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Wanted for Murder.REWARD : $17,500


Age-enhanced photos



Name : VERMETTE, Kevin Louis (18 novembre 1954)

Date Issued: 1997-07-18

RCMP File: 97IP21528 (97-2149)


White male
Height: 5'9" (175 cm)
Weight: 162 lbs. (73kg)
Hair: brown
Eyes: blue
Identifying marks: Clean shaven (at time of disappearance), and wears silver rimmed glasses. Tattoo of "Cat" on upper right arm, with "Lucky" inscribed below, left upper arm " Coyote and Moon" and "Dagger through Red Rose".

Occupation: Carpenter, mechanical knowledge, truck driver, prefers temporary employment

Interests: Classic Automobiles, highly trained dogs, guns, fitness, photography, outdoors.

Habits: Meticulous, likes organization, clean, well dressed, loner, private, anti-social, late riser, non-smoker, non-drinker, hot-tempered.

Details: A Canada wide warrant is outstanding for the above subject.  He is believed responsible for the '97 July 12 triple shotgun murder of three innocent 20 year old youths which occurred in the northern community of Kitimat, British Columbia, Canada.  He abandoned his vehicle at his motel residence and fled on foot into the mountain wilderness with his black lab dog. He may not be traveling with his dog at this time as he has a tendency to get rid of his dogs if they become undisciplined. Call your local Crimestoppers, local police department, or Kitimat RCMP, phone 250-632-7111.  e-mail :

CONTACT: NEAREST RCMP DETACHMENT OR LOCAL POLICE, local Crimestopper's (Kitimat Crimestoppers), or the Kitimat RCMP at 1-250-632-7111, fax 1-250-632-2326.

NOTICE:The reward offered in this matter is governed by the rules set out by the Reward Committee. No member of the accused persons family, nor any member of any of the victims family, nor any enforcement personnel may lay claim to any part of the reward being offered. The reward payment or any portion there of is subject to consultation and confirmation of the ROYAL CANADIAN MOUNTED POLICE (RCMP). The reward is hereby offered for any information which leads strictly to the arrest of the accused, Kevin Louis VERMETTE and any person providing such information will not need to provide any evidence or testify in court.  The identity of the person(s) claiming the Reward will be kept confidential.  An additional reward of up to $2,000 may be offered through Crime Stoppers if the person calls the Crime Stoppers Line.  You are not required to identify yourself to Crime Stoppers.  An actual arrest must be made by police before any reward can be claimed.   The reward offered herein is subject to review every two years and can be rescinded at the time of review and without any notice.


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Re: KEVIN LOUIS VERMETTE | Wanted For Murder (July 1997, Kitimat, BC)
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Kevin Vermette

It was the end of a lovely summer day in northern British Columbia when the four young men turned off Highway 37 in Kitimat. On their way to a friend's stag party, they wanted to stop for a few minutes to enjoy the scenery at Hirsch Creek Park. They didn't realize they were being followed.

       A red pickup truck suddenly pulled up beside them in the campground parking lot, and the RCMP allege that 42-year-old Kevin Vermette opened fire with a pump-action shotgun. Mark Teves, David Nunes and Mark Munto, all age 20, died. Donny Oliveira, also 20, ran for his life. He was shot in the back but survived.

       The man wanted for the attack, Kevin Louis Vermette, was a carpenter and a rebuilder of classic cars. Seven years earlier he had drifted back into Kitimat, where he had been raised, and decided to stay. But he had an uneasy relationship with some of the townsfolk. An opinionated loner, he had had several altercations with local young men -- including one, a month before, with Oliveira and Nunes.

       Vermette confronted the two in the weight room at the Riverlodge recreation centre over the music they'd chosen to play while working out. It hadn't been much -- nothing but words had been exchanged.

       In the early hours of Saturday, July 12, 1997, the day of the murder, someone slashed Vermette's tires in the parking lot of the Kitimat Motel, where he was the handyman.

       "I could kill anybody who did this," Vermette had told the proprietor.

       When police got to the Kitimat Motel, the suspect's pickup was in the parking lot, but Vermette and his dog were gone. Police searched the wilderness surrounding Kitimat for months, but Vermette was never found. The RCMP has received more than 800 tips from across Canada and the United States. None have been confirmed.

