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Constable George Lenhard - Aug. 6 1933 - Regina
« on: August 06, 2008, 06:13:04 PM »
There was a story on CTV Regina about the unsolved murder of Constable George Lenhard. He was shot and killed on Winnipeg Street on August 6, 1933. He was 28 years old. Two years later, Police Officer Charles Miller was killed in the 1935 Regina Riot. No one was ever charged with Lenhard and Miller's deaths.

Regina police cold case section investigating old firearm
Heather Polischuk, Leader-Post
Published: Tuesday, August 05, 2008

REGINA -- The Regina Police Service's cold case section is wondering whether an old firearm found earlier this year may have any connection to the unsolved murder of RPS Const. George Lenhard, who was shot to death 75 years ago Wednesday.

"The drug unit was involved in I guess a search in which a firearm was located, or turned over to them actually," said Sgt. Brent Shannon with the cold case section. "And the interesting thing about the firearm is it's a .32-calibre revolver, and the serial number was filed out or damaged to the point that it's not recognizable -- at this point in time anyways ... We took it over to the firearms people at the RCMP and they feel that with some work they will be able to make that serial number legible."

While police have said the gun used to kill Lenhard was an automatic firearm, and the found gun is a revolver -- meaning the two wouldn't match -- Shannon said police still want to have the gun looked at further to officially rule it out as possibly being related to the homicide.

"We're talking about, in all likelihood, different firearms, however given the nature of it and this file, we still thought it was something that should be followed up on this file, and certainly something that should be followed up on in a more general nature to see who this firearm was originally traced back to and try and find out a little bit more of its history," he said.

The reason the cold case section is so interested in this latest piece of potential evidence is that a gun of the same calibre was used to kill 28-year-old Lenhard in 1933. Lenhard was shot while on duty when he encountered three men outside the Liquid Air building at Winnipeg Street and 4th Avenue. Despite a massive manhunt, no suspects were ever found.

The case was eventually passed to the cold case section where it remains an open file. Shannon said several interesting pieces of information came forward over the years, including a photograph of three men, one of whom is holding what police believe could be a .32-calibre firearm. The photo was provided to police several years ago by a family member of one of the three men.

"According to this lady, the rumour was in their family for years that this fellow -- I'll use his first name, Nick -- the person holding the money in the photo ... was involved in the shooting, killing of a police officer in Regina," Shannon said of the man seen on the right side of the photo.

While the rumour was never substantiated, Shannon noted an independent witness came forward in the 1990s, describing something he'd overheard in a railway camp 60 years earlier.

"He overheard this conversation in this bunkhouse involving (someone named) Nick and some others in which they were talking about their involvement in the murder of this police officer in Regina ...," Shannon said, noting the witness even recalled Nick had a European accent that would have been shared by the man in the photo, as described by family. "The information he provided was of three individuals involved, this Nick being one of them, and of a .32-calibre pistol. So you put all that together and it really does make this photo that much more interesting or intriguing."

Shannon said two of the men in the photo have now been identified, and both have since died. But Shannon said laying charges isn't necessarily the point anymore.

"Justice comes in many forms, right?" he said. "And I don't think it's always about finding them and locking them up and throwing away the key, if you will. I think it is about adding some closure and certainly not just for the Regina Police Service but for anyone that's involved, any remaining family. And because it was one of our own, I think that really does add that little additional element of significance."

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Re: Constable George Lenhard - Aug. 6 1933 - Regina
« Reply #1 on: August 07, 2008, 01:42:04 AM »
Wow it is amazing only 2 officers were killed in Regina in it's history!!!

My town had a police officer murdered, and the one south of my town had one. We're talking 2500 people total.

These are interesting mysteries that is for sure.