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1970s Unsolved across Canada
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These are names of primarily women and children who are either missing or have been murdered and their killers not yet caught. The information is compiled through online sources, predominantly police departments and some from missing people's sites. If you have any information about any of these unsolved crimes, please contact your local police department. Most names are or will be posted in the Unsolved Murders and Missing People topic in the appropriate  province section. If you need any information about any of these names, just ask and I'll post the info.

The column headers are in order:
Date last seen; year, mo, and day found (or same date if missing); Location found (or last seen if missing); age when last seen; Last name; First name; Middle name; and, whether Missing or Murdered. Unknown people are bolded and date last seen is not available. Also, if you would like to add names according to decade, please post them here and I'll update this list to include them.

UPDATE: I've added some names. All red entries are added today - Jan 13/08

1970      1970         Hudson Hope   BC      Pare   Micheline    Murdered - HOT Probe
1970/06      1970   June      Ottawa        ON      St. Germaine   Jeanne   Murdered/Explosive device
1970/08/14   1974         Stratford   ON   15   O'Connell   Soraya   Murdered
1970/09/05   1970   September   5   Merlin   ON   57   Authier   Edith   Murdered-Stabbed/badly beaten/sexually assaulted

1970/10/13   1970   October   13   Prince George   BC   17   Frost   Helen   Claire   Missing

1971/09/10   1971   September   10   Quesnel   BC      Thomas   Mary   Agnes   Missing
1971/10/01   1971   October   3   Pickering   ON   13   Potter   Catherine      Murdered - Shot head
1971/10/01   1971   October   3   Pickering   ON   15   Kirk   Lee      Murdered - Shot head

1972/03/04   1972   March   18   Port Stanley   ON   21   Merle   Pricilla   Murdered - Dismembered
1972/05      1972   May      Williams Lake   BC   18   Duncan   Velma   Marie   Missing
1972/08/16   1972   August   16   Vaughan   ON   14      Bauer   Ingrid      Missing
1972/11/29   1972   November   30   Keele   ON   16   Leroux    Yvonne      Murdered

1973/01/02   1973   January   2   Molanosa   SK   52   Burns   Caroline      Missing
1973/04/26   1973   April   27   Toronto   ON   17   F   Tedford   Wendy      Murdered   - Shot head
1973/04/26   1973   April   27   Toronto   ON   17   F   Stearne   Donna      Murdered   - Shot head
1973/08/10   1973   August   28   Oakville   ON   17   F   Dudley   Pauline   Ivy   Murdered

1973/10/19   1974   April   6   Clearwater   BC   19   Weys   Gail      Murdered
1973/11/06   1973   November   7   Kamloops   BC   19   Darlington   Pamela      Murdered
1974/03/16   1974   March   16   Petrolia   ON   14   Caughlin   Karen   Abducted and hit by 1970-71 performance vehicle
1974/03/24   1974   March   24   Chatam   NB   56   F   Redmond   Mary   Beatrice   Murdered
1974/05/31   1974   May   31   Aurora   ON   7   Hanson   Cheryl      Missing
1974/06/13   1974   June   17   Dryed   ON   19   Asslin   Susan      Murdered
1974/06/22   1974   June   22   Churchill   MB   13   F   Yassie   Annie   Missing - Last seen with adult male in a taxi
1974   July   24   Penticton   BC   20's   UNKNOWN         Murdered
1974/07/26   1974   July   26   Halifax   NS      Knickle   Helen   Diane   Murdered
1974/08/09   1974   September   4   Lac La Hache   BC   16   McMillan   Colleen      Murdered
1974/08/13   1974   August   25   King Township   ON   21   Singh   Dianna   Veronica   Murdered
1974/12/09   1974   December   9   Raglan   ON   22   Smith   Beverly      Murdered
1974/12/13   1975   April   6   Terrace   BC   15   Ignas   Monica   Strangled - HOT Probe
1975/??/??   1975         Strathroy   ON   66   F   Gibbons   Irene   Strangled in home - not assaulted
1975/02/21   1975   February   22   Langley   BC   22   Roe   Deborah      Murdered
1975/03/29   1975   April   1   Montreal   QC   16   Prior   Sharron   Mutlilated/Asphyxiation/beaten
1975/04/24   1975   April   24   Edmonton   AB   11   Ewanciw   Karen      Murdered
1975/05/05   Casselman, ON   25-50   UNKNOWN   Murdered
1975/05/14   1975   May   14   Etobicoke   ON   5   Bruney   Tracey   Murdered   by drowning - not assaulted
1975/05/31   1974   May   31   Aurora   ON   7   Hanson   Cheryl      Missing
1975/08/03   1975   August   3   Hudson Bay   SK   16   Scherban    Irene   Dorothy   Missing
1975/08/20   1975   August   21   Markham   ON   18   Kundinger   Tracy      Murdered
1975/09/24   1975   November   17   Mission   BC   11   Herbert   Kathryn   Mary   Murdered
1975/10/24   1975   October   24   Winipeg   MB   27   Cannon   Donna   Hale   Murdered
1976      1982         Abbotsford BC   15   Hildebrandt, Theresa - Murdered/Head trauma?
1976      1976         Montreal   QC   21 M-F   Jean   Carol   Stabbed - with Claudia but not related by blood
1976      1976         Montreal   QC   21 M-F   Jean   Claudia   Stabbed - with Carol but not related by blood

