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Re: Arcelie Laoagan, 40 | Unsolved Murder | Jan 2007
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CALGARY -- Cops say the slaying of a woman whose body was found near a northeast train station may have been random, but the case is stalled until they are able to identify the victim.

Homicide Staff Sgt. Kevin Forsen said police are working with the family of missing Filipino immigrant Arcelie Laoagan, but have been unable to determine if she is the victim through physical identification or fingerprints.

Forsen would not reveal how the victim died or whether her body is too disfigured to identify.

He said police are hoping DNA testing will reveal the answer.

Laoagan, 40, was reported missing when she didn't return home from work at a southwest Calgary printing company last Thursday.

Friends said she made a panicked phone call to a friend to say she was being assaulted. Then the line went dead.

At 6 a.m. last Friday, a blood-soaked body was found near a southeast C-Train station.

Forsen said police are scouring hundreds of hours of videotapes from across the LRT network to track her last moments.
 ??? ??? ???


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Re: Arcelie Laoagan, 40 | Unsolved Murder | Jan 2007
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It is odd how they or reporting in this case Fisrt it was her that was found and Now she is found somewere alce. ???


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Re: Arcelie Laoagan, 40 | Unsolved Murder | Jan 2007
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January 23, 2008

Police issue warning in wake of Calgary woman's death: Avoid deserted areas, don't let down your guard
Marlyn Hori can barely speak between sobs, so she hands her brother the phone.

"I'm sorry, it's too hard to speak right now," Marlyn apologizes, struggling to finish her sentence.

Oswald Sombrito, her brother, takes the phone, and then fights back his own tears.

He confirms they've heard the bitter news.

Their sister, 40-year-old Arcelie Laoagan, may have been murdered at random, her body dumped by an arbitrary killer who only attacked Arcelie because she was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

"It doesn't make sense," says Oswald, his voice hoarse with grief.

The chilling bulletin, issued by police yesterday morning, is almost unheard of in Calgary: All women should beware a killer on the prowl.

Police say the possibility that Arcelie was attacked by a random murderer means no female in Calgary should relax their guard.

Deserted areas -- including transit platforms and bus stops -- should be avoided.

"If you are suspicious of someone, trust your instincts. Scream or use a personal emergency alarm to attract attention," reads the bulletin.

The warning comes before Arcelie's two sisters and brother, flown in from Toronto, have seen their sister's body, confronting what some person, possibly a stranger, did to her.

"We're waiting for the phone call. Then we have to identify the body," Oswald says.

Calgary's medical examiner has determined what killed the victim of last Thursday's murderous attack, but can't release details of the death, in order to protect the police investigation.

Despite church services and a grieving family, Arcelie isn't officially dead until her siblings do what every family dreads: identifies the body. They've been asked to submit DNA to help confirm what they know in their hearts.

Until then, she is Jane Doe, lying alone in the cold, stainless-steel surrounds of Calgary's morgue.

Since arriving in Calgary with his grieving sisters, 31-year-old Oswald has suspected Arcelie may have fallen victim to a random attack, her missing purse pointing to a possible robbery.

Oswald says he couldn't fathom why anyone would plan to kill his sister, a devout Christian and loving mother.

"I haven't got a clue why anyone would hurt her," he says.

Security videos show Arcelie leaving the Franklin LRT station before she died. Oswald says he worries the killer may strike again, and he issues his own warning to Calgary women: avoid taking transit or walking alone at night.

"Just be careful -- if you go home by yourself, take a cab," says Oswald.

Pastor Denzel Fenn, patriarch preacher at the Calgary Full Gospel Church where Arcelie prayed, says the police warning of a random killer will make it all the harder to comfort the many single women in his congregation.

"I agree they need to use extreme caution, and to do everything they can to protect themselves -- you don't know who is around," Fenn says, while preparing for tomorrow night's memorial service for Arcelie.

Fenn says he is especially concerned about young parishioners taking transit at night.

"They're young and alone, and people have a place to hide, and there's no way to see someone coming," he says.

Worries over C-Train safety have been raised again and again over the past few weeks, with city council ordering a full safety review of the system.

Before Christmas, two women were assaulted in separate attacks at the university after leaving the C-Train station.

One man was arrested and charged with sexual assault, while the second assailant escaped.

