter in the parking lot of the apartment complex.

"We need to speak with anyone who has specific knowledge of any of the events that occurred in the complex during the hours of 5 p.m. and 11 p.m.," said Monroe Lt. Todd Opperman.

Jennifer Buchanan said she is sure that someone snatched her daughter.

"Almost 100 percent sure she got snatched. I know she would have put up some kind of fight because she is loud. I think someone put a hand over her mouth, took her in the back," she said.

Fighting back tears, Jennifer Buchanan said she is sick to her stomach to even think about what could have come after that.

Nevaeh preschool teacher, Michelle Sims, said the girl was very close to her family.

"When grandma would drop her off, even up to a month ago, she would still cry that she wanted to stay with grandma instead of come with us," Sims said. "So, she was real clingy to grandma, just really involved with her family."

"If anybody has her and she's still alive, just bring her back to me," said Nevaeh's grandma, Sherry Buchanan. "That's all I ask of you and I won't ask any questions. I just want to hold her and keep her near to me, and if she's not let me lay her down and be peaceful with the good Lord up above."

Search Intensifies

Police searched inside all 180 units of the apartment complex Sunday night and continued to search for the girl Monday and Tuesday.

Police dogs, the FBI and surrounding law enforcement agencies searched a field around the complex Monday afternoon and the Michigan State police were searching the Monroe motel where Kennedy has been living and a nearby quarry.

Friends and family members have organized their own search teams around town.

A private investigator organized a search effort Tuesday evening. Crowds gathered at the Kmart on North Monroe Street before spreading out.

"We want to do something to help this little girl," said Jim Duvall, of the investigation company Duvall Group. "We're going to go on the west side ... we're going to walk the roads and check the ditches."

"I've been up all hours of the night. I've searched woods, ditches, canals, Dumpsters and through the whole county," said the Buchanans' cousin Shahn Lawson.

Buchanan is 3 feet 8 inches tall, 45 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes.

She was last seen wearing a red, white and blue shirt and knee-length jeans. Her mother said she did not have on socks or shoes.

Police believe she was abducted and is in extreme danger.

"Just bring her home. Take me in her place. Do whatever you have to do to me," Lawson pleaded to a Local 4 camera.

If you have any information, call 911 or the Monroe County Sheriff at 734-243-7070.

Stay with Local 4 and for the latest.


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Re: Nevaeh Buchanan, 5, Monroe, MI - missing 5/24/09
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Girl's mom says stress led to failed question on polygraph test
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Re: Nevaeh Buchanan, 5, Monroe, MI - missing 5/24/09
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Two men who are friends with a woman whose 5-year-old daughter is the subject of an Amber Alert are being called people of interest in the case.

George Kennedy and another man, who police have not identified, are in police custody in connection with the disappearance of Nevaeh Amaya Buchanan.


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Re: Nevaeh Buchanan, 5, Monroe, MI - missing 5/24/09
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Knife Found: Search for Nevaeh Buchanan

New information from Monroe Police, a hunting knife is found with human blood on it. Fox 2's Taryn Asher is following the case of a five-year-old missing girl.

Watch the video to get the latest update.

The knife belongs to George Kennedy, a convicted sex offender and boyfriend of Nevaeh Buchanan's mother Jennifer Buchanan. It was found in his tackle box and has been taken to a state crime lab for tests.

The mother of a missing 5-year-old girl failed a portion of a polygraph test but is not considered a
suspect in the case, authorities said Tuesday. Jennifer Buchanan told The Monroe Evening News that she failed one question Monday due to a lack of sleep. "I felt I was being held against my will. It was horrible, Buchanan said Tuesday.


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Re: Nevaeh Buchanan, 5, Monroe, MI - missing 5/24/09
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Authorities have not named a suspect but little Nevaeh Buchanan's family believes her mother Jennifer could be involved.

"I hope that it wasn't her. I hope she was not involved but my gut tells me if she wasn't immediately involved, she knows something," said Carla Elliotte, Nevaeh's grandmother.

It is a suspicion, NBC24 was told, that is echoed even by Jennifer's relatives. The fact that she failed part of a polygraph test does not help her case.


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Re: Nevaeh Buchanan, 5, Monroe, MI - missing 5/24/09
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Updated at 12:10 p.m.

Investigators in Monroe have another person of interest in the case of missing 5-year-old Nevaeh Buchanan, the owner of the van driven by her mother's boyfriend -- and a convicted sex offender himself.

Michigan Department of Corrections spokesman Russ Marlan said Roy Smith, 48, of Monroe may have been taken into custody Wednesday. Paroled in February 2008 on a third-degree charge of criminal sexual conduct, Smith's name was on the title of the van driven by George Kennedy, the registered sex offender who befriended the little girl's mother. Kennedy is being held on allegations he violated his parole by his contact with Nevaeh and her family.

