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Melina Martin- Farnham, PQ Jan. 23rd, 2006
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Girl disappeared 13 years
January 26, 2005
 Police post at the MRC Brome-Missisquoi currently investigating the disappearance of a young girl of 13 years, Melina Martin of Santa Sabina. She was last seen, on Jan. 23, around 13 h 30, Bourbonnais park in Farnham, in the province of Quebec, Canada.
 At the time of her disappearance, she was wearing jeans with fur at the bottom, a beige jacket, jeans with a jacket with fur sleeves and a black coat with a fur cap with a white scarf and rose gloves . She has piercings, several loops in each ear and one in the navel. She also has a piercing in the lower lip.

Physical Description
?   Race: White
?   Height: 1.60 m
?   Weight: 52 kg
?   Hair: red  with a blonde highlights.
?   Speaks french
Anyone who has information on the comings and goings of the young girl may transmit to Info-Crime Quebec at 1 800 711 1800.

Extra Media here on Melina Martin and Diane Carrier;


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Re: Melina Martin- Farnham, PQ Jan. 23rd, 2006
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Case Number: 0509951

Missing Since: 23 January 2005

Missing From: Sainte-Sabine, Quebec, CANADA

Details: Melina was last seen at a park in Farnham, Quebec.

Missing Child:


Date of Birth: 12 January 1992
Sex: Female
Hair: Light Brown
Eye: Green
Height: 160 cm (Unknown)
Weight: 52 kg (115 lb)
Additional Information: Melina's picture was age-progressed to 15 years old. Melina has piercings in her navel, lower lip, and multiple piercings in her ears.
Alias(es): Mélina MARTIN

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Re: Melina Martin- Farnham, PQ Jan. 23rd, 2006
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La Voix de l'Est
(Farnham) "Even after 10 years, we are still waiting. We will not forget, "says Roxanne Demers, a sister of Melina Martin, this teenage girl who disappeared in January 2005 in Farnham.

The years passed, but the memories remain. The walls of Françoise Algier apartment are lined with photos of the family. Those of Melina are prominently alongside those of his six brothers and sisters and his nieces and nephews.

"It's the waiting that is long, says the mother. It's hard because we have no news. "

On 23 January 2005, her daughter, then aged 13, was to participate in activities Roch-Bourbonnais Park. They then had to meet for dinner together later that day. The teenager was never presented to the appointment. Since then, the mystery surrounding his disappearance persists. Melina literally fainted in nature.

For many years, her family believed in a fugue. "If it was one, it was said that she would return home to his 18 years, says Ms. Algier, who longed to see her the day her daughter would reach his majority. After 10 years, it's not running away. "

Over time, the police have verified various information about Melina. She would have been seen among others in the Châteauguay area where she worked at a pet store. Another time she would have been seen in the area of ​​Longueuil. Information that has been verified by the Sûreté du Québec and each time have proved unfounded.

Two photos of the girl of aging were produced by experts from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and in the media in the hope of tracing, in vain. The family has always made a point to remind the disappearance of one of their year after year, without ever that these public outputs allow to find her.

Even after 10 years, his family did not give up. They still hope to see Melina cross the threshold of the door. At Christmas. At his birthday. At the party members of his family. "We keep still hope, says Ms. Algier. They find themselves missing people even after so much time. "

"She has a lot of nieces and nephews she does not know and want to know. It has its place here, "said his sister Roxanne Demers, who was closest to Melina at the time of his disappearance.

The mother is convinced that someone somewhere has information about the disappearance of her daughter and that they could help to finally know what happened that day and above all, know where it is . "These people must speak for it unlocks," she implores.