While the transit safety review mainly targets rowdy teens, annoying drunks and petty thieves, aldermen want police to add C-Trains to their night and downtown patrols, in a bid to stop more serious crimes.

Ald. Diane Colley-Urquhart, one of the aldermen spearheading the safety review, says the city must do everything possible to protect passengers and women in general.

"It's so sad -- Arcelie probably travelled this path many times going home from work," says Colley-Urquhart.

"We can never let our guard down and must do all we can to limit the opportunity these criminals have.

"It's such a tragic loss of a mother and one of our newer citizens, who was just working hard and minding her own business."


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Re: Arcelie Laoagan, 40 | Unsolved Murder | Jan 2007
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The Calgary Police Service has recovered a ladies boot
believed to belong to a recent homicide victim.

The brown zip-up boot was located by officers near the area
where the victim was found.

The Homicide Unit continues to work with the Office of the
Chief Medical Examiner to identify the deceased woman.

Autopsy findings have been inconclusive and further testing
is needed.

The Medical Examiner has confirmed the woman was the victim
of foul play and confirmed her death as a homicide.

The victim was found in the 2800 block of Memorial Drive,
near the Franklin C-Train station, on Friday, January 18,

Police continue to ask for public assistance in locating a
purse believed to belong to the victim. Investigators are
asking residents in the communities of Radisson Heights,
Alberta Park, Forest Heights and Forest Lawn to thoroughly
inspect their garbage bins for the missing item.

The purse is described as being a medium brown ladies purse,

approximately one foot long and one foot deep, with a
shoulder strap. It has a half moon shape and several shiny
dots or decorative sequins attached. It could contain
identification, a cellular telephone and other items
belonging to the victim.

If anyone has information relating to this crime, please call
the Calgary Police Service Homicide Tip Line at 206-8877, the
Calgary Police Service at 266-1234 or Crime Stoppers,
anonymously, at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).


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Re: Arcelie Laoagan, 40 | Unsolved Murder | Jan 2007
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Police warn women to be cautious as they hunt for killer

Victim's family says her face was beaten so badly they could not identify her
Last Updated: Tuesday, January 22, 2008 | 5:49 PM MT

Calgary police renewed their warnings to women to take precautions while walking at night after an autopsy confirmed Tuesday that a woman found dead last week near the Franklin LRT station was a victim of foul play.

Arcelie Laoagan was found dead near the Franklin LRT station. She was making her way home after working an evening shift.
(Laoagan family) The medical examiner's office is withholding the cause of death of the victim, named by family as Arcelie Laoagan, for investigative reasons.Investigators said the homicide may have been a random attack and are looking at other reports of sexual assault in the city in recent weeks for similarities.Police are telling women to stay in well-lit areas at night and with groups of people if they are waiting for transit. They also said women should scream and draw attention to themselves if they feel they are in danger.
Investigators said surveillance video shows Laoagan leaving the Franklin LRT station at about 10:30 p.m. Thursday night. Her body was found near the station on Friday morning. Laoagan, 40, worked the evening shift at West Canadian Graphics, a document-scanning company, trying to make enough money to bring her husband and five boys to Canada from the Philippines.
"The first time we heard the news, we can't believe," Oswald Sombrito, Laoagan's younger brother, said Monday. "It's like a dream. It's really a nightmare."
Police cordoned off an area near the Franklin LRT station Friday after Arcelie Laoagan's body was found by a passerby.

He and two other sisters flew in from Toronto to arrange for Laoagan's body to be sent back to the Philippines for burial.Immigration officials said Monday they will make an exception and leave Laoagan's application open for her family to come to Canada.Jane Mugford, vice-president of West Canadian Graphics, said the company has set up a $10,000 trust to help the family, even though Laoagan had only been with the company for five weeks.Police comparing recent sexual assaults Even though Laoagan's family has named her as the victim, they told CBC News her face was beaten so badly that they could not positively identify her on Tuesday. Staff Sgt. Kevin Forsen said "conventional methods" of identifying the deceased have not worked and police are waiting for DNA analysis and help from the government in the Philippines.

Calgary police said they're looking at comparing the homicide with other cases, including a reported sexual assault in the Ogden area on Sunday.A 32-year-old woman reported being grabbed by an unknown man while walking home from a southeast pub at about 1:30 a.m. Sunday. She said she was able to escape her attacker by kicking him in the shin. He ran after her and grabbed her again. She managed to kick him in the groin and get into her home safely, said police.

