Author Topic: Normand Vincent | Missing | Riviere des Prairies (Around 1994)  (Read 2047 times)


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only son to my parents who had only 2 children.  I am the
oldest, born in January 20, 1947 in Montreal.  Raised in Rosemont (2486
Beaubien?) and Huntsic (rue Parthenais, 10550? and 10,230 de Martigny).
  Moved to the US in 1969.  Brother, Normand (on his baptism certificate
he is Gaetan, but he went by Normand, also on his birth certificate. 
He has since spelled his name Norman, to soud english)  Born in
Montreal on November 29, 1950, I believe.

His last known address to me was  12,265 41 E.,
Avenue, Riviere des Prairies, Quebec.  I have serveral phone #'s none
have worked for over 15 years.  He is about 5'2" or so.