Author Topic: "I don't think he's a danger to society; he's not a serial sexual offender,"  (Read 2040 times)


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"I don't think he's a danger to society; he's not a serial sexual offender," said Hackland. "This young man still has some hope if he changes his attitude."

IF he CHANGES his ATTITUDE????  IF????!!!  Hey Judge, are you telling me that he HASN'T "CHANGED" his "ATTITUDE" after two trials??  Jail him for 10 years then deport his sorry butt back to Ethiopia.

'He's not a serial sexual offender'

Judge reserves his decision on sentencing


A defence lawyer argued yesterday that an Ethiopian refugee has already served more than enough time behind bars for a crime described by a prosecutor as having "torn the soul out of another human being."

Michael Spratt, a lawyer for Gideon George Antonatos, said his client should receive two-for-one credit for the 26 months he's spent in jail since February 2006 when he was arrested and charged with sexual assault causing bodily harm.

After two trials, Antonatos, 24, was found guilty in July of being one of three men who attacked a young Inuit woman who was in Ottawa on business and away from her home in Nunavut for the first time.

Spratt argued his client has already spent 26 months in jail. Double credit for time served would mean Antonatos could be considered to have spent 52 months in jail, four months longer than the four years Spratt said would be a reasonable sentence for the crime.

Prosecutor Walter Devenz asked Justice Charles Hackland to recognize the brutality of the crime and the trauma it caused the victim and sentence Antonatos to between seven and 10 years behind bars.


Unfamiliar with the culture of the city, the woman, who admitted at trial she was intoxicated at the time of the attack, was vulnerable and naive, Devenz said. On the night of the rape, the woman, who is now 26, couldn't find a cab to take her back to the Lowertown rooming house where she was staying.

Three men, including Antonatos, offered her a ride. When they got to the rooming house, the three men attempted to sexually assault the woman, but only Antonatos was successful. The other two men have never been located.

"I would call (this act) animalistic. It was extremely cowardly, extremely offensive. The treatment of this woman was less than you would expect for any average house pet," said Devenz. "He (Antonatos) has essentially torn the soul out of another human being."

In a brief victim impact statement, written partially in English and partially in Inuktitut, the woman wrote about the effect the assault has had on her. "It's been very hard for me to live again," she wrote. "I go to the nursing station for daily treatment because of the monster that hurt my life."

Hackland has reserved his decision on sentencing, but shared a few thoughts about Antonatos, who is facing deportation.

"I don't think he's a danger to society; he's not a serial sexual offender," said Hackland. "This young man still has some hope if he changes his attitude."


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Shwa; you might think my attitude extreme on this, but I have two things to say:
1.  Judges seem to have a side-line (money under the table - where there's an opportunity to make $, there is corruption)
2.  The judges (and we've read of many on this site who are abnormally lenient with sexual predators) find it hard to lay down the law on someone like themselves. (how it looks to me anyway) sorry!


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The other two men have never been located

If this guy is really sorry, he'd give up the others! As it is now, this guy is nothing but a scum bag waiting for more victims. I agree, send him back.


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That was my exact thought when I read this Chris. He should give up the others, we certainly don't need anymore sexual predators roaming around. Absolutely send him back.