       Contact Cpl. Mike MacDonald of the Kitimat RCMP at 250-632-7111. There is a $17,500 reward for information leading to Vermette's arrest.


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Re: KEVIN LOUIS VERMETTE | Wanted For Murder (July 1997, Kitimat, BC)
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Reward increased to 25,000. Someone has to have seen him somewhere. He can't hide out this long.

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Re: KEVIN LOUIS VERMETTE | Wanted For Murder (July 1997, Kitimat, BC)
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Mysteries of B.C.

Wanted man who fled B.C. city 16 years ago may be alive: RCMP

Vancouver — The Globe and Mail
Published Saturday, Dec. 21 2013, 12:01 AM EST
Last updated Saturday, Dec. 21 2013, 12:06 AM EST

Sixteen years ago, handyman Kevin Vermette vanished into the dense woods around the isolated northwestern B.C. community of Kitimat after allegedly shooting three young men to death and leaving a fourth gravely wounded.

While the initial thinking was that he died in the forests around Kitimat, the police believe he may still be alive.

For that to be true, the 43-year-old experienced outdoorsman would have had to outwit RCMP officers, tracker dogs and helicopters used to hunt him. After the shooting, he was thought to be boxed in by the dense forests around the community, pinpointed these days as the endpoint for the Northern Gateway pipeline from the Alberta oil sands.

Mr. Vermette, who abandoned his vehicle at the hotel where he lived and went on foot into the woods with his labrador, would have had to survive a gauntlet of daunting wilderness conditions with only the resources he could carry as he fled the community of about 9,000, located 600 kilometres north of Vancouver.

Still, when asked this month about where things stand in the unsolved case, the RCMP concede that the loner with an affection for photography, guns and the outdoors may have survived.

“Although investigators believe there is a possibility Mr. Vermette took his own life or succumbed to the elements of the forest, the fact remains that he has not been located,” the RCMP said in an e-mail exchange about the unsolved case, which continues to occupy the attention of an investigator with the Kitimat Serious Crime Unit.

“Kevin Vermette may still be alive,” the RCMP said in the exchange.

The RCMP declined to make the current investigator available for interviews. Instead, the media-relations officer for Kitimat responded to a series of written questions submitted by e-mail about the case.

Mr. Vermette became a wanted man on the evening of July 12, 1997. He had reportedly been at odds with the young men over a dispute linked to loud music they played at a weight room in the community. That night, the group of young men were driving to a party in Terrace, about 60 kilometres north of Kitimat.

They ended up at the Hirsch-Creek Park. Somehow, Mr. Vermette was there too. A group of nearby campers heard shots and called police. RCMP found the three deceased victims and the survivor. The dead, all in their early 20s, were Mike Mauro, David Nunes and Mark Teves. A fourth man, Don Olivera, was flown to Vancouver for treatment after suffering severe injuries but survived.

The shootings stunned the community – small enough that everyone knew everyone else. To this day, there is a memorial garden in the park to remember the victims.

Kitimat Mayor Joanna Monaghan says there has been such a turnover in Kitimat over the past 16 years that many would not be aware of the tragedy she finds difficult to talk about. “We’re getting so many new people in town because of economic development that they have never even heard of him before,” she said in an interview.

“At the time, it had a huge impact. Time heals things,” she said, but added memorial notices in the newspaper bring it all back.

Today, the RCMP say it is possible that Mr. Vermette “may have reached another area of Canada or North America.” In recent years, the RCMP says it has investigated 30 tips largely prompted by police media releases, and media stories on the anniversaries of the killings.

The case has been the subject of episodes on TV programs such as Unsolved Mysteries and America’s Most Wanted. Kitimat RCMP have been in touch with police across North America following up on reported sightings.

The bespectacled Mr. Vermette is among the faces on the “Wanted by the RCMP” website – described as armed, dangerous, violent and sought on a Canadawide warrant for murder and attempted murder.

There’s a $25,000 reward for information that leads to his arrest. No one has ever filed a bid to claim the reward, they say.
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