1976/01/09   1976   January   9   Cochrane   AB   16   Brazeau   Pauline   E   Murdered
1976/06/06   1976   June   6   Winnipeg   MB   22   Supleve   Johanne   Madeleine    Murdered
1976/07/01   1981   March   24   Morley   AB   19   White   Tara   Jane   Murdered
1976/07/16   1976   July   17   North Vancouver   BC   16   Duncan   Rhona   Strangled
1976/08/02   1976   August   2   Devon   AB   17   Goudreau   Marie      Murdered
1976/09/16   1976   September   16   Cochrane   AB      Rehorek   Melissa   Ann   Murdered
1976/10/30   1976   October   30   Halifax   NS      Keeble   Florence   Ann   Murdered
   1977            PQ   10   Dube   Manon      Murdered
1977/02/26   1977   February   26   Calgary   AB      Maclean   Barbara   Jean   Murdered
1977/04/17   1977   April   19   Winnipeg   MB   55   Kabelo   Evelyn   Edith   Murdered

1978/1977   1979   April   8   Banff   AB   24-25   UNKNOWN   Murdered - nude/skeletal remains were found 330 metres off the Trans-Canada Highway in the Banff National park
1978/01      1978   Good Friday   Ayer's Cliff   QC   10   Dube   Manon   Murdered - Found in creek - SK from area suspected
1978/02/18   1978   February   18   Parry Sound   ON   19   Gregory   Mary   Frances   Missing
1978   March      Magog   PQ   20   Camirand   Louise      Murdered - Strangled with military bootlace - SK from area suspected
1978/03/26   1978         Prince Rupert   BC      Hill   Mary   Jane   Murdered
1978/04/01   1978   April   1   Quenel   BC      Johal   Santokh       Missing
1978/05/06   1978   May   6   Merritt   BC   14   Jack   Monica      Missing
1978/08/12   1978   November      Sunderland   ON   21   Silverman   Debbie      Murdered
1978/09/12   1979   September   12   Vancouver   BC   34   O'Dare   Lillian   Jean   Missing
1978/11/03   1979   April      Magog   PQ   19   Allore   Theresa      Murdered - SK from area suspected
1979/03/30   1979   March   30   Vancouver   BC   33   Allen   Wendy   Louise   Missing
1979/04/01   1979   April   1   Quesnel   BC      Johal   Santokh          Missing
1979/04/21   1979   April   21   La Loche   SK   14   Montgrand   Myrna      Missing
1979/07/27   1979   July   31   Markham   ON   33   McLaughlin    Katherine   Elizabeth   Murdered
1979/08/03   1979   August   3   Prince Albert   SK   34   Johnson   June   Ann   Missing
1979/08/22   1996   April   21   Fredericton   NB   22   Ferguson   Dora      Murdered
1979/08/24   1979   August   24   Quesnel   BC      Hackh   Janice   Ellisabeth   Missing
1979/09/26   1979   October   21   Penticton   BC   12   Duff   Susan      Murdered
1979/11/15   1979   November   16   Winnipeg   MB   31   Pearson   Emily   Irene   Murdered
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Re: 1970s Unsolved across Canada
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Now, isn't that interesting. ??? These cases are well known to me with the exception of the Montreal ones.The Kirk and Potter cases are with the OPP, whereas the Tedford and Stearne cases are still with TPS. I am going to get a friend to look it up in archives for me unless you have the source Des?

