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David Joseph Boulanger - SOLVED - Murder (Winnipeg 2004)
« on: May 04, 2007, 11:28:18 PM »
Thanks Kindheart

divas B?s beautiful artwork at this link:

diva?s B goes missing:
From an earlier Press release October 20th:

28-year-old David Joseph Boulanger was last seen in the area of Sargent Avenue and Young Street on September 30th. This missing person was expected to take possession of a new residence the day after the disappearance, however he failed to appear.

Divas has(Italics are theirs) engaged in high-risk behaviour making him vulnerable at times.

Police investigators and the Boulanger family held a press conference this morning at the public safety building. David's sister Tammy broke down in tears of emotion as she spoke in Ojibwa asking David to contact family.

Constable Darren Skomoroh of the missing persons unit said they're doing everything they can do to help locate David - who also goes by the alias of Divas B.

"All missing persons need to be found. He's known to frequent the downtown area." Said Skomoroh of Boulanger.

Divas Boulanger is a trans-gendered man. He's described as being 5'11" in height, 156 pounds, with long wavy hair. He has both ears pierced. Police say Divas B. has tattoos on his left hand of two hearts and the word 'David'. On his left forearm there is a heart and the initials 'DB'. His right forearm has the word 'David'.

diva's b found murdered:
(WINNIPEG) RCMP have identified the body of man found in the bushes of a rest stop near Portage la Prairie on Wednesday.


Police say 28-year-old David Joseph Boulanger (aka "Divas B.") of Winnipeg met with foul play and died as a result of trauma.

Boulanger is described transgendered or two-spirited.

He was reported missing to police October 18, 2004.

Police say the exact time of death is not known and the investigation is continuing.

If you have any information regarding this investigation, you are asked to call Winnipeg Police at 984-6447 or Manitoba Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-6487.
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Re: David Joseph Boulanger - SOLVED - Murder (Winnipeg 2004)
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David Joseph Boulanger was known as Divas B. (File photo) 

WINNIPEG - Almost six painful years had passed, but Tammy Boulanger never lost hope police would arrest the person allegedly responsible for killing her younger brother.

A moment years in the making came Thursday when an RCMP officer phoned to tell her a man was in custody and charges were pending in the previously unsolved slaying of David Joseph Boulanger, a transgendered sex-trade worker.

"It's been hard, not knowing and wondering," Tammy Boulanger said Friday. "I'm glad that they did make an arrest. I want to meet the investigative team ... to hug them and thank them for not giving up on my brother."

Jimmy Boulanger said his 28-year-old son, known as Divas B, wasn't a violent person.

The case was reviewed by Manitoba's task force for murdered and missing women but police credited the arrest to a collaboration of units. It's the first known example of a case being solved after a review by the task force, which was implemented last year.

Boulanger's relatives still have plenty of questions. They know he was beaten to death but don't know the circumstances or motive. 

Police wouldn't say if the suspect was a john.

Boulanger was born a male but was living as a woman.

"I accepted him for who he was. I said, 'David, watch yourself.' He said, 'Auntie, don't worry about me,'" said Eleanor Lambert.

Lambert hopes for the same kind of closure for families of women whose murders or disappearances are unsolved.

Boulanger was a prostitute and drug addict but RCMP wouldn't say if that lifestyle was a factor in his death.

There's no indication Boulanger knew the suspect, said RCMP spokesman Const. Miles Hiebert.

Police said Boulanger was last seen alive late Sept. 28, 2004.

Investigators believe he was slain in Winnipeg. Hunters found his body Nov. 3, 2004, in some brush behind a Trans-Canada Highway rest stop 8 km east of Portage la Prairie.

Hiebert said the arrest was a result of an "exhaustive historical case review" and follow-up investigation, not a new piece of evidence or information.

He said police went through "mountains" of forensic evidence and interviewed several people.

The 40-year-old suspect, Theodore Raymond Herntier, was arrested Wednesday night near Arcola, Sask., where he works on oil rigs, and charged with second-degree murder.

Hiebert said Herntier lived in the Winnipeg area at the time of Boulanger's death and isn't suspected in any other homicides.

Herntier was a business owner when he lived in rural Manitoba but later moved to B.C., a relative said.

"I'm in total shock," the relative said.

Recently, Herntier has lived and sailed a boat around Florida and the Caribbean, according to his Facebook profile.

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Re: David Joseph Boulanger - SOLVED - Murder (Winnipeg 2004)
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R.I.P Divas. :(


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Re: David Joseph Boulanger - SOLVED - Murder (Winnipeg 2004)
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Oh good, I needed to hear some news like this. Sure is a jolt of good energy when a killer is finally caught. RIP David!