The suspect in that case is described as:
?   Caucasian, 30 to 35 years old.
?   Six-feet tall, 180 pounds.
?   Wearing a black toque, blue nylon pullover jacket and baggy jeans.
?   Brown hair, long sideburns.
?   Piercing in his lower lip and a tattoo on the back of his hand.

Police looking for two missing items

In the Laoagan case, Calgary police are still looking for a missing purse and a brown boot the victim was believed to have been wearing the night of her death. Investigators are asking southeast residents near where Laoagan's body was found to check their garbage bins for a brown purse, shaped like a half moon with a shoulder strap. It's decorated with several shiny dots or sequins and may contain the victim's cellphone and identification. They're also looking for a brown ladies ankle boot with a zipper up the side.
Police said large dumpsters in the area are being searched for the items before they're taken to a landfill.


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Re: Arcelie Laoagan, 40 | Unsolved Murder | Jan 2007
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Security image captures slain woman's last movements 

Last Updated: Wednesday, January 23, 2008 | 6:06 PM MT
CBC News
Calgary police hope a grainy image from a surveillance camera will be enough to jog witnesses' memories as they continue to investigate the death of a woman found near an LRT station.A grainy image from a surveillance camera may be enough to jog witnesses' memories as Calgary police continue to investigate the death of a woman found near an LRT station last week. Calgary police released a security video image of Arcelie Laoagan at an LRT station shortly before she was killed.

(Calgary Police Service)

Police believe the woman, identified by family as Arcelie Laoagan, 40, was slain in a random attack and have issued a warning to Calgary women to avoid deserted transit platforms and bus stops, and to stay in well-lit areas or in groups when out at night.
Investigators released a photo of the victim Wednesday, hoping it will elicit information from anyone who may have been on the northeast leg of the McKnight-Westwinds C-Train between 10 p.m. and 11 p.m. on Jan. 17. The image, from an LRT surveillance camera, shows her wearing a three-quarter-length black coat, a black toque, light-coloured pants and brown zip-up boots. Police said the image was taken shortly before she was killed.


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Blogger bits
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These are comments from local Calgary Bloggers;

Arcelie Laoagan was murdered last Thursday evening here in Calgary. On her way home from the downtown around 10:00 PM, having left one of the two jobs she worked, she was killed, police believe, as she left one of the LTR stations in the city?s northeast area, along the path from the Franklin Station. They also believe that she had been harassed and followed on the train by the person who eventually attacked her from the corner of 8th Street and 7th Avenue SW all the way northeast. The 40 year old mother of five who only recently immigrated to Canada from the Philippines, settling first in Toronto, and then moving west, is Calgary?s fourth homicide.

Arcelie Laoagan left work around 11pm Thursday, January 17th. On Saturday morning, January 19th, the Calgary community was shocked to hear about this horrific death that occurred while Arcelie Laogan was taking the Calgary C-Train at night. Arcelie, 40 years old & a mother to 5 children in the Philippines, was said to be on her cell phone talking to one of her friends while someone was harassing her that night.Her body was found near the Franklin LRT C-Train station in the North East on Friday morning.

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Re: Arcelie Laoagan, 40 | Unsolved Murder | Jan 2007
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Anita Gilavish date, to answer your question Des-not sure but will look again. ;D


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Re: Arcelie Laoagan, 40 | Unsolved Murder | Jan 2007
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Note the changes in police geographic focus. Call me wired weird, but i think we have a racially motivated criminal here.  He hates them "immigrants" hates then "whores"  and "homosexual churches" and has lived/circulated in this hood for a while-definitely more than a year. I am guessing him to be about 36-46, white male, documented mental health issues (they should be pouring over intake records with local mental health personnel-this guy did not pop out of the ground). Let me know if any of you want to see my map of where this criminal may reside. There was a specific incident in Calgary that i was looking at before this homicide that had me take notice. I also believe he has been to Arcelie's church, in fact i think he may just visit many churches??

Date: Sat Jan 19
Investigators are asking the public, especially residents of
the Albert Park, Radisson Heights and Fonda neighborhoods,
for help in locating the victim?s purse and boot.