1971/10/01   1971   October   3   Pickering   ON   13   Potter   Catherine - Shot head
1971/10/01   1971   October   3   Pickering   ON   15   Kirk   Lee  - Shot head

1973/04/26   1973   April   27   Toronto   ON   17   F   Tedford   Wendy   - Shot head
1973/04/26   1973   April   27   Toronto   ON   17   F   Stearne   Donna    - Shot head

1976    Montreal   QC   21 M-F   Jean   Carol   Stabbed -  not related
1976    Montreal   QC   21 M-F   Jean   Claudia   Stabbed - not related


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Re: 1970s Unsolved across Canada
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I have placed an item about two persons murdered in South Carolina on August 9, 1976. This story is in the Readers Digest, I just received today. The two were a young man and woman between the ages of 18 and 26. Both were shot in the back and underneath the chin with a 357 mangnum pistol. I don't know how to copy what I already wrote there on this site, but it should be on the Canada site too. They feel that they were Canadians, but I just bet that at the time there would have been a lot of publicity about it and someone would have come forward. What I cant understand is they have found the person that had this gun, it just seemed to end there. This just seems unreal that this was not solved. A great mystery with a Canadian connection. ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???


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Re: 1970s Unsolved across Canada
« Reply #3 on: August 20, 2008, 10:10:40 PM »
This case is on here somewhere Capeheart, but I can't remember what it is under. Very interesting case though. I hope someday these two will be identified.


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Re: 1970s Unsolved across Canada
« Reply #4 on: August 20, 2008, 11:08:42 PM »
I think this might be the link to the same case. I initially thought of the Yakimchuk Pettit case but seems that it isn't the same individuals.,1913.0.html


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Re: 1970s Unsolved across Canada
« Reply #5 on: August 20, 2008, 11:19:47 PM »
Thanks Haunted, that is the case. I couldn't remember what it was under or who posted it. Very interesting case. It's so odd that no one ever came forward to claim these people. I think the article I read said that they could have been from out of the country. If I remember correctly that was based simply on their appearance and skin tone. I will have to refresh my mind on this case, maybe I will re read it tomorrow.


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Re: 1970s Unsolved across Canada
« Reply #6 on: August 21, 2008, 05:06:51 PM »
Thanks, I did read the articles you had listed. This article in the Readers Digest seems to give some information, but not a great deal. It seems like a long time for no identificaiton on who they were, I cannot believe that anyone would disown their children in this manner. It sure seems that there has to be some very cold hearted parents out there if that is the case. ??? ??? ??? ??? ???


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Re: 1970s Unsolved across Canada
« Reply #7 on: December 01, 2010, 08:50:19 PM »
Chris, are you still taking updates to this list?  Is it possible to add Adele Komorowski (murdered in Hamilton in 1973)  to the list?   As I posted on her thread, I confirmed with Hamilton Police this week that her case has never been solved.


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Re: 1970s Unsolved across Canada
« Reply #8 on: April 09, 2012, 11:36:00 PM »
Found the following unsolved cases on the NB RCMP website

Gagnon, Claire - Homicide
On May 24, 1970, 16-year-old Claire Gagnon of Gould Street in Dieppe N.B. did not return home for Sunday dinner at 5 p.m. This was out of the ordinary for the teenager and concerned her parents. The last confirmed sighting of Claire Gagnon was sometime between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. that same day. On May 25, 1970, some 24 hours later, her body was discovered not far from her home. Follow up investigation confirmed Claire Gagnon was the victim of a homicide. Over the 40 years since her death, there have been numerous leads and investigators assigned to the file, however, to this date the person or persons responsible for her death have yet to be identified.

Redmond, Mary Beatrice : Murder - File 1996-083

On March 24, 1974, the body of 56-year-old Mary Beatrice Redmond was found in the entrance of her residence located on the second floor of 88 Bridge Street, in Chatham Head, N.B. The investigation revealed that Mrs. Redmond, was at the 7:00 p.m. Catholic Mass. She then stopped at the Henderson Convenience Store to purchase cigarettes and a newspaper. It would be the last time she was seen alive. Her leather purse, cigarettes, the newspaper and her light brown leather jacket have not been found.

Wedge, Michelle : Missing Person
On July 2, 1975 7 1/2 year old Michelle Wedge of Dominion Street in Moncton left her residence at approximately 8:30 p.m. on her bicycle. Witnesses reported that she was last seen riding her bicycle in the area of John and Dominion Street in Moncton. She has not been seen or heard of since. Her bicycle was found late that evening on the southwest corner of John and Dominion Streets. At the time of her disappearance she was wearing navy blue shorts, navy blue knee length socks, navy blue sandals and a red and white T-shirt. Michelle Lise Wedge was described as being: 4' tall (122 cms), brown eyes, slender/thin, light/fair complexion and light brown hair.
Dallaire, Philibert : Murder - File 2007-454275
On May 14, 1977, between 10 p.m. and 10:20 p.m., 57-year-old Philibert Dallaire of Cormierville, N.B., was viciously attacked with a baseball bat after getting out of his vehicle while he made his way to his house. Mr. Dallaire was later found unconscious and bleeding just outside his back step with severe trauma to his head. The culprits removed his wallet and its contents except for personal papers and then threw the wallet in the ditch in front of the house. It was fairly common knowledge within the community of Cormierville that Mr. Dallaire regularly carried a substantial amount of money. Mr. Dallaire never regained consciousness and later died in hospital on May 23, 1977 as a result of the injuries he received in the attack.