"We don't want the public to become myopic with George Kennedy," Monroe County Sheriff Tilman Crutchfield said at an 11 a.m. news conference today, stressing the task force is still following all tips in their search for Nevaeh. "A child is still missing and we're still following up on leads."


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Re: Nevaeh Buchanan, 5, Monroe, MI - missing 5/24/09
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Mom: Missing Nevaeh 'was my everything'

Tanveer Ali / The Detroit News
Friday, May 29, 2009

Monroe -- Special response teams and a helicopter arrived at the Charlotte Arms Apartments today, hoping to pick up on clues as the search for 5-year-old Nevaeh Buchanan enters its fifth day.

Authorities say they have received more than 530 tips with a fluctuating number of persons of interest. So far, police have named two men as persons of interest, George Kennedy, 39, and Roy Smith, 48. Both men are registered sex offenders and are associated with Jennifer Buchanan, Nevaeh's mother.

Monroe County Sheriff Tilman Crutchfield said state police are putting a priority on analyzing evidence. Police found a tool with human blood on it in a van owned by Smith.

Authorities also have submitted evidence found in Kennedy's motel room, including blood found on clothing, a towel and the bathroom sink, to the state police crime lab in Northville. Crutchfield said the department is awaiting the results of those tests.

In a telephone interview with The Detroit News while searching for her daughter with 25 others, Jennifer Buchanan, 24, said a letter investigators found addressed but undelivered to Kennedy had nothing to do with Nevaeh. According to Buchanan, she wrote Kennedy saying she would take care of his personal business while he was away in jail.

Buchanan wouldn't say whether she believes if Smith or Kennedy had anything to do with Nevaeh's disappearance.

"I'm confused at the moment. I don't know anything right now until police say something," Buchanan said.

Buchanan said five days after her daughter's disappearance, she still is determined to find Nevaeh.

"I'm more determined than anything," Buchanan said. "I adored her. Everything I did was for her. She was my everything."

Buchanan said Smith never met Nevaeh, and Kennedy was never left alone with her daughter.

Buchanan said she met Kennedy two years ago, dating him for about six weeks before turning the relationship into a close friendship. She said Kennedy was a father figure to Nevaeh, giving her things Buchanan couldn't provide herself, from toys to new school clothes.

"All three of our relationship together was like a family. He claimed her as a daughter," Buchanan said. "He was in my daughter's life more than her own father."

Buchanan said she met Smith only a couple months ago, hanging out with him only with Kennedy.

"I did not know Roy that well," Smith said. "I was very careful who met my daughter."

Both men knew Buchanan, in apparent violation of their parole terms, and both have been locked up by police on unspecified parole violations following Nevaeh's disappearance.

Nevaeh's uncle, Shaun Lawson, said he never liked Kennedy, who was known to Nevaeh as "Step Daddy George." He said he won't draw conclusions with Kennedy and Nevaeh's disappearance until tests are completed.

"It bothers me. It bothers everybody," Lawson said. "I got an eerie feeling (when meeting Kennedy)."

Lawson was hesitant to pass judgment on Buchanan, but Carla Elliotte, Nevaeh's paternal grandmother, said the mother still has some questions to answer.

"I don't understand why (Nevaeh) was outside by herself, but (Jennifer) still has not answered that question," Elliotte said.

In 2002, Kennedy was convicted of criminal sexual conduct for having sex with a girl younger than age 16. He also was accused of attempting to accost juveniles for immoral purposes, making sexual comments to young girls and also was convicted of home invasion. He received sentences of two to 15 years and was paroled in July 2007.

Smith is on parole for the 1993 rape of a 24-year-old woman. He was released from prison in February 2008, having served his minimum 15 years of a 15-50-year sentence. He also has convictions for larceny, breaking and entering and being a repeat felony offender.

FBI agents and a 100-person task force continue to look for clues in the area surrounding the 108-unit apartment complex where Nevaeh lived with her mom.

"I want to find her. I want to bring her back home," Buchanan said. "I'm not the bad guy here."

Both Crutchfield and Andrew Arena, special agent in charge of the FBI's Detroit office, said while people await the results of the blood samples, they should continue providing tips at (734) 243-7070.

"Expectations (regarding evidence) in our society today are a little bit unrealistic because of 'CSI' and crime shows," Arena said.


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Re: Nevaeh Buchanan, 5, Monroe, MI - missing 5/24/09
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Test Reveals Blood Is Not Girl's
MONROE, Mich. -- A piece of evidence that would have linked a man who police are calling a person of interest in the disappearance of a missing 5-year-old girl has been ruled out, investigators said.

Investigators said the blood splatters found on a knife discovered in 39-year-old George Kennedy's car and the blood-soaked shirts found in his Monroe motel do not match Nevaeh Buchanan's.


