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Daniel Joseph Pickett
« on: May 04, 2009, 08:05:30 AM »
Daniel Joseph Pickett

St. John's residents enlisted in search for missing man
Police are asking homeowners in downtown St. John's to check their backyards and neighbourhood alleyways, as they search for a fisherman who has not been seen in more than a week.

Daniel Joseph Pickett, 25, was last seen in the George Street bar district on Oct. 24, 2006

A diver searched waters Monday near the small boat basin in St. John's harbour, where the vessel where Pickett had been working was tied up.

On Tuesday, the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary used police dogs and officers on horses in the search for Pickett.

Police and family members have said Pickett may have fallen into the harbour while returning to his vessel's berth after a night of drinking.

Pickett was supposed to have caught a bus to his home community of Clarenville a week ago.



I managed to locate A Jacket, Cap, and sneaker belonging to Danny Pickett,  in an alleyway off Water Street and turned the items over to the RNC.

I discontinued searching for reasons of a personal nature.


Royal Newfoundland Constabulary

Phone: 1-709-729-8000


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Re: Daniel Joseph Pickett
« Reply #1 on: October 25, 2010, 07:23:29 PM »
Shelly thanks for sharing this with us, and the fact that you did a search and came up with some items.  (They may or may not belong to him, but you did turn them over to the police. )  Please keep  us posted. This is not looking good.


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Re: Daniel Joseph Pickett
« Reply #2 on: January 21, 2016, 11:58:26 AM »
Daniel Joseph Pickett
Date Reported Missing: October 25th, 2006
Missing From: St. John's, Newfoundland
Age at time of Disappearance: 25 year old

Daniel Pickett was a fisherman who was working on a vessel that had been tied up at the small boat basin in Fort Amherst, St. John's. Daniel had gone out with crew members to the George Street bar district and was last seen between 10-11 p.m. on 2006-10-24. Daniel never returned to the vessel that night and missed his ride to Clarenville the next day at 1 p.m. on 2011-10-25. Daniel is described as 5'7", 150lbs with blue eyes and blonde hair. He was said to have been in good mental and physical condition when last seen.


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Re: Daniel Joseph Pickett
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The story of Danny Pickett By. Ariana Kelland
Last Seen | Episode 2
March 13, 2018


It was Oct. 24, 2006 — a rainy, windy Tuesday night.

After spending five days aboard the Newfoundland Tradition, young fisherman Danny Pickett was ready for a night out, regardless of the weather.

The fishing vessel had come to port at the small boat basin on Southside Road, where many picturesque vessels dot the Narrows of the harbour of St. John's.

According to police, Pickett and his coworker decided to head out for the evening to George Street, the city's best-known strip of bars and nightclubs.

Pickett, originally from Fogo Island, planned on sleeping aboard the fishing vessel that night, then heading home to Clarenville the next day.

He would, however, never make the 1 o'clock bus on Wednesday afternoon.

And if Pickett ever made it back to the Newfoundland Tradition, there's no evidence to prove it.

His family believes foul play may be involved.

Police say they've reached a dead end.

His body has never been found. In fact, the only evidence pointing to his death is years of cruel silence and unanswered questions.

The only clues: the 25-year-old's clothing discovered six months later — by a local psychic.

This is the story of Danny Pickett's disappearance.