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Unsolved Cases in Edmonton 1975 - Present
« on: June 30, 2008, 07:45:14 PM »
I thought it was time to place a summary here of cases in Edmonton. The cases recorded on Unsolved will have a link to that case. There are many and there are several men not recorded in my database because they were last seen in a boat or believed to have drowned or lost while hunting. This happened a lot in the 1950s-1970s.
The first column is date last seen, then city recovered or last seen if missing, age, sex, last name, first name, whether missing or murdered and link to unsolved record. This reflects 70 unsolved cases in Edmonton (actually 67 because three are solved, Vivian Paddy, Rose Decoteau and Debbie Smith)

I notice I have to update my db, some links are to the city thread only.

1975/04/23   Edmonton   11   F   Ewanciw   Karen      Murdered,42.0.html
1983/??/??   Ft. Saskatchewan   21   F   Cardinal   Gail      Murdered,42.0.html
1983/01/20   Edmonton   6   F   Murrell   Tanya      Missing   
1983/12/18   Edmonton      F   Baas   Charlene      Murdered,42.0.html
1986/09/21   Edmonton   21   F   Riegel   Melody   Joy   Murdered,42.0.html
1987/09/02   Edmonton   83   F   Berube   Lillian      Murdered,42.0.html
1988/09/09   Elk Island Park   20   F   Flint   Georgette      Murdered,42.0.html
1989/09/27   Sherwood Park   22   F   Ahenakew   Bernadette   Lynda   Murdered,1008.0.html
   Edmonton   29   F   Mason   Mavis      Murdered,42.0.html
1990/12/21   Edmonton   49   F   Wray   Lorraine      Murdered,42.0.html
1992/01/23   Edmonton   20s?   M   Mortensen   Dean      Missing,1604.0.html
1992/05/26   Edmonton   3   F   Tremblay   Mandy      Attempted,1039.0.html
1993/02/06   Edmonton   24   F   Ross   Elaina   Louise   Murdered,1000.0.html
1995/11/15   Edmonton   29   F   Harmer   Michelle   Jeneatte   Missing,2007.0.html
1996/11/27   Edmonton   35   M   Hansen   Wayne   Albert   Missing   
1996/12/22   Edmonton   24   F   Ghostkeeper   Joanne      Murdered,999.0.html
1997/06/13   Edmonton   24   F   Cardinal   Jessica      Murdered,998.0.html
1997/08/04   Sherwood Park   22   F   King   Caralyn   Aubrey   Murdered,42.0.html
   Sherwood Park   22   F   Hewitt   Joyce      Murdered,996.0.html
1997/12/01   Edmonton   14   F   Orlesky   Tara   Dawn   Missing,42.0.html
1998/08/04   Edmonton   17   F   Kopf   Lisa   Taodora   Murdered,628.0.html
1998/09/25   Edmonton   18   M   Donohue   Jong   Michael   Missing,2008.0.html
2001/01/15   Villeneuve   24   F   Reilly   Kelly   Dawn   Murdered,995.0.html
2001/12/08   Edmonton   33   F   Paddy   Vivian   Rose   Murdered,42.0.html
2002/08/??   Edmonton   29   F   Bellerose   Deanna   Marie   Missing,1018.0.html
2002/09/23   Leduc   28   F   Bernard   Edna      Murdered,636.0.html
2002/11/25   Ft. Saskatchewan   30   F   Pitre   Monique      Murdered,994.0.html
2003/01/06   Strathcona County   20   F   Munch   Melissa      Murdered,993.0.html
2003/04/27   Leduc County   40   F   Ballentyne   Katie   Sylvia   Murdered,992.0.html
2004/05/09   Edmonton   27   F   Ottenbreit   Corrie   Renee   Missing,47.0.html
2004/05/13   Edmonton   33   F   Brower   Dolores   Dawn   Missing,48.0.html
2004/05/16   Edmonton      F   Black   Cheryl   Lynn   Murdered,42.0.html
2004/06/06   Sherwood Park   19   F   Quinney   Rachel      Murdered   
2004/10/09   Edmonton   12   F   Belcourt   Samantha   Evelyn   Missing,1896.0.html
2004/12/09   Edmonton   21   F   Burke   Maggie   Lea   Missing,46.0.html
2004/12/31   Edmonton   19   F   Berg   Samantha   Tayleen   Murdered,42.0.html
2005/02/18   Edmonton   19   F   Gunning   Rene   Lynn   Missing,1543.0.html
2005/02/18   Edmonton   15   F   Knott   Krystle      Missing,1543.0.html
2005/02/26   Edmonton   43   F   Gregory   Daya      Missing   
2005/04/01   Sherwood Park   33   F   Meyer   Ellie    May   Murdered,42.0.html
2005/04/03   Edmonton   13   F   Courtepatte   Nina      Murdered   
2005/04/10   Camrose   20   F   Gauld   Charlene      Murdered,42.0.html
2005/10/05   Edmonton   43   F   Decoteau   Rose   Brenda   Murdered,1522.0.html
2006/01/11   Edmonton   29   M   Feist   Michael      Missing,1525.0.html
2006/02/09   Edmonton   44   F   Mercer   Michelle (Louise)      Missing,2005.0.html
2006/02/21   Edmonton   25   F   Cardinal   Juanita      Murdered   
2006/02/26   Edmonton   44   F   Gregory   Diane   Daya"   Missing,1922.0.html
2006/04/17   Edmonton   41   F   Khanna   Sangeeta      Missing,172.0.html
2006/05/02   Sherwood Park   37   F   Jack   Bonnie   Joanne   Murdered,42.0.html
2006/07/20   Edmonton   36   F   Robinson-Creary   Nadine      Murdered,42.0.html
2006/09/01   Edmonton   27   M   Erickson   James   Robin   Missing   
2006/09/13   Edmonton   21   F   Desjarlais   Vanessa   Isabella   Missing   
2006/09/22   Vegreville   45   M   Goodwin   Robin   Douglas   Murdered,1424.0.html
2006/10/29   Edmonton   51   F   Max   Dezi   Maria   Missing,2006.0.html
2007/01/01   Edmonton   51   F   Smith   Debbie      Murdered,42.0.html
2007/01/21   Edmonton   37   M   Landry   Stephen      Murdered   
2007/03/05   Edmonton   45   F   Mercer   Michelle   Louise   Missing   
2007/03/22   Pigeon Lake   27   F   Benwell   Leanne   Lori   Murdered,42.0.html
2007/04/01   Edmonton   81   M   Myatt   Kenneth   Thomas   Missing,978.0.html
2007/06/12   Edmonton   22   M   Harris   Richard   Alexander   Murdered   
2007/06/13   Edmonton   29   M   Lessard   Jessy   Alain   Missing   
2007/06/22   Edmonton   26   M   Mollel   Leseriani      Missing   
2007/07/30   Edmonton   20   M   Bone   Edward      Murdered   
2007/09/25   Edmonton   17   F   LePetre   Stacy   Lynn   Missing   
2007/10/21   Edmonton   29   M   Adam   Jason   Freedom   Missing,1328.0.html
2007/11/21   Edmonton   71   M   Durston   Edward   Gordon   Missing,885.0.html
2007/11/26   Edmonton   37   M   Bannerman   Corey      Missing,1643.0.html
2008/02/21   Edmonton   21   F   Torvalson   Brianna   Danielle   Murdered,1742.0.html
2008/03/08   Edmonton   84   M   Cantwell   John   Victor   Missing,2004.0.html
2008/03/21   Edmonton   49   F   Gingras   Jeannie      Missing,1888.0.html
2007/10/31   Edmonton   56   M   Brodyk   Robert   Michael   Murdered   