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Re: Nevaeh Buchanan, 5, Monroe, MI - missing 5/24/09
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Latest in search for Nevaeh: Green van search
Updated: June 1, 2009 12:13 PM EDT

MONROE (WTOL) - In a daily press conference by the Monroe County Sheriff's Department on Monday, June 1, Sheriff Crutchfield said they are following a tip about a box-style, green mini van.

The sheriff's department got a tip that the van may have been parked in the area. They are looking for the person or persons in the van for questioning purposes only, believing they may have witnessed something that may be helpful to the case.

The sheriff did not reveal any further details and stressed they are following up on every lead.

In all, Monroe County Sheriff Tilman Crutchfield said Monday police are processing 800 tips in the case.

He also says authorities have spoken with two young boys who were believed to have been at the playground that day. The boys and the person with the minivan all were sought as potential witness


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Re: Nevaeh Buchanan, 5, Monroe, MI - missing 5/24/09
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Police looking for silver van, too

by Ray Kisonas , last modified June 02. 2009 11:57AM

Police are now looking to question the occupants of a silver van in addition to a green van at a Monroe school in the continuing search for Nevaeh Buchanan.
At a press briefing late this morning, Monroe County Sheriff Tilman Crutchfield said the task force has received numerous tips regarding a green box-style van that was in the area of Hollywood Elementary School, which is near the apartment complex where the 5-year-old girl was last seen nine days ago.
Police are also hoping to question as witnesses a mother and two small children who were in a silver mini van at the school between 6 and 7 p.m. on that Sunday, which was May 24.
Investigators also questioned the driver of an ice cream truck that in the vicinity, but Sheriff Crutchfield declined to reveal any details of what was learned.


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Re: Nevaeh Buchanan, 5, Monroe, MI - missing 5/24/09
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Task Force not sharing much new information

By Laura Rice
Tuesday, June 02, 2009 at 10:42 p.m.

MONROE, MI -- Nevaeh Buchanan is still missing and authorities are being tight-lipped about any progress.

The halt in communication is frustrating many of those searching for the little girl.

The search task force answered very few questions at a press conference Tuesday morning.

The media updates had been held daily but will not be anymore.

Tuesday, more than ever, questions were dodged.

"I'm not commenting on who is and who isn't a person of interest... I'm not going to comment on any specifics on any interviews... I'm not commenting on lab results... I'm not commenting on any information we've derived from tips," said Monroe County Sheriff Tilman Crutchfield.

Friends and family of Nevaeh can only hope the silence means something good.

"Hopefully it's good news that they have come upon something that is going to bring nevaeh home," said JoAnn Combs, Nevaeh's great grandmother.

But searchers wish investigators would share even more not less.

"If they're going to stop (press conferences) then they should have an agent or something to come out and help direct the force out here to help the citizens find this little girl," said Dan Pletz, search organizer.

In the final two press conferences, police focused pleas on information from anyone who was at the Hollywood School playground in sight of where Nevaeh disappeared.

"There's always kids over there it seems. Especially obviously with summer coming more and more," said Matt Harvell.

Of late, it is the only update on Nevaeh's disappearance: the hope that someone in a green van or a silver van or on the playground saw something, anything.

"The smallest thing could be the biggest possibility. So we're still hoping and praying that she's alive we're doing alright. We're holding in there," said Shane Hinojosa, Nevaeh's father.

Holding in there and hoping the task force really does know more than what they are sharing.

"You have to realize we aren't telling you everything we know," Sheriff Crutchfield said Monday.

And they hope that Tuesday's silence means they know something especially important.

To encourage everyone not to forget about Nevaeh, loved ones are holding a community-wide vigil Wednesday night at 8:30 p.m. at the Charlotte Arms Apartment Complex.


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Re: Nevaeh Buchanan, 5, Monroe, MI - missing 5/24/09
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20,000 reward offered in Nevaeh disappearance

Tanveer Ali / The Detroit News

Monroe -- Investigators are offering $20,000 reward for information that could pinpoint the location of 5-year-old Nevaeh Buchanan, who has been missing for 10 days.

A 100-person Task Force continues to look for two vans that were in the Hollywood Elementary School parking lot on May 24 between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m., when Nevaeh went missing.

Authorities hope the people associated with both vans might be able to offer crucial information that could help find Nevaeh.

The task force has received numerous tips about a green box-style minivan in the playground parking lot, just behind the apartment complex where Nevaeh went missing.

Another silver minivan was present, believed to belong to a mother and her two small children.

Anyone with information concerning Nevaeh's disappearance should call the task force tip line at (734) 243-7070. (734) 462-2094$20-000-reward-offered-in-Nevaeh-disappearance