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Chris Watcheson-age 21

** Edit-he was from Ontario
It has been stated by police that he has been in Calgary for one year. So, in 2006 he was elsewhere we can assume.

**I will add here that he was in Calgary for eight months we know now, but he was apparently working up in Fort Mac  before that.

Okay, well this guy is 18-19 in 2005. Let?s see what else from that date forward went on, on the other hand this could be a one off occurrence. Let?s have a look either way- no harm in having a look, we will know more soon enough!

Amber Redman- Fort Qu'appelle SK July 2005
Melanie Geddes- Regina SK August 2005
Ruth Degayo- Canmore AB January 7, 2006
Michelle Desjarlais- Regina SK February 11, 2006
Marie Lasas- September 21, 2006 Saskatoon SK
Fonessa Bruyere- August , 2007 Winnipeg MB

**Edit to say he may have been around Edmonton too, since he was in Fort Mac. ??? ???

Coordinates of my previous triangulation, adding the location of his brothers home;

Chris Watcheson?s brothers house.

51? 2'35.41"N  113?59'17.78"W     

On August 20th at approximately 11pm a house in the 18 hundred block of 43 street SE was set on fire. A week later there was another fire a half a block away.   

51? 2'14.94"N   113?58'17.45"W

Wendy Hewko- Aug. 1, 2007  (Last seen mid July)
51? 2'14.76"N    114? 0'40.57"W

Tara Landgraf- Aug. 5, 2007
51? 2'6.44"N  114? 2'38.73"W

All of this is to say that i am thinking this is not his first attack, since his brother moves in to Radisson about July, 2007 and then pretty much right away that area becomes murder central, but not like shootings, but attacks on vulnerable woman.I am wrong a lot but it looks convincing somehow. What do you all think ???

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