Date: Wed Jan 23
Investigators are
asking residents in the communities of Radisson Heights,
Albert Park, Forest Heights and Forest Lawn
to thoroughly
inspect their yards and garbage bins for the missing item.


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Re: Arcelie Laoagan, 40 | Unsolved Murder | Jan 2007
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"I think it's a planned homicide.

Unorganized, yes but semi planned-i think he may be under pressure and reacted. I think he is also responsible for Wendy Hewko, which was very planned, and then Tara Landgraf where he was slightly out of his area, and then this-right at home. If he is involved in all three events- this is escalation, he is out of control and will be hunted down.

Dutton said the fact there was an apparent "lame attempt to cover up his tracks" indicates "we're talking about a crazy, whacked-out" killer on the loose in Calgary.

The lame attempt, without being so over dramatic also tells us that he lives in this neighbourhood,or did at one time and he was likely on foot that night after the murder took place-which will aid police in locating him.
Only a matter of days before Calgary may have some answers considering the use of video is so prolific in the Calgary core and C-train system. I hope for Calgary to have some answers soon. :'(

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Re: Arcelie Laoagan, 40 | Unsolved Murder | Jan 2007
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Police finally have positive identification for body of woman found in Calgary

Thu Jan 24 22:35:04 CST 2008


CALGARY - Calgary police have made an arrest in the slaying of a 41-year-old woman from the Philippines whose body was found near a transit station last week.
Arcelie Sombrito de Laoagan was last heard from when she made a frantic phone call to a friend saying she was being attacked while coming home from work on Jan. 17.

Her badly beaten body was found the next morning.

The crime had Calgary police warning women to be careful when travelling in the city alone, especially at night.

 ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D they arrested someone!!!!!


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Re: Arcelie Laoagan, 40 | Unsolved Murder | Jan 2007
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Police arrest suspect in LRT murder case ;D

Mourners cheer upon hearing news at memorial service
Sherri Zickefoose and Gwendolyn Richards, Calgary Herald
Published: Thursday, January 24, 2008
Calgary police have made an arrest in the case involving last week's killing of Arcelie Sombrito de Laoagan near the Franklin transit station.
A man was taken into custody Thursday afternoon, just hours before hundreds of mourners filed into a church to bid farewell to Laoagan.
Police have concluded the violent attack was a random act.
Duty inspector Guy Slater announces Thursday night that police have made an arrest in the LRT murder case.
"Our belief remains that this homicide was a random act," said duty inspector Guy Slater during a press conference Thursday night following the memorial service at Calgary Full Gospel Church. "We want to know why, how and who."
The 41-year-old Laoagan's battered body was found last Friday near the Franklin LRT station.
Police announced the arrest at a reception after the memorial service for Laoagan. When they shared the news, the room erupted into cheers.Police also told the assembled friends and relatives the man they arrested was in his 20s.
Laoagan, a mother of five who had been working in Calgary to support her family in the Philippines, was disfigured beyond recognition after the attack. Using samples of the dead woman's fingerprints supplied by Laoagan's family -- and with the help of the Philippine consulate general's office in Calgary -- officials confirmed her identity Thursday, police spokesman Kevin Brookwell said.
Laoagan's body was released Thursday morning and is expected to be flown back to the Philippines for burial.

I was wrong in my guessing, but no harm in trying-i am just so very pleased they caught him before he hurt someone else!
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Re: Arcelie Laoagan, 40 | Unsolved Murder | Jan 2007
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Glad to hear this!


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Re: Arcelie Laoagan, 40 | Unsolved Murder | Jan 2007
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currently awaiting trial for criminal offences including assault causing bodily harm in an unrelated case

The guy who was arrested was out on bail for the above offence! What judge gave this guy a low enough bail that he could go out and kill someone???

These frikin judges just do not get it! Violent people like to be violent, being nice to them or asking them to please be nice will not stop them from being violent.


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Re: Arcelie Laoagan, 40 | Unsolved Murder | Jan 2007
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January 25, 2008 - Arcelie Laoagan trust fund donations exceed $20,000

Thank you to all who have donated so generously to the Arcelie Laoagan trust fund. With just over $20,000 so far, we have covered the funeral and transportation expenses of approximately $15,000. That leaves $5,000 in the fund for Arcelie's five boys. We really need to keep this going to continue her dream of having her children come to Canada. Please see the news release from January 22 below on how you can help.