Author Topic: Fugitive's DNA sought may have link to homicides, sex assaults: cops  (Read 7288 times)


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March 5, 2008
Fugitive's DNA sought
Man extradited from England may have link to homicides, sex assaults: cops

Geary is accused of raping and beating four Winnipeg women between June and August 1999. (Sun Media files)

Winnipeg police are hoping to obtain a DNA sample from a 44-year-old man who fled Canada eight years ago while awaiting trial for four alleged violent sexual assaults on sex-trade workers.

Police want to compare a sample from Robert Geary -- who was brought back to the city Monday after he was extradited from England, where he was serving a four-year sentence for a sex crime -- with unidentified samples from still-unsolved homicides and sexual assaults here to find out if he was involved in any of them.

Staff Sgt. Brant Bishop said he believes Geary has been looked at for unsolved crimes against prostitutes but has never been sampled for DNA.

Bishop said a sample can be obtained if Geary is convicted of any of the 12 sex charges he is facing in Winnipeg or if police get a DNA warrant.

Geary is accused of raping and beating four Winnipeg women between June and August 1999. At the time, police said whoever attacked the women may be a serial rapist.

"He's not a run-of-the-mill sexual offender by any stretch of the imagination," Bishop, who is in charge of the sex crimes unit, said yesterday.
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Police allege Geary took some of the prostitutes to a spot on Pipeline Road.

The secluded area is frequented by johns. The bodies of some murdered women have been found in that area.

While on bail in August 2000, Geary fled the country with his wife and two kids, going undetected on a flight to the United Kingdom.

Within days, city police issued a Canada-wide warrant but feared the Northern Ireland native was overseas.

Police received tips about his whereabouts, including a 2002 sighting at an airport in Frankfurt, Germany, where he worked as a mechanic.

Before police confirmed the tip, Geary had fled Germany so he wouldn't have to undergo a more thorough background check required of airline employees after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

The break came when Geary was arrested by police in Cambridge, England, in late 2004. He was convicted in October 2005 of asking prostitutes to get him an "unwashed girl" as young as six for sex, English media reported.

"I'm surprised he went as long as he did without being caught for something," Bishop said. "He was involved in a number of serious offences close together. These guys, once they get started they don't tend to stop."

Geary was extradited after an appeal process ended last month and he had finished part of his sentence, Bishop said.

Members of the sex crimes unit arrested Geary on outstanding warrants at Richardson International Airport Monday night. He is in custody.


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Re: Fugitive's DNA sought may have link to homicides, sex assaults: cops
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Wow, wonder story his DNA will tell!


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Re: Fugitive's DNA sought may have link to homicides, sex assaults: cops
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Winnipeg Free Press - PRINT EDITION
Man who preyed on prostitutes gets 8 years
Irishman was extradited to be tried for 1999 attacks
By: Mike McIntyre
Posted: 03/24/2009 1:00 AM | Comments: 0
A serial rapist from Ireland was sentenced to eight years in a Canadian prison Monday for a string of attacks on Winnipeg sex-trade workers in the summer of 1999.
Robert Geary, 45, had dodged justice for the past decade after fleeing to Europe in 2000 while out on bail awaiting trial. Police finally caught up to him in 2004 after learning he was in jail in Cambridge, England, after being convicted of procuring sex from a minor.
Police had almost nabbed Geary years earlier after he was spotted working at Frankfurt Airport, but before he could be captured, he fled -- not from police, but from a sudden tightening of security clearances for employees in the wake of Sept. 11, 2001 that would have likely hastened his capture.
Geary, an airplane mechanic who was born in Belfast, was extradited back to Canada in late 2007 after his sentence expired.
He went on trial last November on charges he attacked four young women. Queen's Bench Justice Murray Sinclair convicted him of two rapes but said the Crown had failed to prove the other two beyond a reasonable doubt.
One of his victims told court last year how Geary picked her up in the North End and then drove to a remote location in the northwest corner of the city. She said he forced her to perform various sex acts and threatened to run her over with his car when she finally managed to break free and escape. The woman said she began hearing similar tales of other sex-trade attacks by the same "bad date" -- a man the workers knew only as Bob who drove a green four-door car. She finally went to police, believing a serial predator was at work.
Crown attorney Zane Tessler told court Monday Geary treated his victims "like pieces of meat."
"Mr. Geary's conduct was vile and despicable," he said. Geary was given double-time credit for 20 months of pre-trial custody, plus another 56 months on Monday.
Four street-involved women testified against Geary at trial, one on behalf of a friend who died in April 2005. During the trial, defence lawyers contested allegations against Geary by claiming that the accusers' recall was impaired by hard-core drug use. They also said the women did not recall their attackers' accent.
Two Winnipeg Police Service sex-crimes unit officers told the Free Press earlier this year they hope Geary's conviction sends the message that police take crimes against sex workers seriously.
Republished from the Winnipeg Free Press print edition March 24, 2009 A6