Author Topic: Killer's bail set at $1 Billion - DNA ordered for failure to pay child support  (Read 1265 times)


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I was checking for updates on some cases I wasn't sure about in my database, whether they were solved or not. I have one entry from Columbus, OH, Stephanie Hummer, murdered in March 1994. She was 18 and a student at Ohio State University. The article is from January 2006, so I included Stephanie in my database as unsolved when it was actually solved.

Interesting is firstly the bail amount. $1 billion. Secondly, in 2005, Ohio became the 37th state to order dna to the state databank for all felonies. This killer's dna went into the databank because of a felony charge of failing to pay child support for one year, 2004! He was $21,000 in arrears. So the guy was never a suspect, never thought about. He doesn't pay child support for a year, ten years later and they catch a killer. Amazing!

There is reason to all felony convictions ordering dna, not just violent ones. Now they just have to get his dna into the federal database and see if he's responsible for others.

Here's a link to the whole article.


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That truly is amazing Des, and I know you must really enjoy stroking her name from your list.  One more down!


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Wow that a good plan to get criminals to submit DNA. That is such a great story.