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David Fortin, 14, MISSING, Alma, Quebec, February 10, 2009

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The Canadian Press
Anonymous donor offers $10,000 reward for return of bullied missing Quebec teen

By Sidhartha Banerjee, The Canadian Press

MONTREAL - An anonymous donor is offering a $10,000 reward for the safe return of a Quebec teen who reportedly was bullied so mercilessly that his family believes he ran away from home.

A Montreal community organization announced the reward Wednesday with the hope someone who might have had contact with David Fortin, 14, in the past month will come forward with information.

With the offer came yet another impassioned plea from Fortin's distraught mother.

"Come back, David, come back into our arms," a tearful Caroline Lachance said.

"We need you so much. Have faith in us. I have faith in you, baby. I love you."

Fortin disappeared Feb. 10 from Alma, about 250 kilometres north of Quebec City.

The teen was supposed to catch a bus headed to school the morning he vanished but he never made it.

Quebec provincial police say they have few leads but believe Fortin ran away from home.

Fortin was reportedly teased because he had a speech impediment and his parents have indicated he was the victim of intense bullying.

Investigators think the teenager might have hitchhiked from Alma, but admittedly have little information about where he may have ended up.

Police have said Fortin didn't have a cellphone or a credit card and had access to little money, if any.

"If someone is helping him to survive at the moment, a reward might loosen lips," said the boy's father, Eric Fortin.

He and Lachance travelled to Montreal this week after reports the teen may have been spotted at a subway station.

But the sighting turned out to be unfounded.

Neither parent has been working in recent weeks as they devote their time to finding their son.

The parents spent much of Tuesday putting up posters in Montreal and distributing leaflets to passersby.

Police say at least five people reported seeing someone matching Fortin's description in different towns south of Alma.

Authorities urged people who think they've seen the boy to contact them.

Thousands of people have joined groups on the popular social networking site Facebook offering support and hoping for Fortin's safe return.

Sun Youth Organization is administering the reward money on behalf of the donor - described simply as a father who felt compelled to come forward because his own children were victims of intimidation at school.

The group's Tommy Kulczyk said it has assisted in solving 20 out of 53 cases since 1991and have doled out some $70,000 in reward money over that period.

Kulczyk said the rewards often results in new interest - between 150 and 200 calls - and serve to remind the population a case still matters.

"You know how it is in the media - page 1 today, page 6 tomorrow and page 46 in three days," said Kulczyk.

"When you bring a reward out, it reminds the population that this case still matters."

Kulczyk said the family still has a lot of hope and he urged the population to register Fortin's face in their minds.

"If everyone takes a good look at the photo, we have a chance of quickly finding David Fortin," he said.


Video showed no signs of missing Quebec teen: parents
Parents drove 500 kilometres from Alma to screen surveillance video

The parents of missing Quebec teen David Fortin say a boy spotted in the Montreal metro system was not their son.

David Fortin, 14, has been missing since Feb. 10.David Fortin, 14, has been missing since Feb. 10. (CBC) Eric Fortin and Caroline Lachance spent several hours on Tuesday viewing surveillance video after police received a tip that their 14-year-old son had been seen in a metro station.

However, Eric Fortin said his son wasn't on the video.

"It's very frustrating," said Fortin, who with his wife had driven 500 kilometres to Montreal to see the video. "This morning on the way here, we were very happy. Now, we will start looking again."

David Fortin was last seen on Feb. 10 at his home in Alma in the Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean region.

Police believe he ran away because he could no longer face daily attacks from bullies at his high school.

The day he disappeared, he left to catch his school bus as usual. However, he never showed up for class.

 'School is over. You can stay at home and we will take care of you.'—Caroline Lachance, mother

Lachance said her son was more and more reluctant to go to school because of the way some students treated him.

She said the bullying ranged from verbal harassment to physical assault. The school had even assigned a security guard to keep an eye on Fortin every day.

On Tuesday, Lachance issued another appeal for her son to make contact.

"David, we have confidence in you. Have confidence in us. Your life will change. School is over. You can stay at home and we will take care of you," she said.
Teen spotted along highway leading away from Alma

Last month, witnesses reported seeing someone matching Fortin's description hitchhiking along the highway that leads west from Alma toward Trois-Rivières.

David Fortin was wearing a jacket like this one when he left his Alma, Que., home on Feb. 10.David Fortin was wearing a jacket like this one when he left his Alma, Que., home on Feb. 10. (Quebec provincial police) Fortin is five-foot-eight and about 165 pounds, with brown eyes and brown hair.

When last seen, he was wearing a red and black jacket with the word Polaris on the back. He was also wearing blue jeans, red mitts and a grey tuque.

Police are asking anyone with information on the missing teen to call 1-800-659-4264.
Video showed no signs of missing Quebec teen: parents
Parents drove 500 kilometres from Alma to screen surveillance video

I'm at a loss for words. What this young man went thorough, being bullied from grade school to High School.How did that happen that it went on for so long!?  ??? ??? ??? Without the school admin and school board and Parents of these bullies not doing anything to stop it. How cruel. My heart goes out to this young man. I so hope he is Okay. David call home and let your family and aunt know that you are okay. 


Missing Quebec teen's parents mark anniversary

Last Updated: Wednesday, February 10, 2010 | 12:28 PM ET
CBC News

The parents of missing Quebec teen David Fortin, who disappeared a year ago after repeated bullying, are marking the sombre anniversary at their local church.

David Fortin went missing on Feb. 10, 2009, from the Alma district of Saguenay, Que. David Fortin went missing on Feb. 10, 2009, from the Alma district of Saguenay, Que. (Quebec provincial police)Fortin went missing a year ago Wednesday after the then 14-year-old left his family home in Alma to go to school.

The slight teen was supposed to catch a school bus at 7:50 a.m. ET but he never made it.

Extensive search efforts were launched in the Saguenay region and across the province, including a poster campaign that generated thousands of tips but no concrete leads on Fortin's whereabouts.

Since his disappearance people have contacted authorities believing to have seen Fortin in Montreal's Gay Village, and at a hockey game standing near Canadiens legend Guy Lafleur during a television interview.

According to his entourage, including his parents, Fortin endured harassment and bullying at his local school, École secondaire Camille-Lavoie.

A security guard was hired at one point to support the teen in daytime hours.

His parents, Caroline Lachance and Éric Fortin, plan to spend part of Wednesday afternoon at the Saint-Sacrement Church in Alma.
With files from the Canadian Press

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Trucker says he saw missing Quebec teen in Winnipeg

Submitted by Jasmine on 16 February, 2010 - 17:24.
David Fortin, a missing teenager from Alma in the Lac-Saint-Jean region, might have been spotted in Winnipeg.

It's believed the 14-year-old ran away from his home.

He disappeared one year ago this past Wednesday.

Now the Missing Children's Network has received a tip saying he was in Winnipeg earlier this month.

A truck driver filling up for gas says the teenager knocked on his door, asked if he was going to Montreal, and identified himself as David before leaving.


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