Swanson, George Edward : Murder - File 2007-454294
A few days before December 21, 1977, George Edward Swanson went to the Hub City Lounge, located at 636 Salisbury Road in Moncton, N.B., with a few acquaintances. Swanson and a friend sat down, and were joined by others. After midnight, Swanson and others are believed to have visited other locations in the city. Then, sometime during the early morning hours, Swanson was driven toward Turtle Creek, N.B. The vehicle turned onto the Dewey Road, and drove almost to the end where the snowplow turns when cleaning the road. Here, Swanson was removed from the car by more than one person, and shot to death with a 12-gauge shotgun. Swanson's body was found in the snow, on the Dewey Road on Wednesday, December 21, 1977.

Ferguson, Dora : Murder - File 2006-124115
22-year-old Dora Ferguson of Island View, N.B. was last seen alive as she was walking along the Trans Canada Highway at Island View on August 22, 1979. On April 21, 1996, skeletal remains were found in a garbage bag by a man out walking along the Valley Trail just outside Fredericton, N.B. The remains were later positively identified as being those of Dora Ferguson and it was determined that she had been murdered.


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Re: 1970s Unsolved across Canada
« Reply #9 on: April 14, 2012, 07:02:24 AM »
There was a murder back in 1973-74 of aug, of a young girl16 years of age. it happened down off city road next to the bakery, looking for info on the young girls name anyone with any info on this please let me know thanks :)
very imoprtant!!
I have never heard that, Angelbear but then I hadn't heard of Michelle Lise Wedge disappearing from Moncton in /75 until fairly recently. The only girl I remember, of that age, is Kim Amero but she has never been found and that was about 10 years later. I'll try to remember to ask around for you.


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Re: 1970s Unsolved across Canada
« Reply #10 on: April 28, 2012, 09:15:47 PM »
Wendy Louise Allen
Wendy Louise Allen was found safe in June 2006. She had been missing since March 30, 1979 from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

This info found online at  "The Doe Network closed cases "


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Re: 1970s Unsolved across Canada
« Reply #11 on: September 03, 2013, 05:45:35 PM »
There was a girl I was friends with ( KIM FIELDS ) that moved from London to Saint Thomas, Ontario to begin a new family, her mother was marrying a local Police Officer. I'm guessing between 1974-1977 . I was informed her remains were found ( Year? ) I'm not sure if that was her name, my twin brother thinks that was her name. One more thing she also has a younger brother that's a survivor. Please help I've been concern since then when they lived in London Ontario at the( Ghetto) The term was used because her brother would remember it's on Millbank Drive. 

Have faith

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Re: 1970s Unsolved across Canada
« Reply #12 on: September 03, 2013, 07:45:57 PM »
Hi melon2,

There are no unsolved cases listed on the OPP or London Police web sites for a Kim--or Kim Fields. Unfortunately, I can't recall this case.  You could contact the OPP and ask them about it.  They should have a record, or the London Police should.

I'd be interested in hearing what you find out.

Have faith


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Re: 1970s Unsolved across Canada
« Reply #13 on: September 03, 2013, 10:09:35 PM »
Thanks for the details. I've tried London, but not OPP.


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Re: 1970s Unsolved across Canada
« Reply #14 on: September 25, 2014, 01:14:35 PM »

RE: Kim Fields

I found an article with a mentioning of her -
Read the link.

I am showing excerpts as the article is primarily about a judge and his retirement.

McDermid was appointed to the bench in Elgin County in 1976, then to London in 1985.

Early in his career, he tried the kidnapping case of Kenneth Whitcroft, a St. Thomas man accused of kidnapping a Free Press paper girl, Kim Fields.

Before McDermid gave his judgment, police told him they suspected someone in the courtroom was armed and planned to kill Whitcroft. Police told him to be ready to "to hit the deck".

McDermid acquitted Whitcroft for lack of evidence and two officers later followed him home to ensure he arrived safely. The girl's body was found years later and Whitcroft was convicted of murder.


Hope this helps.