Author Topic: Mom drugged 13 year old daughter to get her pregnant  (Read 1463 times)


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Mom drugged 13 year old daughter to get her pregnant
« on: April 02, 2009, 09:54:42 PM »
This is just sick.. I would like to B#@ch slap this so called mother.. Putting her daughter through this, for her own selfish reasons..and the boyfriend should be casterated for going along with this plan, sick a$$ raped this poor baby..

Police: Mom drugged daughter to get her pregnant


This undated photo released by the Uniontown Police Department via the Herald-Standard, shows Duane Calloway in Uniontown, Pa. Calloway's girlfriend Shana Brown, has been charged with giving her 13-year-old daughter drugs and alcohol so Calloway could get the girl pregnant. (AP Photo/Uniontown Police Department via the Herald-Standard)

UNIONTOWN, Pa. - Police say a western Pennsylvania mother drugged her 13-year-old daughter so the woman's boyfriend could get the girl pregnant.

Uniontown police say 32-year-old Shana Brown is no longer able to have children, but wanted a baby with her boyfriend.

A detective says Brown and her boyfriend attempted to impregnate the girl on three occasions, but that the girl prevented the rapes.

The girl's paternal grandmother reported the incidents to police.

Brown is facing several charges, including endangering the welfare of children.

The boyfriend, 40-year-old Duane Calloway, faces charges of attempted rape.