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Police search for suspect - Murder victim loved Newfoundland, mom say
By Barb Sweet and Andrew Seymour - The Telegram and The Ottawa Citizen
Murder victim Chrissy Nadine Predham Newman grew up in Ottawa, but would return to Newfoundland every summer to stay with relatives in St. John?s.
Speaking the day after her 29-year-old daughter was found dead in her Airport Heights apartment on Sunday, January 21, 2007. Yvonne Harvey remembered her as a loving mother who had a ?wonderful? relationship with the baby she adored.
?She wanted to be a mother first. That was the most important thing in her life. She wanted to be able to give her daughter (Ireland) a good foundation,? said Harvey, who flew from Ottawa to Newfoundland Monday to be with family.
?That was her priority,? said Harvey, who last saw her only child about two weeks ago, when she went to Ottawa with Ireland for a Christmas visit.
?We had a fabulous visit,? she said. ?It was exciting to have a little child at Christmastime.?
Harvey said her daughter moved to Newfoundland in 2004 to be closer to her ailing father, who is suffering from cancer and is hospitalized.
?She came to Newfoundland because she loved Newfoundland,? her mother said.
She met her future husband at his family?s centre-city store. They married in the summer of 2005, but by the fall of 2006, they had separated.
?It?s unbelievable,? said Newman?s aunt, Sandra Harvey, describing her niece as a stunning young woman with long blond hair.
She and her husband found their niece murdered when she didn?t answer the telephone Sunday night.
?We were worried. We weren?t getting an answer,? her aunt told The Telegram. Police arrived on the scene at about 8 p.m.
The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary is conducting a homicide investigation.

RNC spokesman Const. Paul Davis made a plea Monday evening for anyone who saw any activity outside the woman?s home to contact police. He also asked that any friends contact the RNC with any information.

He said the police don?t have a particular suspect and wouldn?t comment on whether there are any persons of interest, but said they are still conducting interviews.

?I don?t think it would be appropriate to discuss who we?ve been speaking to or how we feel about who. I just don?t think it would be appropriate. I?m as interested in providing as much information as I can to the media and also to the public ? what?s paramount and we have to be careful at all times to protect the investigation.?

Davis would not say who contacted police.

Children her passion

Newman trained in Ottawa as a dental assistant, but chose to babysit other children in order to stay home with her own year-old daughter.

?She was very, very good with children,? Harvey said.

?She had a special way with children. That was her passion.?

A woman who came Monday to drop off her baby burst into tears when she discovered Newman had been killed. The woman said she was a conscientious babysitter who went out of her way to make sure the children got quality playtime. She said Newman knew CPR and had her own booklets for parents outlining her policies.

A relative of the victim?s husband said, ?He?s just devastated.
After the couple separated in the fall, Chrissy Newman moved with her child to the apartment in a new subdivision in Airport Heights, where modest and slightly upscale models sit side by side. Her Burry Port Street residence backs onto a stand of evergreens that were laden down with snow Monday. Just up the street are show homes, one a half-block away advertising Sunday open houses, and new homes for sale or just under construction.

Neighbours were busy Monday morning, clearing their driveways after Sunday?s storm. Police were stationed outside the crime scene while investigators worked inside the basement apartment.

?It?s the quietest street in St. John?s,? said retiree Reuben Hatcher, who moved to the street two years ago.

?Last night everything went wild with all the police cars.?

Yu Zhou, who rented upstairs from Newman, said the police had been at the house a couple of times before.

?It?s a friendly neighbourhood, good people,? said Clem Hudson, who lives next door to the murder scene.

The RNC is asking anyone with information related to this death to call Police at 729-8000 or Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS).


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I sure hope this crime is solved soon. This lady seemed a kind, caring lady, with a family who loved her. :'( :'( :'(

We seem to have a lot of people from NFLD and the Maritimes in general, who have moved here, from years ago.


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Sometimes young and beautiful women put themselves in situations that are not safe. They tend to trust people and that is where they go wrong.  She trusted someone and probably let her guard down.  She was in the company of someone with a violent nature and did not know it.  It is sad for her family and her child to lose her. This is a warning for women to watch and be careful of the company they keep. Don't let yourself be in a situation alone with someone you don't really know, especially when alcohol is involved. Prayers to the people who lost a loved one. ???

Shelly Stokes

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Pic of Chrissy


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What a beautiful girl and such a tragic end. There must be some person the police have in mind for committing this crime. I mean this is a senseless act of violence and what are the theories, has anyone commented at all. Did they believe it was the exhusband or a new boyfriend that did this. There was good reasons probably that she moved back to Newfoundland and this is a crime that should be solved. There seems to be a lot of murders in Newfoundland of women that have not been solved, it is scary.  ??? ??? ??? ???


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This is good news that someone has been finally arrested in Chrissy's case. I send my prayers to her family and am so glad for them that there finally has been an arrest. ??? ??? ??? ???


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When O when will cops learn to stay on top of Paper Work!!  The law runs on legal forms.
When will they learn  that what they submit, how they submit it, and When they submit it, can often be more important than forensic testing.


This guy got away with murder.

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