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Thomas Svekla's numerous vehicles
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Police seize vehicles owned by murder suspect

Updated Mon. May. 15 2006 10:13 PM ET News Staff

Police have seized some vehicles linked to Thomas George Svekla, a High Level, Alta. man charged with killing a sex trade worker.

"Well, they were interested in all of them," an Edmonton-area auto wrecking yard operator, who asked not to be identified, told CTV Edmonton on Monday. "They took them away, so I think they're just checking for any kind of evidence," he said. Police executed a search warrant on the four vehicles -- three full-size sedans and one SUV -- on Friday. They now sit in an Edmonton forensics garage. CTV Edmonton reported that according to the operator, Svekla's sister had asked for the vehicles to be stored at the yard while her brother was serving a jail sentence."A Ford LTD and one Buick was driveable. The other one he was using for parts or something like that," the operator said.

Asked if he'd ever looked inside, the operator said: "I might have glanced inside them, but I never really opened the doors to look inside or stuff like that."CTV Edmonton said a source who had seen the search warrant said there were the names of at least three women included.One was Rachel Quinney, an Edmonton sex trade worker. Police found the 19-year-old Quinney's remains in June 2004 near Sherwood Park, an Edmonton bedroom community just east of the city.Svekla, 38, has been charged with second-degree murder of Theresa Merrie Innes, 36. He is also charged with indecently interfering with a dead body. Svekla will next appear in court on May 25.

Project Kare

The RCMP say they cannot publicly comment on anything to do with this investigation. Edmonton has seen a number of sex trade workers disappear and turn up dead. At a May 9 news conference announcing the arrest, RCMP Cpl. Wayne Oakes said: "We are very mindful of the fact that we have a number of outstanding deaths. "At this point in time we have one person charged with one death.
"It would be very unfair and potentially wrong to jump to a conclusion before investigators have had a chance to go over the investigation to examine all the details and to in fact complete the investigation process.''

Project Kare, a joint RCMP-Edmonton city police task force, has spent two years investigating the deaths or disappearances of about 80 people who led high-risk lifestyles.That total includes about a dozen Edmonton-area prostitutes who have died since 1988.
In June 2005, Project Kare investigators said they believed a serial killer is responsible for some or all of the murders.

Police seize more vehicles from accused prostitute killer
Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Florence Loyie, CanWest News Service; Edmonton Journal
Published: Wednesday, May 17, 2006

EDMONTON - RCMP seized four more vehicles belonging to the man accused of killing an Edmonton prostitute in High Level, Alta., and transporting her body more than 700 kilometres to Fort Saskatchewan in a hockey bag. The vehicles three sedans and a Chevy Bronco four-by-four were seized from a wrecking yard northeast of Edmonton where they had been stored for about four years.

Thomas George Svekla, 38, was charged with second-degree murder and interfering with a dead body after the body of Theresa Merrie Innes, 36, was found at a residence in Fort Saskatchewan on May 7 after police received a tip.

A relative of Svekla's had asked if they could store the vehicles in the wrecking yard, said the owner, who added his company's only connection to the accused is that he used to sell him car parts years ago.The vehicles are now being examined at an Edmonton forensic garage. On May 8, RCMP searched two rooms of the Family Motel in High Level, and towed a red and silver pick-up with a silver canopy from a tire company's lot, where Svekla had worked as a mechanic until earlier this year. The truck had been parked there for the last several months.

Innes, who may have also been know as Terri or Theresa Goodwin, was last seen alive in High Level on Sept. 5, according to RCMP.


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Re: Thomas Svekla's numerous vehicles
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Here is what I want to know is why were these women up there and not in Edmonton.Who brought them there and why.Could they not work in Edmonton for some reason. ???