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Woman arrested in cold case has other dead spouses

By Mitch Weiss, Associated Press
ALBEMARLE, N.C. (AP) ? For two decades, Al Gentry begged investigators to take another look at the mystery of who killed his brother, Harold, and left his gunshot-ridden body sprawled on the floor of the home he shared with his wife.

He visited the sheriff?s office dozens of times and made just as many phone calls. And when authorities finally listened, they wound up arresting the person Gentry had always suspected: his brother?s now 76-year-old former wife, who was charged last month with hiring a hit man to gun him down.

?This is something I?ve been waiting for for a long time,? Gentry said.

But Gentry?s persistence may have led investigators to a far more chilling discovery about Betty Neumar. After arresting her, authorities realized that five times since the 1950s, she was married, and each union ended with the death of her husband.

Authorities say they?ve notified law enforcement officials where Neumar is believed to have lived with the men. So far, no one has said whether the deaths are suspicious, but some officials are reopening the cold cases.

Al Gentry had been showing up for years at the sheriff?s office and talking to anyone who would listen about the case. His brother?s body, with several gunshot wounds, was found inside the couple?s home on July 14, 1986. 
Neumar, who was out of town the day her husband was killed, showed no emotion when she got back, Al Gentry said. When she pulled up to the one-story brick house in a quiet neighborhood that was surrounded by flashing lights and filled with police officers, he recalled, she blurted out that she had been in Augusta, Ga., the previous night ? before he even said a word...

Rest of the story here:


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Wow, this is very interesting. I am glad the brother was persistant. I guess it does prove that if you keep bugging the police, they will respond. Wonder if the other husbands met the same fate?