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Re: Unsolved Cases in Edmonton 1975 - Present
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 ;D ;D ;D
Good Work! You have done a fantastic job, of getting all these cases, to the public. The murdered, and missing, and the unsolved killings.

You are a great lady, and I am so happy we met.The shere valocity, of all the missing or murdered is jarring to say the least. So many, many people who have disappeared, male and female.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for your stamina, stubborness, and the will to succeed in getting this out there. We are so lucky to have you here, so very lucky. ;D


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Re: Unsolved Cases in Edmonton 1975 - Present
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Great work!


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« Reply #3 on: July 26, 2008, 10:37:57 AM »
Just had the news on CTV at noon and the body of Chad Davies was found in a barrel in the water in, I believe it was Edmonton, not sure. I was so surprised when I turned it on that this man who was fishing came across a barrel that was sealed and he opened it up, there were Chad's remains. He called the RCMP immediately and they weren't long in identifying him. He was a handsome young man of 22 years. His mother was very grateful to the man who found the grizzly discovery and she called and thanked him for opening the barrel, which most people may not open it. Chad was missing since February 2008. I am happy for his mother that she will at least now know what has happened to him and can lay him to rest. My condolences to his mother and all family members.

Shadow Girl

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Re: Unsolved Cases in Edmonton 1975 - Present
« Reply #4 on: June 08, 2012, 12:23:16 PM »

The human remains found by a surveyor in May near Morinville, Alta., just north of Edmonton, have been identified.
Deanna Bellerose was last seen in Edmonton on Sept. 9, 2002, said RCMP.
Had she still been alive, she would have turned 39 on Friday, police said.
"The cause, manner and time of death have yet to be determined, and these considerations form part of the ongoing investigation," said RCMP in a media release.
Project KARE, which investigates murdered or missing people in Alberta who live high-risk lifestyles, is part of the investigation.