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Re: New body found:
« Reply #15 on: June 16, 2008, 04:19:19 PM »
STWs seem to get a three month "wait and see" before their information is released

Yes I agree I have always been upset by different policies for different types of poeple. In Ottawa in 2005, a young 18 year old female went missing and it was news in 12 hours even though no evidence of a crime was present, and wtihin 24 hours there was already massive (and I mean massive) searches going on.

The police always say they are restrained by privacy, and it is true, most police boards enforce this, but then why on earth are there exceptions to this?

Why did that young woman from Barr Haven (Ottawa) get special treatment?

No one can give a straight answer. The police say it is the board who restrains them, and the city or higher ups who say it is up to the police descretion.

And the media, they are super mega extremely lopsided in the coverage they give people based on race, class and lifestyle for sure. You should have seen the media horde in Barr Haven when I was there, it was 40 hours after the girl went missing and there was those portable satilete units for every news agency sitting there in the middle of town with tents and everything.


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Re: New body found:
« Reply #16 on: June 27, 2008, 05:46:28 PM »
I think if the cops, the investigators, and the media, were closer to the gals that work the streets,they would find information a lot quicker. Considering the location the last body was found, is the SAME territory the other missing STW's were found, I would look for a missing gal, that worked the streets.There has to be trust made with these gals, they need someone on their side. The organizations aren't helping, as the deaths keep occuring!!!! ??? ???
I am serious in saying that changes have to be made, to find out about our missing gals. Trust, respect, and decency go a long way.Right now they are retreating farther into the abyss, like side streets, lanes, in the shadows. The killer(s) know that, and are continuuing there rampage over the gals.  They should be able to call a line 24/7, if they are in trouble, or witness something. They need the phone to be answered, they need, to feel that what they say is worth it, and to be followed up on.

The gals that work the streets, would be able to tell who has gone missing, in the last 2 years. If they are not coming forward, it is because, they feel that no one gives a f*ck, anyways. It is time that someone, or more take the time to win the gals over. Someone with heart, and able to take ACTION for these women and teens. I really believe that. I also think, that this is NOT going to stop, unless, the killer is stopped with a body in the vehicle, or in the trunk.

 RCMP are struggling to identify human remains found in the backyard of a rural home east of Edmonton.

The remains were discovered June 5 by a family dog in a rural area of Sherwood Park, near Township Road 514 and Range Road 231, about a kilometre west of Highway 21.

Police were called to an acreage in the area by a homeowner whose dog had found an intact human skull.

Investigators have eliminated a large percentage of existing missing persons files from the Edmonton area and around Alberta.

They have also looked at files from British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, the Yukon and the Northwest Territories.

Police have determined that the remains belong to a woman between the ages of 25 and 50, who was five-foot to five-foot-six and likely Asian or aboriginal, though Caucasian hasn't been completely ruled out. She also had well-maintained teeth with numerous fillings.

Police are asking anyone who has not had contact with a loved one - who meets that description - for the last nine months to two years to call RCMP or Crime Stoppers.


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Re: Unidentified | Murdered | Strathcona County (Found June 2006)
« Reply #18 on: August 13, 2016, 12:10:37 PM »
Shawn Wruck case still in front of the Judge, set to go again in 2017.

Maureen Collins burst into tears and fell into her family's arms after the judge left the courtroom.

Court of Queen's Bench Justice Donna Shelley had just announced she would admit evidence gathered by undercover police officers into Shawn Wruck's first-degree murder trial.

Wruck is accused of killing Collins' daughter Shannon in December 2007.

The case was unsolved for five years. Then RCMP launched a "Mr. Big" sting, dubbed Project Kolumbo, targeting Wruck.

Over the course of four months, undercover officers pretended to be involved in lucrative organized crime. 

Police told lies and staged events including the kidnapping of a woman, played by an undercover Mountie, at gunpoint.

They took Wruck on "business" trips to Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton and even flew him to Montreal to take in a championship fight.

Shelley decided there was no RCMP abuse of process in Project Kolumbo. 

"At no time is Mr. Wruck threatened with violence," she said. "The message was one of friendship and support. It is clear that at least from Mr. Wruck's perspective, the relationships were very positive and close."

Confessions 'generally quite detailed'

The first time Wruck met an undercover officer, he confessed he played a role in the death of his girlfriend. Over the next four months, he confessed four more times.

The judge observed Wruck's statements were "generally quite detailed," but did not produce additional evidence that could be gathered by investigators.

Shelley also noted there were "differences" in the various confessions that caused her some concern.

During Wruck's interview with crime boss Mr. Big, he said he used a large Rubbermaid container to transport Collins' body, and told them he still had the container in his West Kelowna garage. 

Project Kolumbo fell apart when undercover officers wanted him to hand it over. 

"Dude, I don't have that thing," Wruck wrote in a text message. "I never did." 

Then Wruck backed away from his earlier confessions. 

"I've come to love you like a brother," another text read. "I never did that thing. I wasn't scared to admit to it because I'm innocent." 

The judge admitted the recanting is a "very serious issue," but still decided the Mr. Big evidence presented in a voir dire met the test of being "worthy of being heard" in the trial proper. 

Allowing the evidence does not mean she will ultimately accept it as being truthful. 

'Decision today was very clear'

Outside court, Maureen Collins said, "It's been a good day. We feel it went the right way. It's been a long haul, but I think the decision today was very clear." 

The Crown has rested its case and the defence intends to present evidence. Defence lawyer Ajay Juneja said he may call Wruck to testify in his own defence. 

The lawyers have been told to let the judge know when they'll be available for another five trial days. The case may have to be put on hold until the new year.

Collins said she has faith in the judge and the justice system and is determined to be patient.

"We have waited a long time and, because we may have to again wait a little bit into the new year, it's just a few more months, we can do it," she said.